Star Whores: A Pagan Goddess Worshiped in Full View

Star Whores: A Pagan Goddess Worshiped in Full View

Starbuck’s logo is a recreation of the pagan goddess Ishtar in one of her many guises there should be no more questions. If you understand ancient history you would know Ishtar invented prostitution in her temple. Women would shave their heads and pray to Ishtar for her blessing. Next, these women were required to have sexual intercourse with the first man they made eye contact. Suffice to say, there probably were a lot of guys hanging around that particular Temple.


Women shave their heads in order to receive a blessing from Ishtar


Ishtar, was also known as “Queen of the Universe” and “The Queen of Heaven” and she also is symbolized through star, the moon, doves, and lions. This was the reason Katy Perry rode a lion in her performance during halftime of Super Bowl 49. Katy was resonating the goddess Ishtar on Earth as part of a ritual. This also illustrated how Ishtar is worshiped in plain view and how human emotional energy is siphoned off unwittingly. Why is it important for the “gods” to be worshiped? Why is it necessary at all?


The women added, "When we burned incense to the Queen of Heaven and poured out drink offerings to her, did not our husbands know that we were making cakes impressed with her image and pouring out drink offerings to her?" (Jeremiah 44:19)


It is vital we understand the ancient past as it pertains to an origin. Ishtar is the original where the Egyptians and the Greeks are given credit; but hardly the origin. I am always perplexed when researchers promote the incarnations of Ishtar thousands of years later through other cultures. It is hardly good detective work to say the least. The original Ishtar is addressed in the Bible as the “Queen of Heaven” where offerings to her was outlawed by The Most High.

Throughout subsequent versions of Ishtar her name changes but the worship continues. There is an energy dynamic apparent throughout time where these gods require worship. I thought there was a telling scene in the movie, “Wrath of the Titans” where the Zeus began to lose power when the people stopped worshiping him. Eventually, Zeus died from a lack of worship. This lends credence to the fact many corporate logos including Starbucks someway reference gods from the ancient past.

The most infamous is the “All Seeing Eye” which has found its way into logos of many media giants. The Starbucks logo is another form of idol worship and the Book of Exodus is clear about making symbols to resonate with the Most High. Our Godhead: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit cannot be captured by a symbol. Subconsciously, Ishtar is being worshiped every time a person orders a Starbuck’s product. None of this is by accident and the question is: Are these power brokers aware of what they are doing or were they influenced from the spirit realm?

What kind of power does a logo have over the human consciousness? Pavlov’s Theory would illicit a physical response based on an external stimuli. Does the same hold true with logos of the ancient gods where there is a spiritual response from the observer. Scientist are now realizing DNA holds memory from the ancient past and perhaps there is an ancient science being deployed on the masses.

I believe one of the best blogs on the Internet is the where he meticulously outlines the origin of symbols. If you are new to symbolism this is a good site to start out. There are also many other sites that have done a bang up job analyzing the origin of the Starbucks logo. The irony of the Starbucks coffee cup controversy where there was a public outcry because Starbuck’s removed snow flakes is an oxymoron. Meanwhile, there is a logo of an ancient goddess Ishtar who was banned in the Bible.

Starbuck’s is one of many giant corporations who sport an ancient deity or an element of one incorporated into their logos. The art of energy syphoning is being deployed on the unsuspecting masses through the use of logos. Ishtar has never left and her images adorn not just logos, but have been embodied in sculpture as well. You need only to return to the origin of the Sumerian civilization to see this truth. Stop giving the Egyptians and Greeks credit for another cultures origin.

Ironically, the Greek culture was told by the Egyptians, “You will always be the sons and daughters of Egypt.” Quoting the Greeks for anything is like trying to move fifth place to first place . . . it does not make sense. Ishtar is an ancient deity being worshiped in plain view and remember that the next time you wrap your lips around a Starbuck’s cup.

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