Birth of the New World Order: Occult Conception Ritual

Birth of the New World Order: Occult Conception Ritual

I recently posted, “Satan’s Monuments of Death and Transit System,” and in it I addressed the fact the obelisk and other satanically inspired architecture was outlawed by the Most High. He commanded His people to locate: obelisk, sacred pillars, ashtoreth poles, and temples and destroy them with fire. The Most High knew his satanically driven adversary used them to interface with satanic disciples.

The Most High at that time had a nation of dedicated followers who acted as one. It must have been a fearful site for adversaries when the Most High directed His people against them! We must admit this was an awesome time to be a Believer because there were true prophets on the earth then. It must have been breathtaking to see the Most High work through them.


Did the Most High throw a monkey wrench into the reflecting pool?


We are at a disadvantage in modern times because the people have turned a prophet into a cult of personality. This is why many people are unaware of these satanic monuments in plain view. They have a dual purpose where one is for the general public and the other is for satanic rituals. This is an ancient architecture which we see not only around the world as giant obelisk, but obelisk on buildings as I shared in “David Rockefeller and House of Baal.”

These satanic monuments can be spotted in major cities around the world. This is a global architecture most people attribute to ancient Egypt but we see them in Sumerian and Assyrian relics, as well. This architecture (is timeless and) has never left and is tangible proof we are in fact in a spiritual war. The elite use these ancient monuments the way Generation Y uses Apple iPhones to navigate through social media.

The elite (in conjunction with dark forces) are able to harness energy based on certain celestial alignments and with a symbiotic bonding with spirits. Let’s put it this way . . . “They ain’t doin’ it for nothin’!”  The Most High speaks of witchcraft (Isaiah 47) from a nation that has led the world and because of witchcraft (and a litany of heinous spiritual crimes) we can certainly identify America is this nation.


ABC 2000: Midnight in Rio to Midnight in Chicago (9:00 P.M to 1:00 A.M E.T)


It is a very difficult research arc to locate or even encounter information corroborating my investigation. I was recently informed of a story titled, “WHY THE MARK BRINGS SPIRITUAL DEATH” by Donna Wasson. In it she validates the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument were used for an occult ritual. That type of occult ritual where not one news station ran the story . . . because they are a part of it.

Below is an excerpt from “WHY THE MARK BRINGS SPIRITUAL DEATH:

"On New Year's Eve, 1999, a program was held in Washington D.C. at the site of the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument structure is what is known as an "obelisk." The obelisk is Egyptian in origin, and a simple check in reference books will verify that the obelisk is a representation of the erect reproductive organ of the "sun god." If we take the word apart etymologically, it becomes "O-Bel-Isk" or "shaft of Baal."
"In front of the satanic shaft, above the rectangular Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, were the numerals 1999, which were suspended over the pool so the angle would reveal a reflected 666 with the preceding numeral 1 not being visible. It was the number of the 'Beast' in front of his reproductive shaft, and countless millions of uninformed people watched, while oblivious to the real meaning from the standpoint of illuministic witchcraft."
Ironically, this took place during, of all people, Bill Clinton's presidency! HAHA! But I digress. Pastor Meyer continues:
"At the stroke of midnight, as the year rolled over to 2000, a pulsating light accompanied by fireworks began at the base of the shaft and moved upward as the light intensified in its vertical movement, and burst forth at the top of the monument. The connotation was filthy, and I knew immediately what was happening. It was a climax or orgasm of light, climbing this evil and ancient representation of the so-called sun god's reproductive organ. What brazen idolatry! What blatant witchcraft! Then, the excited people moved in massive throngs to go down into the reflecting pool in the presence of the monument, just as the ancient Egyptians did, as they did their ritual bathing in waters made sacred by the obelisk."
This covert 'impregnating' occult ritual was carried out by other select obelisks throughout the world, each one starting its 'climax' minutes before midnight local time. Precisely nine months later, at the conclusion of a 13 day United Nations summit, the 'baby' New World Order was officially born.

