The Occult Prediction for Super Bowl 50

The Occult Prediction for Super Bowl 50

The “Super Ba’al” is right around the corner where pure sport meets the occult mega ritual. Where the artist can be linked to witchcraft and the occult framed as artistry in music and performance. After four dedicated years of analyzing the Super Bowl’s concert occult rituals I have progressively matured into expanding conclusions and some areas of basic conjecture. Because without the actual ancient teachings I must rely on intuitive revelation, experience, and synchronicities from the Most High.

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This year I was able to “see” the foundation agenda through certain influential celebrities. The “fallen” angels want you, but they really want the children. The Super Bowl 50 ritual will be about pansexual energies to change the world. I have covered in previous post how mental and emotional energy envelop the Earth in a field which is filled by mass consciousness.

This was hypothesized in the work of scientists through direct observation which came to be known in academic circles as the “100th Monkey Syndrome.” Although some scientist criticized the validity of the findings; I tend to agree there is a field of mass consciousness around the Earth we all have access and I also think the Holy Spirit envelopes the Earth. Humans are a special creation of the Most High and certainly commune with these fields. Nature seems to operate out of a common field where they just know what to do. I said this so will understand this field is now imbalanced and growing especially after Super Bowl rituals.

Super Bowl 48 was the ritual which targeted the planet Mars with the sacrifice of the horse. It’s important to note that Mars’s energy can be wielded as constructive or destructive. It is all about the intentions of the ritual. Based on the fruit of the spell we witnessed the creation of ISIS. In other words there is nothing positive about these rituals which are orchestrated from dark forces through mankind. This is why war energies were harnessed and directed at the creation and success of ISIS.



The wars are running themselves now and the cleverly designed enemy or enemy impersonators can shape world events through senseless violence by proxy. If it ain’t broken then do not fix it! This Super Bowl 50 spell will be directed at the sexuality of the observer as to promote no limit sexuality. The Mayans were right when they said the “gods will return” based on the prophetic Jaguar Priest prophecy regarding December 21, 2012.

Of course the December 21, 2012, expectation was there would be a physical manifestation of these gods when in actuality these should be spiritual expectations . . . not physical. These are spirits returning nesting inside people who have not made the choice to remove themselves from being material minded. This is why the Word directs us to test the spirit in a person. There is an actual sentient invisible driving force within a person like bad gut bacteria or the Holy Spirit. The spirit which is being promoted now is the god Pan and he can be compared to a porn star with no limits.

It’s almost impossible to separate Pan and sex, or sex and Pan. The two subjects go together like cake and ice cream. Pan was associated with sex from the very beginning. While nudity amongst the gods of ancient Greece was common, gods with throbbing members were not. The fact that Pan was generally depicted with an erection speaks to the fact that he was a sexual god, but not sex in the way we always view it in the modern world.
Pan was the patron of what has come to be known as “panic sex,” sex for the sake of lust and physical satisfaction. Pan was not the god of love, and he was not the guy you petitioned if you were looking to fall in love. Pan was the god of lust, or of sex in its grunting, groaning, moaning, dirtiest form. Pan was anti-monogamy, and his myth is full of conquests and dalliances, but is void of long-time girlfriends and partners.

Pan would have sex with women, men, animals and was known for panic-sex. He was also known for fertility, nature, wild animals and the spring. I now believe these attributes translate into harvestable energies that be captured and directed by the elite. The LGBT agenda was just the beginning but more energy is needed to create helter skelter of unnatural sexuality. Pan is needed to change the sexual nature of the human mind and this is what Super Bowl 50 halftime concert will promote. I can tell you with certainty these NFL teams have a planetary association. It reminds me of the wedding ritual: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

KJV Dictionary Definition: carnal
1. Pertaining to flesh; fleshly; sensual; opposed to spiritual; as carnal pleasure.
2. Being in the natural state; unregenerate.
The carnal mind is enmity against God. Rom. 8.
3. Pertaining to the ceremonial law; as carnal ordinances. Heb. 9:10.
4. Lecherous; lustful; libidinous; given to sensual indulgence.
Carnal-knowledge, sexual intercourse.

