Have You Seen the Oldest Portrait of Christ and His Disciples?

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As an independent researcher and truth seeker, when I encounter an inconsistency it drives me to research the inconsistency until I find the origin. This appears to be the case with the most popular image of Christ. I have been pursuing this research long enough where I have heard many comments regarding this research. The most common is, “What does it matter?” My response has been, “Now that is the question isn’t it?” Changing the original image of Christ has far reaching ramifications to the truth and origin of Christ; including His Disciples.


Earliest known image of Jesus Christ (Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt)


I often wonder if the changing of the image of Christ is part of the grand deception mentioned in the Bible. For all you folks out there itching to argue it does not matter, have not meditated on the psychological ramifications of a falsehood. Why was there a global effort to eradicate the original image of Christ? Is it possible Christ was also hated for the race He chose to incarnate? Furthermore, are His people hated as He was for the color of their skin? These are hard hitting questions but they need to be asked in the Spirit of Truth.

These original frescoes, paintings, and sculptures depicted a dark brown to black Christ with an afro.  The earliest images of Christ depict him as person of color . . . not the generally accepted image of today. Is it possible the bloodline of Christ is targeted and reviled by the “fallen” angels? These people will be abused, oppressed, and ostracized across the world. We need to explore the true origins of Christ because why are these older images of Christ not common knowledge? Finally, when Christ returns should we not know what He looks like?

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • jay

    I just have a question for you Michael. Do you have any thoughts why that image looks exactly like the images of the white jesus except that his skin is darker. i would imagine he would have different facial features.

    • Jay that is a valid question. We can assume because of the dating it is the original the other paintings were based off. I have recently been studying Ethiopia and I was surprised at there thin noses and lips as well. While others had fuller features. We also know the Vatican spent some serious coin to reform the original image of Christ to the ubiquitous one we see today.

      • jay

        good point about Ethiopia. they are an unusually distinct people(feature wise). something else for me to ponder. thanks, i enjoy your work.

        • Your thanks is my motivation . . . so much gratitude! 🙂

      • Dedrick

        Michael Ethiopia has many tribes. Some individuals have narrow features some do not. There is no single Ethiopian phenotype.

        • Michael Erevna

          I am speaking of my first hand experience with the Ethiopian people…I know what I saw, thank you. I never suggested there was a single Ethiopian phenotype; but. I can tell the difference between a Nigerian and a Senegal African. You either got it…or you don not.

  • Rob

    Michael, I have been looking at that website deuteronomy28.org that you referred to. They seem to suggest that Christ is a lie, only African-Americans are the true Hebrews, and that as a Caucasian I have no hope of redemption. They say that Paul was a fraud and Jesus Christ as well. Your thoughts on this.

    • I certainly do not support the notion Christ is a lie! I believe the 12 tribes represents a rainbow of people. Deuteronomy tells us once the chosen people broke the covenant they were scattered through out all of the kingdoms of the earth. Through intermarriage the chosen seed has blended throughout the lands. Christ said all are included in His Kingdom. Remember, He said, many sheep that are not of my pen hear my voice and they too are welcome! I have heard the Paul argument for a very long time now and I do not see what Paul taught that was antichrist or how his teachings harm anyone. Galatians 1:8 is clear on anyone who attempts to teach a different gospel.

      • Rob

        Their site is very poorly created with overlapping text but what of it is legible they seem to be biased towards only African-AMERICANS being the true Hebrews and don’t mention those in Africa proper. On one sentence they state that if you follow Christ you are really worshiping Paul because Paul claimed he was believers spiritual Father. I am beginning to agree with you that blacks were the original Hebrews but I’m not so sure I would endorse those folks on that site. Also, in an article yesterday you mentioned Abraham would have studied ancient texts like the Kabbalah. Please explain because I’ve always that that was steeped in Jewish mysticism which goes against the Bible. I’m still a student of all this stuff so if you can elaborate that would be great.

        • Thatsmy Business

          Rob, when it comes to the people of God today, there is no advantage in being a descendant of the true authentic Israelites of the Bible, because as you no doubt have read, in the Bible Christ tells those who were the religious leaders of that nation back then, “…the kingdom of God will be taken from you and be given to a nation producing its fruits”. That’s why Peter took one of the keys to the heavenly kingdom and used it when he opened up the way for the gentiles to become Christians alongside the Hebrew ones. God then had that ancient form of worship done away with when the temple was destroyed in Jerusalem in 70 AD, as you probably know. All people today, are acceptable to God who genuinely approach Him, through Christ, in a spirit of love, respect, humility, truth, and are dedicated to doing His will, showing this through water baptism. The challenge though, is that just as it’s obvious that those who would study the Kabbalah as a holy book, could not be in anyway the chosen people of God, the myriads of denominations and sects of Christianity can not all be correct! Towards the end of the time when the 1st Century apostles and disciples of Christ, walked this earth, they warned of a great Apostasy that would enter into the congregations and corrupt the teachings. Today we see the end result. One look at the Catholic Church or evangelist like John Hagee should suffice to highlight the point. This article, I believe is a truthful one. I believe it’s correct. However, it in no way disqualifies anyone, or qualifies anyone for that matter, as being God’s people today on the basis of their genealogy. But it helps to expose the ongoing falsifying of a certain aspect of the Bible record that has been used to further the agendas of disreputable and morally deficient people, who have conspired and oppress millions by their evil deeds. I am very thankful that the truth is become more wide spread and is reaching so many people.

          • Thatsmy Business

            Maybe I was partly wrong about the advantage part!

  • Ashleyabednego

    Michael interesting article the bible states David was ruddy which is red head. It also states Moses married a dark skinned wife. Moses’s sister made fun of this and she was struck with leprosy for a short time. I think that was kind of God’s way of saying you think whites better than any other color? I’ll let you see what it’s like to be extremely white. Also Solomon and David had many wives I believe it’s safe to say they were not all of the same skin color. Its well known Solomon married a woman from Ethiopia and she had a son. From what I understand Samson was also black.

    The pictures that we see today of Christ that’s white with rosey cheeks looks like an ascended master of eastern mystism and the occult Master Koothomi (my spelling may be off) Alice Bayley was approached by this fallen being as a child she thought at first it was Jesus then it was revealed to her it wasn’t but instead an ascended master. I believe the end times will have a staged false counterfeit tribulation where someone looking like the pale Brown headed blues eyed picture we see today will come and pretend it’s the second coming – alien new age savior. However Revelation states what the resurrected body of Christ looks like bronze skin fire eyes white hair. He is also described in the gospels after the ressurection. We should take note of that so we can prepare to expect his return in his glorified body

  • nolo

    Would help if you put the date of the painting. If you look at the people of nazareth you will see that they are not predominantly black. This is wrong information and racist at best

    • Would help if you do your OWN research as well. It is very easy for you to Google search what I presented to you and you validate it yourself.

      When you say, ” If you look at the people of nazareth you will see that they are not predominantly black.” What time period are you referring to? People looking at America today would not believe this land was once heavily populated with American Indians. See where I am going with that?

      Finally, what exactly is wrong? The painting has been dated and in a museum in Cairo presently. How can this be racist. People like yourself take this term out of context. Originally, racism was defined as an ethnic group who has power that colludes to oppress minorities.

      I hope this helps you…

  • triangle whip

    How is this painting so vivid compare to other old images?