Lying, Unethical, Nathan Leal: Cries Foul

Lying, Unethical, Nathan Leal: Cries Foul

It is so funny how the Most High delves out justice to these self-appointed false watchmen especially those in the alternative media. I was recently informed Nathan Leal has been ostracized by Hagnochio on his radio show Hagmann & Hagmann. Oh the irony of this Internet brouhaha because what you are hearing is karma!  You see folks if you do not know, Hagmann is a businessman and he is in the business of SELLING Christ to line his pockets. Anyone who threatens the lining of his pockets will be ostracized.

The irony is Nathan Leal crying foul and attempting to use Biblical Scripture to support him as being a man of spiritual integrity. Let’s revisit how I learned of Nathan Leal because it is a true reflection of this man’s lack of integrity. Leal, seems to pick and choose when integrity works for himself. Hagmann invited me as a guest on his show to discuss my research into the Super Bowl Halftime as an occult ritual. I brought never before shared research on this subject to the airwaves and I was told it was one of the best shows of the year for Hagnochio.

I actually presented my Super Bowl research on two different occasions on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Long story short when Hagmann and Quayle realized I was not an Alex Jones cheerleader they cut ties with me and hijacked my research! Even to the point of reading my later post on the Super Bowl on the air without my knowledge. Soon after Nathan Leal popped up on Hagmann & Hagmann borrowing from my Super Bowl research! Stating that “God” showed him things, etc.

If this man had an ounce of integrity he would have never acted the way he acted. Leal, opportunistically turned his research to the Super Bowl after I brought the Super Bowl rituals to light. You need only check the dates between the sites and you will see Leal stole from Revelation Now. Please note how his ethical stand only became important when he became victimized. Hagmann used Leal until his worth was squeezed out. I also must add Leal is no different than Hagmann because he is another false fear creator intertwined with the Biblical prophecy.

Please remember how Leal erroneously attempted to build a case that Jade Helm 15 is related to Biblical prophecy. Did anything of Biblical proportions happen in regard to Jade Helm 15? Leal is using words like “integrity” and staying true to Scripture, yet he is a liar and a thief. Who cares what a liar thinks? Look how Leal operates . . . it is okay to steal another man’s work, but he will argue fervently if you bring up chakras.

Leal, is also telling on his lack of universal knowledge as he vilifies teachings because they appear “New Age.” Anybody following a man who lies and steals because they quote Scripture is being led by the blind. Leal, has been labeled a hack in many circles and I can certainly validate he hacked my work . . . in the name of Jesus! I cannot listen to this hypocrisy or lack of knowledge from Leal.

Notice how Leal cries because he was treated the same way I was by Hagnochio and Quayle, but when it happened to me he did not stand up for righteousness. He only became righteous when it happened to him. What do you call a man like this? OPPORTUNISTIC! If Leal decided to tell the truth I would forgive him but until then he is nothing more than a confused liar promoting Christian sound bites.

If you are reading this Leal. Be a righteous man and apologize for your theft. What you are experiencing is the law of REAPING WHAT YOU SOW. You stole and you prospered off your theft and now you want to whine like a fat kid who dropped his ice cream in the summer. You obviously do not understand the human body and I would welcome an exchange with you in order to educate you. I hope you do the right thing and clear karmic debt. If you do not . . . get what you get.

In closing, listen to all of the righteousness spewed from the hypocrisy from his lips. He states how important it is to stand for truth. I am disgusted to hear the double speak and psycho babble that comes from his mouth. He chooses which Scripture he will uses when it works for him. What about thou shall not steal? Leal, represents the confused false watchmen out there who are not really helping the cause. Anyone who follows this man is following a liar and a thief.

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