Goddess Worship and the District of Columbia

Goddess Worship and the District of Columbia

I am a bit vexed when Biblical scholars refer to the United States as built upon the Scripture in the Bible. They claim godly men formed this country yet their idols tell a contradictory story. It sounds like they applied great lip service to the Most High but quickly weaved pagan gods and goddesses into the fabric of the Nation. Washington, District of Columbia, the political hub of the Nation is an architectural homage to the goddess Columbia.

I am reminded of Jonathan Cahn who recently and quite eloquently pleaded to politicians in the Nations Capital to turn back to the Most High. How is this possible when they built this country based on Luciferianism? You are in essence asking the fallen angels to turn back to the Most High. This is after Enoch informed the “fallen” they would not be forgiven. I do not understand the logic in asking the satanist to love the Most High.


Why is Washington Named the District of Columbia?


Please watch this video so you will understand the truth about Washington, District of Columbia. This whole Nation was build upon the shoulders of gods and goddesses not the Most High. Christian values were once the cornerstone of America; these values slowly were decayed by the very gods and goddesses strategically placed throughout America. We are now a violence, death, and sex driven culture.

As opposed to a culture built on the spiritual values of His Kingdom. Plato said, “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of a nation…show me their music.” All bases are covered here because America has already fallen spiritually. She is just yet to be destroyed physically! If Cahn really wants to help Washington, District of Columbia, he should be telling them to tear down their idols, reflecting pool, and obelisk.

Finally, Washington, District of Columbia, needs to be renamed.

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