The planet Mercury is associated with the god Pan and it will be a target of this year’s Super Bowl ritual. Last year it was Jupiter because Jupiter was so close to planet Earth. I believe the North Carolina Panthers will resonate the god Pan. The obvious “Pan” in the Panther name might seem a bit easy but with the color alchemy principle you will see a direct connection to the planet Mercury.

There is a colorized picture of Mercury and you will be surprised to see a match with the uniforms of the North Carolina Panthers. Mercury is not known as the bluish planet it is actually gray and the Panthers helmets are gray. I am following the same color alchemy pattern I discovered during this Super Bowl occult ritual research. Mercury can now be “bound” (we will dig a little deeper into binding later) in the spell (ritual) using the color match of the North Carolina Panthers. I find it interesting the Denver Broncos “decided” not to wear the red/orange jerseys and turn to white. In my opinion, this means there is no attempt to bind with the planet Mars through color alchemy.


Mercury will be at its best in the morning sky for several weeks, centered around February 7, 2016.



Most of the energy will be harvested from the planet Mercury and the name of the god Pan. You should also not be surprised to learn the day of Super Bowl 50 (February 7, 2016) is when Mercury will be at its best in the morning sky for several weeks. None of these synchronicities are by accident, but part of meticulous planning by the “fallen” angels. Remember the “fallen” angel Kokabiel in the Book of Enoch taught man the secrets of astronomy and astrology.


Gray helmet and colorization match between Mercury and Panther colors


This is how they influence and direct the behavior of the masses. Science is learning energies can be mimicked in laboratory settings to effect the minds of people. Please research the “God Helmet” to gain a foothold of understanding here . . . if man can do it . . . The Most High’s creation will do it the best. These Mercury energies will be harnessed to turn Super Bowl 50 into the Transgender Bowl which will spill out into the rest of the world.

The god Pan is where the term “pansexual” comes from meaning you can have sexual intercourse with a man, woman, or animal. The goal is to expand these unnatural behaviors unto a greater magnitude where sexual consensus will be ruled by Mercurian energies. We are already seeing this pansexual promotion where various celebrities are influencing the younger generation by claiming to be “pansexual.”

I need to expand on the analysis of the god Pan because I believe these gods are coded archetypes which really represent energies which can harnessed, directed, and transmuted. The symbols without truth are for the general public to accept as literal while the initiates understand all of the attributes associated with the gods and their relationship to the planets. There are inherent cosmic relationships encoded in their mythology. This is what the elite are actually doing because there is a tangible outcome. They are not “showing” us or “worshiping” them, the elite are tapping into power we all have access to . . . Creation.


Pan's connection to Panther skin
Baroque and Rococo Pictorial Imagery: The 1758-60 Hertel Edition of Ripa’s …
By Cesare Ripa, Edward A. Maser


We have several cases we can use as examples with celebrities like: Miley Cyrus, Jazz Jennings, and recently “Girl Meets World” actress Rowan Blanchard. These celebrities have set the proverbial table by dropping the term “pansexual” in interviews. How did all of the sudden Pan enter the mix of modern sexual terminology? I think the Mayans were correct when their Jaguar prophecies stated it will be the return of the gods in 2012. Because the god Pan is on the lips of sexually confused personalities in spirit!

This growing “pansexual” mentality is a contrived effort to influence the masses to: “Do what thou wilt.” We are even seeing a proliferation of animal brothels popping up in Germany and the United Kingdom; where you can rent a sheep for sexual intercourse. This pansexual brainwashing is polluting the mental energy grid around the Earth and will be super charged by the Super Bowl 50 concert. I have made myself very clear on Universal ramifications of the unnatural act of man lying with another man and woman lying with woman.



