Have You Seen the Oldest Portrait of Christ and His Disciples?

Have You Seen the Oldest Portrait of Christ and His Disciples?

As an independent researcher and truth seeker, when I encounter an inconsistency it drives me to research the inconsistency until I find the origin. This appears to be the case with the most popular image of Christ. I have been pursuing this research long enough where I have heard many comments regarding this research. The most common is, “What does it matter?” My response has been, “Now that is the question isn’t it?” Changing the original image of Christ has far reaching ramifications to the truth and origin of Christ; including His Disciples.


Earliest known image of Jesus Christ (Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt)


I often wonder if the changing of the image of Christ is part of the grand deception mentioned in the Bible. For all you folks out there itching to argue it does not matter, have not meditated on the psychological ramifications of a falsehood. Why was there a global effort to eradicate the original image of Christ? Is it possible Christ was also hated for the race He chose to incarnate? Furthermore, are His people hated as He was for the color of their skin? These are hard hitting questions but they need to be asked in the Spirit of Truth.

These original frescoes, paintings, and sculptures depicted a dark brown to black Christ with an afro.  The earliest images of Christ depict him as person of color . . . not the generally accepted image of today. Is it possible the bloodline of Christ is targeted and reviled by the “fallen” angels? These people will be abused, oppressed, and ostracized across the world. We need to explore the true origins of Christ because why are these older images of Christ not common knowledge? Finally, when Christ returns should we not know what He looks like?

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Michael Erevna

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