Why Primates are NOT Our Ancient Baby Daddy

Why Primates are NOT Our Ancient Baby Daddy

Scientist of the world who promote mankind evolved for a distant ape like mammal are still searching for this evidence today. Meaning, it is still a theory until proven otherwise. This generally excepted theory is promoted, as if even without ancient evidence, it must be the only rational answer. Meanwhile we have ancient text explaining the Godhead of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which are the true Creators of all things. Including the design of mankind and imbued us with Souls bridging us to the spiritual and physical realms. It is obvious man stands above all mammals created; clearly exceeding the gift of opposable thumbs.



I am familiar with Zechariah Sitchin’s interpretation of Sumerian tablets where he translated the Anunnaki gene spliced their own DNA with a primate on the Earth. This is also where ancient text do not line up and raises other critical thinking questions. The loudest one being… there was already life on Earth when the Anunnaki arrived on Earth. Who created the life before their arrival? Even if we could admit the Anunnaki created mankind, who is responsible for the remainder of Creation? The Anunnaki would clearly be gene tinkerers but not gods!

Next, we have the Book of Enoch which tells a different story than the allegedly accurate translation of the Sumerian Tablet. In the Book of Enoch account celestial beings descended and turned the Earth into a brothel and implemented an education system into the profane and arcane. These “fallen” beings promoted a consciousness which was a total deviation from the plan of the Creator. We are currently trapped in this fallen consciousness now and why scientist without spiritual acumen are literally chasing monkeys. Hollywood has fueled this monkey business with the concept of a few genetic tweaks and chimpanzees can talk and perform advanced calculus equations.



What the scientist do not show you is videos like the one below where our genetic mammal bridge the gorilla, is driven by nature to consume its own feces for bacteria ingestion to aid in digestion. Animals are SO different than mankind where they are driven by nature and we have to ask ourselves why (if truly evolving from a primate) we lost our governance by nature? How come our collective behaviors are not governed by the moon or seasons? There are so many disconnects with what we would lose if evolving from a primate. Animals governed by nature just know what to do and the entire animal kingdom is governed by nature. In essence, nature commands their behavior while man is free from this force.



Mankind is not exactly governed by nature and walks to the beat of its own drum. From a spiritual perspective we are saying the Creator made us in His image . . . he is a hairy gorilla who eats His own poop. I do not believe the Creator made a special creation like mankind in the same league as animals. Probably why we are wearing the skins of animals in some form right now or somewhere in your closet. We have other spiritual abilities documented in ancient times where various masters demonstrated supernatural abilities. Christ not only demonstrated amazing things but promised us we could as well.




Without the spiritual mechanics afforded to mankind no animal will ever parallel our comprehensive potential or abilities. We are a special creation and the notion we just sprang forth from an accidental explosion evolved from a “missing” primate and now make blue jeans is absurd. The whole theory is spiritually bankrupt and all things begin in spirit and we do not share the same soul matrix as the animals. They are certainly a lower vibration soul and welcome in the Kingdom of the Most High but mankind is special and this is exactly why the “fallen” angels hate us. Hater’s gonna hate.


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Michael Erevna

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