Judgement From Above: South Carolina “The Root Capital” Flooded

Judgement From Above: South Carolina “The Root Capital” Flooded

As a result of the media promoting one sided news without explaining the spiritual component people think the weather is not consciously directed by The Most High. The media is mum on the fact The Most High uses weather to inflict his judgement upon cities, hamlets, and nations. What you are seeing in South Carolina is this very thing! Right before your eyes you are seeing South Carolina flooded beyond expectation.



What the media does not tell you from a spiritual perspective is that South Carolina is quietly known as “The Root Capital” of the south. South Carolina is known as the place to go if you are seeking traditional herbal healing or conjuring for your best interest or to harm another. It is steeped in Voodoo and promotes the aid of spirits to achieve whatever agenda is necessary.

People do not like to generally address the spiritual consequences of judgement and many will argue “group” spiritual corruption is every where. None of us understand how the Divine mind operates when it comes to judgement. What we do know is America has divorced herself from the protection of the Most High. The wicked behavior is being addressed through calamity where nature is the weapon of the Most High.


Testimony about the root doctors in South Carolina


He commands all forces and can/will be directing them at America. Because the Most High is not represented in the media He is believed to be: sleeping, nonchalant, or non-existent. According to the Biblical narratives the Most High floods to punish the wicked. Habakkuk considered the Lord a Divine warrior who used rain and flash flooding as weapons against rebellion. The very state America is in today and South Carolina with her root doctor population.

Your bow is ready for action; you commission your arrows. Selah. You cause flash floods on the earth’s surface. (Habakkuk 3:9)
When the mountains see you, they shake. The torrential downpour sweeps through. The great deep shouts out; it lifts its hands high. (Habakkuk 3:10)

This means there is a direct correlation to spiritual behavior and what happens to your land. The further America drifts away from the natural and behavioral laws given to us by The Most High the more calamities we will see in not just America but from all who have drunk from her cup. Where are all of the natural disasters in Amish country? South Carolina is going to learn the hard way like the rest of America that it is better to love the Most High than to love themselves. The media is not going to use phrases like “Biblical flooding” they will say “historical” or “record breaking.” The Most High just calls it . . . judgement.

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