There is nothing natural about a man deploying seed bearing life into another man’s waste evacuation system. This unnatural coupling pollutes the natural energy field and it will be Universally corrected. Perhaps, the Earth is now being magnetized to attract  an asteroid because of the actions of man? We are all in this together are we not? So when you are being lukewarm on spiritual issues you are actually part of the problem! In essence this LGBT and now pansexual energy can never be reconciled as positive energy. The Most High made us as butterflies and somehow the energy grid of our bodies live on . . . if we are configured correctly to transition over through Love and practice of Natural Law.

Meaning you will not cross over into the eternal Kingdom of the Most High by operating out of material mindedness or pleasure seeking. I have stated this is the Transgender Bowl because we can expect a transgender personality to appear at the Super Bowl. It could be Caitlyn Jenner or another celebrity transgender personality or a $10 million dollar commercial. We can also expect an LGBT commercial in order to influence the masses. The most important aspect of this spell is the causation of further pansexual teachings until it appears to be the new norm. Satan is twisting natural Creation into unnatural creation.


You could say any concert is a Satanic ritual because you are definitely letting so much energy loose. You could probably turn it into one of those most powerful Satanic rituals ever if you did it in the right way. With all of that energy, if it was directed in the right way, my God it could be powerful!

King Diamond


Christians are now being shaped by the likes T.D. Jakes and his ilk are turning sheep into lukewarm Christians. T.D. Jakes is now promoting a teaching of inclusion of the LGBT platform into his church even though Romans 1:24-27 instructs him to do differently. The Word and Laws of the Most High are immutable, yet T.D. Jakes feels he can change them…but I digress.

Again, the anciently revered Silver Gate will be hovering over the Earth and perfectly aligned with the meridian of Santa Clara, California; right when the Super Bowl Halftime Show begins. I must reiterate I do not think this is a coincidence these Super Bowl concerts perform under the exit to what is collectively referred to as Heaven by ancient personalities. The question is: What is coming out of the Silver Gate during this time?



Did the elite wait for technology to be able to mimic what is coming out of the Silver Gate as to not cause an alarm in order to mask what the public was seeing? I believe the elite are using our solar system like the Large Haldron Collider. Here they tap into planetary energies using Kabbalistic type rituals. I must add the Kabbalah is not evil, but the intentions of the practitioner certainly can be. I submit what is being done in secret would be frowned upon in a public forum.

The Galactic Plane has a rich ancient history where Hero Twins are discussed in the Popol Vuh’s story of the creation of this present World Age. Job 38:21 says, “Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the cords of Orion?” Orion is right below the Silver Gate and I wonder what role it plays in this cosmic energy heist. Orion is also known as the place that births stars. What exactly is loosing the chords of Orion? Are we talking harmonics here? Is sound necessary to unlock Orion? Science has already proven electrons can communicate immediately no matter how vast the distance in space. Physicist have now proven sound waves can carry electrons. 



You must admit out of 88 constellations the two identified as the exit to Heaven looms over the Super Bowl annually.  I submit to you this is by design and it is the reason the rituals are performed under it and this was planned long before the stadiums were constructed. There must be proven tangible result here or marching bands would still be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show!  Let’s move on to the Pleiades where the Bible stated “chains of the Pleiades” can be bound.


Binding and loosing is originally a Jewish phrase appearing in the New Testament, as well as in the Targum. In usage, to bind and to loose simply means to forbid by an indisputable authority, and to permit by an indisputable authority.[1] The Targum to a particular Psalm[2] implies that these actions were considered to be as effectual as the spell of an enchanter


Do you find it interesting the word “spell” and “enchantment” are associated with binding and loosing? One of the definitions for the word enchantment means the state of being under a spell . . . magic. So the word enchanter means the person performing the magic. Our Great Teacher Christ referred to binding and loosing when He said, “”Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven (Matthew 18:18.)