What Ms. Wasson was describing is a ceremony that infused the spirit into the New World Order. The Spirit of the New World Order. I assume for a global plan of control, it must be filled with legions of demons. Our spiritual leaders are supposed to be directing us in prayer against these dark forces as outlined in Ephesians 5:11. Most Believers are being distracted to focus on themselves because that is what fear does. The fight or flight response has been directed to a pre-planned fear response!



Meanwhile, the elite are following the ancient plan and we are seeing their fruit tear through the moral fabric of America. Remember, Plato said, “To measure the spiritual depth of a nation, show me their music.” We are very near rock bottom because the elite want to live in world with no moral boundaries; which is antichrist. President Kennedy warned the people about a global cabal and he outlined how they operated.

This is why the Most High directed His people to destroy these monuments. The Most High knows this type of architecture is not art nor should it be up in a Christian nation. America is no longer governed as a Christian nation and the reflecting pool ritual is the smoking gun. We the people have a role in this; either through ignorance, noncommittal, or through spiritual defiance.

We are told prayer is our weapon and we must discover how to direct it using the Book of Psalms. We must stop being distracted by these modern day Pharisees who are experts on Scripture but hearts desire fame and fortune. This is why they do not steer the flock away from the cliff because they are distracted by desire . . . like a moth to a flame. This should have been huge news a Bohemian Grove type ritual was done in plain view. Just remember to: “Come out of her my people.”

Another evidentiary element is from the cosmic canopy. We should not be surprised the Silver Gate known as the exit to Heaven; where ancient people witnessed celestial beings leaving the Heavens. The Silver Gate consist of Gemini and Taurus which is fascinating because we see Taurus embodied in stone (throughout many ancient beliefs) and was notoriously known for being crafted out of gold as a calf. These cosmic markers are left out of most spiritual analysis or they are completely oppressed.

The Silver Gate was looming over Washington DC at the time of the occult ritual on December 31, 1999. This Silver Gate is a common celestial marker for not only the inception of the New World Order but key speeches by George Herbert Walker Bush and the September 11, 2001 “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center! There is clearly a link between the SIlver Gate and occult rituals.

The Book of Ephesians informs us there are dark forces in the Heavenly realms and the Silver Gate is obviously how these dark forces are exiting the Heavens. These occult rituals like the one performed in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool coordinated the ritual with the movement of the Silver Gate overhead. This adds another spiritual channel for communion between humans and spiritual beings.

We cannot forget that water is used as a means of travel and housing for spiritual beings as well. We can ascertain from the outcome of the New World Order massive amounts of dark force entities are now operating in our world. Since the year 2000 we have seen a decline in moral values away from Biblical teachings and a total separation from Biblical values on a national level.



All of this was planned in the ancient times and proves whatever is loosed in Heaven is bound on earth. Christ even shared this ancient gem with us yet are spiritual leaders are so consumed with prophecy (in order to sell their books) as opposed to spiritual cultivation. We are not working in concert as prayer warriors. The Book of Ephesians tells us we can behave as soldiers in the Spirit realm yet the latest spiritual fad is to obsess over a Shemitah cycle.

In closing, we have a detailed analysis of an occult ritual proving the obelisk (Washington Monument) and the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool are still used to interface with the enemies of the Most High. We also see the Silver Gate is the cosmic gateway between spirit and humans.

This Silver gateway was over head for the following New World Order related key events:


  • Global ritual loosing the New World Order onto the nation stage using global obelisk. Proving the obelisk is a pagan tool still in effect in modern times.


  • When George HW Bush announced the New World Order during his presidency as a thousand points of life.


  • When the World Trade Center was destroyed in order to build Word Trade Center 2.0


I recently had a gentlemen say to me, “Studying religion is stupid.” The irony is only through studying the ancient Scripture will you understand the spiritual realms. Our mainstream and alternative spiritual leaders have failed us and create more distractions than focusing our prayer energy on threats. I know President Kennedy was not a perfect man but at least he warned the American people in his Freedom speech. This was probably the reason he was murdered.

The elite have infiltrated Christianity and Judaism and placed their own people in leadership positions. This is why the teachings of Yeshua have turned into a fear campaign. He told us we have access to great power but the most popular spiritual advisors teach “what if” scenarios filled with nebulous prophecy. Meanwhile the elite have a global network working in concert and using these ancient monuments to run the world.

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