The Original Doctor Evil

The Original Doctor Evil

Before Mike Myers suited up to become the iconic Doctor Evil with his infamous pinky signature move there was an original Doctor Evil. We know him as Aleister Crowley and he was once known as the “World’s Most Wicked Man.” I do not want to replicate all the historical details into the life of Crowley. The Internet is a fine source for this! I would like to offer some high level insight into him . . . and the power of intentions.

Crowley’s fatal mistake was he was steeped in materialism and pleasures of the body; and he divorced himself from the Most High. The Most High taught us through His Son how to commune our soul and spirit in order to enter His Kingdom. This was predicated on practicing the spiritual rules and principles to our lives. The by product of this is the merger of our spiritual duality which is our own soul merged with a part of the Divine Spirit.

This is what constitutes eternal life in the Kingdom. Crowley was the exact diametric opposite of Biblical teachings. Crowley’s rules allowed for complete expression with no consequences. Basically, if it feels good then do it, is the whole of the law. This is what his prime directive essentially means, “do what thou wilt.” He was also a practitioner of the principles where he evolved to communicating directly with spirit beings.

I would say Crowley was synonymous with a Sith Lord from the Star Wars sagas. He chose a path of selfishness and the worship of flesh. Crowley was striving to be a god and to do that he became a Satanist. Crowley did not hold back in his dark magic evolution where some rituals required him to eat the feces of women. How is that for dedication?



There is a parallel here were students of the teachings of Christ should follow. Why you say? Because Crowley became adept as a result of his: submission, focus, and dedication to becoming a master.We can do the same thing with Biblical teachings and we will grow spiritually where we no longer need milk but meat. We have missed truths in the Bible while people summarily dismiss things like meditation. People will argue their minds out over this subject and never investigate if there true benefit from meditation.


This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. (Joshua 1:8)


The difference between Yoga and Biblical meditation is you are not clearing your mind. You are actually instructed to meditate on the Word. What happens when you meditate on the Word? Do you gain multidimensional insights into the meaning of specific Scripture? There are so many dimensions to understanding Scripture and much to learn from missing scrolls!

How can we continue as a spiritual body when our spiritual methodologies are not evolving? There was a spiritual evolution demonstrated by the Disciples of Christ through their development in the teachings of Christ. Our current state of spiritual affairs produces no spiritual leader with the abilities Christ promised us. Yet, we continue to seek spiritual teaching from them!

Crowley, was different in this respect. He reached a point where he did not rely on the teachings of other men. In my opinion, nor should we! As a follower of the teachings of Christ we should reach a point where we rely solely on the Holy Spirit to lead us to pure well springs to quench our spiritual thirst. I believe all questions will be answered in this manner.

In closing, Crowley demonstrated to us what us possible through the pursuit of the darkside. He showed us what happens when you seek the invisible realm with belief in its existence. The tragedy is he chose the wrong path. Imagine if Crowley dedicated his life to the teachings of Christ? There is a lesson in everything if you look deep enough.

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