Are YOU a RATTLESNAKE Christian?

Are YOU a RATTLESNAKE Christian?

I recently had an exchange with yet another Christian with a nasty attitude. I must say there are many Christians out there who are as mean as rattlesnakes. For some reason they feel because they read and feel they know some Scripture they are entitled to piss in people’s Cornflakes at will. There is absolutely zero accountability for their behavior and appear to be believe their behavior is Christ like.



The reality is Christ was not a jackass and you will be hard pressed to find any example where He was. Some might attempt to use exchanges Christ had with the Sanhedrin, but the biggest issue Christ appeared to have is with people who lead people astray spiritually. Christ would take exception with religious institutions today who do not follow the Word explicitly. This would include the Catholic Church, mega churches, and many other wordly hucksters of this ilk.

Christ was the personification of love and patience when operating out of understanding of perfect spiritual principles. Even to the point of defending the life of a woman caught in the act of adultery. Christ did not extend his hand to her as she laid on the ground in fear of her life and say, “Ho, raise yourself up, because you do not know Scripture and you are of the Devil.”  Christ exercised perfect love in the face of ignorance and misunderstanding as Mary Magdalene prepared to be stoned to death.



Because of His handling of the situation was so spiritually pure it transformed Mary Magdalene into one of His greatest disciples. Rattlesnake Christians have the exact opposite effect on people in different scenarios. They leave the impression the “religion” of Christ is one of nastiness, criticism,  and unyielding judgement. From the periphery, non-Believers see Christianity as a close minded group of people who could easily return to the Dark Ages. The Bible is replete with Scripture to teach out of love and patience while showing the World that Love is always the example in any situation.



Rattlesnake Christians play right into the agenda of the “fallen” angels, and by proxy are agents of the satanic agenda. This is a psychological condition where ego trumps the teachings of Christ. They lack the humility Christ demonstrated and after dealing with a rattlesnake Christian you feel dirty. Christ makes it very clear there will be many people who earnestly think they are representing His Kingdom who He will tell, “I never knew you.”

It is disheartening to know most rattlesnake Christians lack the ability to see this. They somehow feel empowered to act out of conflict and the father of conflict is Lucifer. They are nothing more than posers impersonating Christ all the while spreading conflict. The Bible is clear that if you fall upon deaf ears to kick the dust off your sandals and keep moving. There is no Scripture which supports ever having an aggressive attitude in the name of Jesus . . . except if you are leading people astray with false spiritual doctrine.



On that note this means religious institutions promoting tolerance when in direct conflict with the Word require an aggressive dismissal. This includes just about every preacher being transmitted across the airwaves. Yeshua did not die on the cross to improve your credit score. He came to demonstrate to mankind what is possible when Spirit flows through the human body and He came to lay down his life to create a gateway for all in His Father’s Kingdom.

If you are a rattlesnake Christian you are not welcome in His Kingdom. You can quote Scripture until the cows come home, but if you are causing conflict you will be banned. You are supposed to become a living example of the Word. Most of the time it is the ego filled with pride which drives the rattle of the Christian snake. These two things alone are a separation from the Holy Spirit. You should lay down your ego just as Christ laid down His life to reemerge a new creation.

Nothing good will ever come from pride except a fall. For in pride you will ascend in your own mind, but circumstance will eventually send you crashing down to earth. Rattlesnake Christians seem unable to understand people. There is a great insight which develops when evolving through the Holy Spirit. It is almost if you can not only understand the source of a disagreement, but you know to wait on the hand of the Most High to change the heart of a person.



People do not really change by their own volition. It is the circumstance that changes the heart and mind of a person. The Bible is replete with stories which show the circumstance changing prophets, Kings, and people. Rattlesnake christians appear to be oblivious to this fact. Jeremiah 29:11 clearly states the Most High has a plan for you in the womb! So how on the Most High’s green earth do rattlesnake Christians believe their plan will trump His plan?


22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’ (Matthew 7:22-23)


In closing, rattlesnake Christians are truly proxies of conflict and division. These are the very tools the “fallen” angels use to distract and keep people from growing spiritually. I have come to realize many rattlesnake Christians are mentally unstable and they truly need an intervention. Their greatest challenge is overcoming the false pretense they are legends in their own mind. If these rattlesnakes Christians believe Christ spoke to His Disciples like this then they are in denial.


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