At this point in our journey we can safely postulate based on the progressive evolution of prior research planetary energy is being loosed upon the Earth. For this ritual pansexual energy will be released upon the Earth through the planet Mercury. This is the beginning of the naturalization of abnormal sexual practices. We will be like the gods . . . the “fallen angels;” this is their end game, it is called “Spiritforming.”


(John 3:12) I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?


The elite are loosing energies that have characteristics based on the planetary energies. If you want war you bind and loose the energies of Mars. It is interesting the Denver Broncos have elected to wear their white away game jerseys. This eliminates the color alchemical intention to bind with the planet Mars and they are now simply symbolized as the “white horse.” This means they will be sacrificed again in this Super Bowl.

There is always a sacrifice symbolically and it appears literally since Super Bowl 2012. What celebrity sold their soul where they will be the sacrifice of Super Bowl 50? We will see but based on the prior pattern it will happen. Blood must be spilled in accordance with the ritual. I believe this is a game that will be thrown by the Denver Broncos. It is going to look very very bad for them where the Panthers will score on special teams and defense.



The more human energy that is collected the more powerful the spell by the enchanters. This year headliners will be Cold Play. Frankly, I would rather watch tea boil then listen to them but they are there for a specific reason. As a relational-database-management database developer I am keen to look for relationships. Anything, will be considered that resonates the Pan or planet Mercury theme.

I would also like to emphasize the Cold Play video which features a congress of monkees who instantly evolve into human behavior because of a Cold Play song. I will not be surprised if we see monkey masks or digital representations therein, because this is another way to thumb your nose at the Most High.  Willfully spreading the notion man evolved from simple cell organisms into complex “spiritual” life without the Creator. We must not forget album sales and video views increase after an artist performs at the Super Bowl.

Strangely enough Cold Play was awarded The Mercury Prize, formerly called the Mercury Music Prize in 1996. Which is defined as an annual music prize awarded for the best album from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was established by the British Phonographic Industry and British Association of Record Dealers in 1992 as an alternative to the Brit Awards. I am curious if this award has an esoteric purpose as well?

What are the chances we would have the alchemical color match between Mercury and the Panthers and the Halftime headlining act received a Mercury Music award? I wonder if there is an identification system for the elite wrapped up in these “awards.” These are called relationships that link the clues together with the primary key being the word Mercury. Perhaps, some of the chords played by Cold Play resonate with the planet Mercury?

There are more questions than answers as we dig deeper into the mechanics of these rituals, but to leave the planetary configuration out at this point would be irresponsible. If you do not think planetary alignments are important to spiritual things you need only reference the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here you will find the Essenes stated there are certain times to pray into planetary alignments. This tells us astronomy was part of spiritual applications and we tend to ignore this, but guess who are not? The elites are using spiritual laws against us because these laws are immutable and this is why the Most High says His Word is forever.


The Essene scrolls, the Torah (Old Testament) and Talmud, all have references to astrological or astronomical material. They include not only interpretations of the stars and planets, but the fact that they observed other phenomena such as new and full moons, eclipses and comets.


You should not be shocked Coldplay will be performing a song titled, “Hymn for the Weekend” with Super Bowl 47 alum Beyonce. Coldplay and Beyonce go together like Gospel and Crunk music…weird. This should be a red-flag to everyone in the alternative news movement based on her Super Bowl 47 occult performance. It is my opinion Beyonce houses a very powerful demon inside her; although she claims she is a Christian. It was also announced Lady Gaga will sing the National Anthem which puts two witches in the building.



I have to say Christian women do not parade around the stage with dental floss up the crack of their “hind pots.” Or simulate sexual intercourse on a chaise lounge. This is the behavior of the carnal minded. The video for “Hymn for the Weekend” was released 9 days before Super Bowl 50 and although they claim Beyonce is acting as an Indian goddess . . . the origin of her flowery headdress is Sumerian and proves Beyonce’s role is to bind with Ishtar.



