Oops He Did It Again: Creflo Dollar Puts His Wallet In His Mouth

Oops He Did It Again: Creflo Dollar Puts His Wallet In His Mouth

Creflo Dollar is the latest celebrity who tweeted prematurely without considering the consequences of tweet-lash on Twitter. The irony is Dollar is a notorious prosperity preacher who profoundly revealed his inner beliefs on the death of Jesus Christ. Dollar believes Jesus Christ was sent on special mission from the Godhead where He would incarnate on Earth; then teach mankind through spiritual knowledge and inevitably lay day His life to improve the credit scores of mankind.



Dollar has hitched his “spiritual” cart to materialism and teaches the Biblically uninitiated that Dollar’s gospel is the road to prosperity. And by that I mean his prosperity. It is imperative Dollar guides his flock to believe Christ died for their prosperity. Remember, when the Pharisees (those greasy scheming murders) tried to force Christ to publicly elevate His Kingdom over that of Caesar’s Empire? Christ taught us at that moment there is a distinction between the spiritual realm and the physical.

As the surrounding Roman soldiers ears perked up and there hands clasping the hilts of their words Christ said, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” You see Dollar has mixed these two worlds up but he is really only interested in living like Caesar. Dollar has now shared what he really thinks that the death of Christ is really about money.

These great spiritual like Abraham, Moses, and Yeshua did not study the Bible they were living Bibles! They studied books like the Kabbalah and other ancient text where they mastered the application of spiritual principles, dynamics, and laws . . . on demand. Dollar will never teach you these things because he does not know them. Sadly, Dollar is trapped in the money cycle and he will not escape if the Most High does not save him.  Dollar must not understand there is a world we transition to when we leave our physical bodies. Yeshua was trying to prepare us all for this world.

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Michael Erevna

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