CGI Killed the UFO Stars

CGI Killed the UFO Stars

Before the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI) UFO footage could be easily debunked. From pie pans to strings to miniature models fake UFO could not survive the scrutiny of the keen eye of the observer. Ancient text are rife with testimony of “chariots of the gods” and advanced civilization accounts of flying disk technology. UFO art has been captured on cave walls to paintings from the Renaissance (1300 – 1600) era.

As a result of CGI most UFO video today is the final production of enterprising individuals looking to capitalize on fame and fortune. I believe many video channels today are knowingly flooding the market with CGI driven UFO. Ironically, UFO sightings are up 250% since just about anyone can design UFO using CGI software. This is not to say all UFO footage is not authentic, but most are most likely fake.

The problem is UFO are in fact real and Biblical narratives address this especially in the Old Testament. We also must come to terms with the fact “fallen” angels left their original estate and shared secrets with the earliest known civilization like the Sumerians. Biblical prophecy now drives many independent researchers to search the skies for angels and the Second Coming.



Even the most unexplainable UFOs leave the observer with the question: What is the point? Why would so called fleets of UFO make appearances for nothing more than appearance sake? Many pundits suggest this is the act of conditioning on the global population. I submit to you it could also be testing from satellite based technology. Many independent researchers are familiar with “Project Blue Beam” and the connection to the ionized aluminum acting as a screen.



If you keep track of the evolution of UFO sightings over time they have transformed from metallic UFO to now those of “light.” Lending credence that satellites are beaming these UFO shapes from space. If we are in fact dealing with an advanced civilization it is pretty lame for UFO to appear in the sky and just disappear. This is akin to a flasher in the park and these entities are in need of psychological evaluation.



Many readers have emailed Revelation Now and asked why the slow down on UFO coverage? Well, most of them are fake and promoted by YouTube Channels promoting CGI UFO.To be honest the UFO Age is now officially boring and the end game is nothing more than a distraction. Most if not all alternative media personalities Christian and non-Christian focus on the externalization of all things. When the Yeshua demonstrated the greatest Power is summoned from within.

I have encountered research where Ascended Masters had the ability to transform their bodies into UFO known as Merkabah. We cannot discount this as a possibility for many light-based UFO sightings today. Popular culture has turned every UFO imagining into hoards of violent angry beings hungry to consume humans and earth resources. The reality is we have already been invaded and Tares are living among us right now.

In closing, CGI has killed authentic UFO videos and created a market for YouTube Channels promoting them. “Project Blue Beam” has probably been perfected and many have witnessed the test. These very producers and promoters of CGI UFO are creating confusion from Truth. I also believe we are being conditioned to fight against The Second Coming out of fear. Most if not all of modern day UFO propaganda is to condition humans anything from the sky cannot be trusted. Remember in Acts 1:11 Christ will return the same way He left.

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Michael Erevna

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