This clue brings the planet Jupiter into the spell and this is why Beyonce was tapped to perform. Whatever entity is sharing the body of Beyonce can wield Jupiterian energies. We should not be surprised the lyrics to “Hymn for the Weekend” sounds like an overture to an angel. Many will will argue these lyrics are metaphors for a woman, but I submit they are speaking directly to an angelic entity in the Silver Gate.


Many Indians responded to Beyonce’s role in this video by noticing she was not wearing traditional Indian dress. I believe the reason for this is so she can resonate the “Queen of Heaven” during her Super Bowl 50 performance. We cannot forget Beyonce has admitted she felt “something” come into her during her performances. Whatever it is that comes into her leaves anomalies in the eyes, mouth, and throat. Beyonce’s role in this mediocre song “Hymn for the Weekend” is a strange coupling with the banal vocal stylings of Chris Martin, but now you know the true intention of her role in this “hymn.”

Have you noticed there appears to be a pattern of the performing with the cosmos? Remember Super Bowl 48 where a segment of the Bruno Mars performance features star patterns using flash lights? In Super Bowl 49 Katy Perry flew around the stadium as a star which is also related to Ishtar. And now we have a video where Beyonce is sporting the flowery headdress of Ishtar.

She will most likely perform as this character in Super Bowl because lyrically they are speaking to an angel. Let’s take a look at the lyrics for “Hymn for the Weekend” and deduce the intentions of this enchantment:


“Hymn For The Weekend”
(feat. Beyoncé)

Drink from me, drink from me
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
We’re on a…
Drink from me, drink from me
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
(So high, so high)
Then we’ll shoot across the sky[Coldplay:]
Oh, Angel sent from up above
You know you make my world light up
When I was down, when I was hurt
You came to lift me up
Life is a drink, and love’s a drug
Oh now I think I must be miles up
When I was a river, dried up
You came to rain a flood[Coldplay & Beyoncé:]
And said drink from me, drink from me
When I was so thirsty
Pour on a symphony
Now I just can’t get enough
Put your wings on me, wings on me
When I was so heavy
Soaring in symphony
When I’m low, low, low, low[Coldplay:]
I oh, I oh
Got me feeling drunk and high
So high, so high
I oh, I oh, I oh
Now I’m feeling drunk and high
So high, so high
Woo![Coldplay & Beyoncé:]
Oh, Angel sent from up above
I feel it coursing through my blood
Life is a drink, your love’s about
To make the stars come out[Coldplay & Beyoncé:]
Put your wings on me, wings on me
When I was so heavy
Soaring in symphony
When I’m low, low, low, low[Coldplay:]
Got me feeling drunk and high
So high, so high
I’m feeling drunk and high
So high, so high[Beyoncé & Coldplay:]
So high, so high
I’m feeling drunk and high
So high, so high[Beyoncé:]
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
Then we’ll shoot across the…
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
Then we’ll shoot across the…
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
Then we’ll shoot across the…
Then we’ll shoot across the sky
Then we’ll shoot across the…


This is another lyrical example of overtures to the sky, the stars, and an angel. This is part of the binding of planetary energy which will be loosed upon the Earth. Christ told us this is how it is and we should believe Him because He helped create Universal Law. These immutable laws can be guided by intention much like an example from the Force in the Star Wars franchise. Here we see two different thought paradigms taping into an etheric power based on perspective and intentions.



There are other synchronicities linking Coldplay to Pan and the planet Mercury through their artistic endeavors. In the Darwinian video titled, “Adventure Of A Lifetime” they promote the premise of evolution. Here monkeys digging through leaves find a wireless Beats speaker playing the Coldplay song and immediately evolve into human behavior. As a believer in the Most High this was a video you should not create. Now here is the synchronicity, in the Chinese Zodiac, February 8, 2016, begins the year of the Monkey and the monkey is associated with the planet Mercury. I will not be surprised if monkeys are incorporated into the performance!



