The PAGAN Tribute Behind Prince’s 20TEN Album Cover

The PAGAN Tribute Behind Prince’s 20TEN Album Cover

As Prince’s untimely death marinates in the hearts of fans and fellow Jehovah Witnesses there is a deep sense of loss in the air. Like any appreciated and at times worshiped idol there was a sense of familiarity and even a comradery between artist and fan. When it comes to the Scripture the unlearned seem to only understand the Bible as a book of love. The Most High is much more complex than this and at times, especially in the Old Testament acted as a gangster against: enemies, rebellion, and even His tribes that supported abomination.

It is known Prince became a Jehovah witness in 2001 and he changed his ways from being one of the transgender movements sexual ambassador. He began to distance himself from his earlier self and speak of his new found Faith and the ills of the world; including chemtrails on National television. Through my research and intuitive revelation of the music industry I have learned symbols and rituals are used to: capture, store, and redirect energy to and from celestial objects to their pagan gods.


Ishtar is still worshiped today {by music industry}


Jupiter and Venus are frequent planets used to commune with using symbols and rituals. There is an ancient association with these planets through the Sumerian goddess Ishtar who was known in the Bible as the “Queen of Heaven.” She was the Sumerian goddess who is credited with the creation of: prostitution, transgenderism, and homosexuality. She is worshiped in modern times through Easter (Ishtar) and the music industry resonates her motifs in video frequently.


The planet Venus, as the evening star, was identified with the Ishtar of Erech, while the morning star was Anunit, goddess of Akkad.


If Prince was a Jehovah Witness why would he resonate Ishtarian motifs on his “20Ten” album cover? Why would the symbol on his album merge the symbol for Jupiter and Venus? You see Jupiter and Venus are the two planets associated and directly related to the goddess Ishtar. Super Bowl concert rituals have communed with Jupiter, Venus, and Mars (including the Silver Gate) using symbols and artist astrological birth locks. There is an ancient occult science used to “bind and loose” harvested energy from the stadium crowds from Earth to the heavens.



We have seen this with: Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. You should not be shocked to see Prince is a match for this as well . . . although he is a “practicing” Jehovah Witness. We see a lot of televangelist who claim to be agents of the Most High, but are nothing more than hucksters with million dollar homes. My point is you can say anything, but it is your actions that define you. Let’s take a look at Prince’s 20Ten album cover.



What you will find is that it is an homage to Ishtar from the: symbols, color alchemy, flowers, and constellation match. It just all fits and this cannot be a coincidence. These things are used to put “e”motion into an energy harvest. What is the point of including planetary symbols and colors that resonate with an ancient goddess? A goddess who the Most High advised His people not to worship in any form.


Ishtar Terra is one of two main highland regions on the planet Venus. It is the smaller of the three “continents”, and is located near the north pole. It is named after the Akkadian goddess Ishtar. – Source


Why would a Jehovah Witness do this? Was being a Jehovah Witness a cover for Prince? I cannot say that for sure, but he certainly fits an established pattern of Ishtar worship based on the rituals by other artist. Music is a way to capture a person’s heart and mind. People recite lyrics and fall deeply in love with the artist to the point of disregarding the teachings of the Most High. There are stories in the past like the “Pied Piper” where music could brainwash children into followers.


Seven stars of the Pleiades


The question is: Why do so many of these musical artist include an homage to Ishtar in their art? Many of them proclaim to be Christians, yet they honor the very goddess outlawed in Jeremiah 7:18. We know Ishtar uses music as the vehicle to deliver energy in her name. Why is it so important to resonate Ishtarian motifs to the public observer?  There are far to many synchronicities on his album cover to be an accident.


Sumerian headdress inspired by Ishtar {note the flowers}


There are seven stars which is the very constellation associated with the goddess Ishtar located on the bottom right of the 20TEN album cover. There are various Sumerian myths which point to Pleiades as the home of Ishtar. We also have the Ishtarian color alchemy used with the symbol for Jupiter. King Solomon was an adept using these symbols on his 44 pentacles. We must be looking at the universal coding system of the Heavens incorporated into earthly desires.

If Prince truly was a student of the Bible he would know resonating Ishtar in anyway was idol worship and outlawed by the Most High. Prince had been a Jehovah Witness for nine years, yet he paid a tribute to Ishtar on his album cover. Many of you folks fighting for Prince’s commitment to Jehovah need to ask yourself why Ishtarian motifs are on his album cover; after he claims he was a Jehovah Witness.


Katy Perry resonates Ishtar


Most folks do not care either way, but we are required to prove all things. Not just have an opinion, but actually invest time in order to know what to cleave to and what to release. There is a quote from the movie, “The Matrix.” which concisely sums up the mentality of the masses, especially those who go to church, but are nothing more than listeners. Without spiritual discernment people will always be hopelessly devoted to the world designed by the satanic mentality.


You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. – Morpheus


I have personally experienced people who do not study the teachings of Christ in order to evolve in spiritual growth, yet they dismiss satanic evidence with vitriolic attacks. How can you live in two worlds mentally? Is that not like serving two Kings? Christ made it clear His Father’s Kingdom is the most important thing in our lives, yet people worship men/woman and have more expert knowledge on song lyrics than teachings from Christ. Although Prince promoted the Jehovah Witness and exposed chemtrails on television, he still can be linked to Ishtar worship. Meaning he was still one of them! And by “one of them” I mean other high level musical artist who have been identified worshiping Ishtar.

In closing, there is an ancient science operating in plain view. As a result of the sleeping masses ignorance to this ancient occult science, it is accepted, supported, and even fought for. It must have a higher purpose to have so many artist patternize Ishtar through their art. Although, Prince professed with his lips he only worshiped the Most High, the album cover of 20TEN tells a story of goddess worship. Prince shares company with many artist today who have incorporated Ishtarian motifs into their art. It is no accident so many Ishtarian influences are on the 20TEN cover because there is a psychic purpose targeted at the observer. These very Ishtarian motifs are used to capture and redirect energy in some form. Symbols are the language of the spiritual realm and 20TEN is obviously speaking to Ishtar.

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