Chemical Warfare: Bio Attack on Food and Water

Chemical Warfare: Bio Attack on Food and Water

After the Flint, Michigan water debacle publicly served water has been under greater scrutiny. Not enough for it to makes its way onto the political stage as an issue facing the American people, but it sure should be. If you look at the maturation of public water stories over the years you will find a troubling chemical footprint of pharmaceutical drugs, estrogen, and in Flint, Michigan . . . lead. Some of us can remember a public service announcement back in the day which showed a small child eating lead chips.

One of the most riveting stories of chemically laced water involved a study of frogs which over time began to exhibit homosexual behavior. I have been telling folks the LGBT folks are not born that way per say, but it is a behavior that is chemically induced. This is why there has been a shift in clear plastic drinking products which are now BPA free. It is proven BPA creates an estrogen imbalance in the human body. What happens when babies and toddlers get a steady diet of milk and estrogen?



The video of the electrodes in the water raises a number of questions which are quite disturbing. If the tap water can be electrified and turned to another state means a chemical presence. At the end of the day, good, bad, or indifferent we are drinking chemicals. Cancer is on the rise and blowing up like Chic-fil-A. We are told these chemicals are safe in small amounts and let’s hope they are right.

I think the water should be sent to a lab before and after for a conclusive comparison. From there the chemical agents in the water can be analyzed. They can also be tested at an electrical current that matches the human body over a longer period. Now the distilled water has the same current with no apparent change to the water structure. Another question would be because we as humans are low voltage generators what happens over time after tissue saturation?



I find the video troubling to watch because every now and then I drink from the kitchen sink. I am not sure if I ever will again until I get to the bottom of this. I believe the whole political platform is off base and this is the result of a misinformed public. We should be focusing on our basic needs especially since they are in a corrupted state. The water is questionable and proven to change sexual behavior and disease. The food is laced with chemicals which some are proven to cause cancer.



Why exactly am I worried about Syria when I am not receiving safe basic needs from the Government infrastructure? Why am I worried about Mexicans when the dyes in Kraft Food macaroni is proven to cause cancer? They will not even sell that in the United Kingdom because of this fact. These politicians are part of the elite class and poisonous food and water will always be the diet of the masses. The question is what happens when some of these chemicals mix and saturate the tissues of the human body.

According to Professor Hayes (watch the second video) the entire corn crops have been chemically altered to trigger homosexuality and breast cancer! The elite no longer need to send the Terminator back in time to kill Sara Conner. All she needs to do is keep eating this processed chemically laced food and chase it with a glass of tap water. Soon she will develop disease in the human body and possibly raise a chemically gendered altered baby.

Most of the new crop of “LGBT” children are being manufactured by the food and water industry. Satanic forces could not crack the genetic code of man so the elite figured out how to chemically reassign gender behavior. This is truly the crime of the century and these corporations behind it are exempt from civil suits. As politicians distract the American public with a flurry of international issues the basic needs of the American people have been poisoned.

Yellow dye 5 is a known cancer catalyst in Kraft Macaroni and is banned in the United Kingdom, yet it is sold in the United States. There is something special about the United States and it has certainly been corrupted from within. In addition to poisoning the general population infants have been targeted through corn which is the stock just about in all foods. Just like mixing certain medicines can be deadly the elite have discovered a soft approach to corrupt Creation.

Most of the current generation has been chemically altered for gender reassignment and if you think about they are truly victims. The LGBT community deserves compassion and support because they have been wrongfully manipulated by the elite. These are good people that come from good families and many “feel” they were born this way. This could not be further from the Truth because the Creator made all things operate under the laws of nature.

We all were born with opposite parts that interlock to further the laws of “being fruitful and multiply.” Any other sex act in opposition of nature is nothing more than brief pleasure that yields nothing. You will never hear a man call another man and tell him “he is late” and you better get a job. The Satanic forces have chemically altered and hardwired mankind’s behavior under “Do what the wilt” and the pursuit of carnal desire.


For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot.
(Romans 8:7)


In closing, we are living in the Age of Satanism and the Days of Noah are manufactured and hidden in plain site. They are on the shelves of every grocery store and spewed from faucets in America. We now have scientist coming forward and blowing the whistle on the chemical attack on an unsuspecting sleeping people. The Church should be a place of discovery and spiritual evolution, but most have become slaves to emotional alchemy and believe the Power of the Holy Spirit is here to give us seizures.

We are losing this Spiritual War because of a lack of knowledge and we refuse to collectively take control back from the elite. We are not only dumb down as a culture but we are spiritually retarded so as to be blind to the ways of the Satanic agenda. If the Messiah does not return in our generation we are doomed. Pray for wisdom and continue to pray you are found worthy by Him.

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