Our true spiritual capabilities do in fact include working with planetary alignments and the Essenes made this perfectly clear, yet this critical information has been withheld by the Vatican. Super Bowl 50 will be no different because February 7, 2016, is also the day the planet Mercury will appear in the sky as a morning star…right next to the morning star Venus. This is the same “star” Katy Perry flew around the stadium upon in Super Bowl 49.



This year Jupiter will be in Virgo which I believe is a birthing constellation where energy can be harnessed for just about anything. The objective of this Jupiterian energy is to infuse the minds of Earthlings with pansexuality. This will free the pansexuals to operate publically and reduce the natural coupling of man and woman. True, with the inclusion of same sex marriage by the Supreme Court in America this has already happened, but now sexuality must expand under the law of “Do what thou wilt.”



There are also numerological synchronicities that coincide with Super Bowl 50 and the planet Mercury. Using numerology, “50” would be reduced to: 5 + 0 = 5.  Also, get this . . . 5 is the numerological match for the planet Mercury! Before we delve into the nuances of the occult number five read the below excerpt to understand the spiritual mechanics of occult numerology. This also lends credence to the Super Bowl 50 event numerology is used in conjunction with planetary alignments.


Occultists recognize what they regard as the immense inherent spiritual power of numbers. Astrology is highly mathematical, and its most important use is to clothe events in time. Occultists seek to plan and time events according to what they consider to be the most favorably disposed time. Experts in numerology use the numbers to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life.
Numerology is used to decide when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate. Prime Minister Tony Blair of England declared recently the next UK election to be for 5/5/05, "Mr Blair's position as Prime Minister gave him the chance not just to choose the date, but to make the first play for votes of the campaign." "Mr Blair attempts to become the first Labour leader to win three(The heightened Power of '3' x 5) successive terms in power."


According to Pythagorean doctrine the number five was discussed in the Nicomachean Extracts. Here it was said the number five can change what has three dimensions into a sameness of a sphere by moving circularly and producing light: and hence “Light” is referred to the number five. Science has proven information can be encoded and sent using light. We should also understand Ether is also referred to as the 5th Element which is not discernable to our material senses.

Earlier in this post I discussed Mercury and Jupiter, but there are actually 5 planets aligning in their orbital path and February 7, 2016 is when Mercury shifts over to a “morning star.” These 5 planets (Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn) will act as a cosmic buffet where the Super Bowl 50 (5) Concert warlock will bind and speak enchantments into the Silver Gate and activate forces. Labeling this Super Bowl as 50 allows the number 5 to be resonated into the spiritual realm through numerology. It is almost as if they spiritually tagged the venue to bind the energy of these planets with Mercury being the headliner.



Recall earlier in the post I mentioned the Dead Sea Scrolls where the Essenes spoke of appointed times to pray based on planetary alignments? Well, this is a planetary alignment that has not occurred for a decade. This will be a powerful mega spell and I believe will require more energy than the past Super Bowl games. This will be probably be the highest scoring Super Bowl in the history of Super Bowls. We most note the elite track these alignments and conduct special events under them. Even the the birth of Prince William.


It is important to realize we are not helpless in all this. We have been given access to great Power and our weapons are not physical. The most powerful weapons are spiritual and this is why the elite are using them against us. While many will thumb their nose at this post you cannot escape the many synchronicities pointing to the Heavens. What I am trying to say is we can pray Psalms against our enemies during this time into the planetary alignment. There would need to be at least two people doing this but I believe a larger group would be powerful. If I am wrong about all this it will be like giving a dead man an enema . . . it can’t hurt.

Super Bowl 50 is an extremely important numerological event because it can be reduced down to the occult number 5 and probably the reason Roman Numerals were abandoned. Now in conjunction with the color alchemy of the North Carolina Panthers the numerological 5 will resonate with the planet Mercury. The god Pan is associated with the planet Mercury and there has been a pansexual campaign through millennium celebrities. We are seeing animal brothels open in Germany and more people exposed in sexual relationships with animals including dolphins.

