Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza: Another High Frequency Pyramid?

Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza: Another High Frequency Pyramid?

September 15, 2015, I penned a post discussing ancient pyramids were actually high frequency power plants able to provide free energy with many applications. I submitted the pyramids were coated in gold and in the lesser pyramids of the world I submit at least the capstone was gold. The main components of the high frequency pyramids are: gold, limestone, water, and the missing electrical device within a chamber of the pyramid. These ancient pyramids were built directly on top of limestone rock beds with a water source directly under them. This brilliant architectural decision was done out of necessity in order to capture the natural sound waves emanating from the Earth’s core.



The Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico, is no different and shares common attributes with the the Great Pyramid of Giza. Both are constructed from limestone and beneath them are water supplies. These pyramids are machines built on natural principles without a carbon footprint. Another distinction of the pyramids can be made in theory based on shape of the sound waves being harnessed.

Many in the academic communities have labeled the pyramid of Giza as imperfect because of the steps as compared to “perfect” sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Through the analysis of sound waves you will learn the ancient pyramids as well as the “imperfect” pyramids design have an invisible twin in the shape of their wave form.



There must be a relationship between the physical design with the acoustic counterpart of there ancient power plants. The ancients perhaps were spiritually driven to build their entire infrastructures principles of the Creator . . . most likely illegally shared by the “fallen” angels as discussed in the Book of Enoch. We should not forget all things according to the Bible were created by sound, i.e., the Word. Is it possible these imperfect pyramids of the ancient past were harnessing the power of the sawtooth waves form?



It can be no coincidence the ziggurat is very similar to the sawtooth wave form. There must be a relationship between the shape of the pyramid and the soundwave being harnessed. Many archeologist have surmised the Mayan lid of Palenque was a technological device. Would this technology require a form of power? We also must accept the fact the Jesuits were sent in to acquire all forms of knowledge from the Mayans after the fall of their empire.


The Mayan Lid of Palenque


Much like the ankhs recovered after Napoleon’s “scientific expedition” they were buried and a year later patents for the electric circuit were filed. The discovery of water underneath the Pyramid of Chichen Itza denotes a pattern shared with the Pyramid of Giza. This gives credence to the harnessing of soundwaves used for applications by the ancients. How many other ancient pyramids have water underneath them? Imagine replacing nuclear energy with high frequency energy where the power source is the earth itself.

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