There is a rare alignment of 5 planets where Mercury transitions to a “morning star” on February 7, 2016. The group Coldplay synchronistically resonates with the planet Mercury as recipients of the Mercury Prize and even the name “Pan” as a result of their record “Clocks” on the “Pan” soundtrack. Beyonce is an awkward addition to the Coldplay song “Hymn for the Weekend” where she resonates the Ishtarian flower headdress and will resonate with the planet Jupiter just as Katy Perry did last year by riding a big cat and a star like Venus.

The Dead Sea Scrolls has documented the fact the Essenes stated there are certain planetary alignments to pray into. The elite certainly appear to be following this rule. Surely, the NFL players are ignorant to the subtle natures, principles, and rules of the spirit realm and the relationship to the planets. I believe the Super Bowl concerts are now used for powerful spells and even Satanist rocker King Diamond shared how powerful a concert ritual would be. The Denver Broncos appear to be the symbolic sacrifice and they do not appear to be resonating with Mars this time, because they will wear white jerseys.

Prince William is the perfect example to illustrate the fact the elite plan events around planetary alignments. The true agenda of this mega ritual is harness enough planetary energy from 5 planets where Pan-ic energy will be directed into the mass conscious energy field of the Earth. Here we will see pansexualism increase around the world. The “fallen” angels are “spirit-forming” the Earth to suit their taste, desire, and lifestyles. We expect to see LGBT commercials or personalities in order to condition the masses to accept this as normal. We should keep an eye out for the ubiquitous triangle symbols but also the symbol for the planet Mercury and other planets.

If you never read the post titled, PLUTO’S HEART: SMOKING GUN OF HOLLYWOOD’S HANCOCK ANCIENT COSMIC RITUAL please read it because it shows how they choose “actors” based on their birthday and planetary alignments. There are far too many synchronicities in this post to be an accident. It shows there is a relationship between the cosmic, archetypes, and actors. We cannot rule out any of the Super Bowl performers from this premise as well. When we are born we are bound to planetary energetic attributes and these “acts” are most likely selected based on specific planetary alignments. On a darker note I believe there is a blood sacrifice under the stadium. Here you would hear a baby crying before Halftime and after Halftime no more crying.

If we roll up all of these synchronicities it begs more questions. Like how do these Super Bowl teams line up with star constellations and corresponding planetary god motifs on specific dates? It is like the North Carolina Panthers had to be in Super Bowl 50 no matter what. Are these games being fixed from dark forces in the spirit realm? This is the only scenario I can see where the “fix” is never detected and it also explains why the players are unaware of their role; not to mention this sounds totally crazy to those without discernemnt and extensive research.

We must change 2,000 year old thinking to discover what is being used against us. Mankind was given dominion over the Earth and through the Power of the Holy Spirit we can tap into the Power of Creation. Yet, we collectively as a “church” do not integrate the whole in our spiritual abilities. The elite are showing us the power of the cosmos can be harnessed and then transmuted into their desires. Of course these are harmful and unnatural intentions from the satanic hearts of people, but through Christ the outcome will be Holy, meaning in line with Mind of the Most High.

We must remember King Diamond stated concerts would be really powerful spells. This Super Bowl is a mega spell and will effect the minds of people, the weather, and other areas we have not yet discerned. It is time we reclaim our own power and after researching the Dead Sea Scrolls we must not omit the cosmic from our spiritual applications. Why? Because these men lived with Christ and were taught by Him. They know what they are talking about. Organized religion have left these teachings out of their spiritual education systems not out of malice, but out of ignorance. Remember to pray in groups of two or more during halftime Psalm 91 because the best offense is a good defense.

Bottom line: North Carolina Panthers win.

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