Are Some Kurdish People the Offspring of Fallen Angels?

Are Some Kurdish People the Offspring of Fallen Angels?

Over the years (and I cannot believe years) I had the good fortune of chatting on the phone with a fellow writer on this site. Every now and then we would end up talking about the Kurds of the Middle East. It was her assumption the Kurds have a vital role in the Last Days as discussed in the Bible. We never delved much deeper into her assumption about the Kurds, but the conversations played silently in my subconscious. The average American only knew of the Kurds because many of their people were gassed to death before the assassination of Saddam Hussein.

The Kurdish people inhabited parts of eastern and southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), western Iran (Eastern or Iranian Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern or Iraqi Kurdistan), and northern Syria (Western Kurdistan or Rojava). Almost 98% of the Kurdish group are practicing Sunni Muslims while 2% are Shiite Muslims. The best way to differentiate between the two are comparing them to the Catholic religion and the Protestant religion. Where the Catholics bow and pray to stone/wooden statues while using a “man” as an intermediary to the Most High. Where the Protestants do not and confess their sins directly to the Most High. Finally, there is a small percentage of the Kurdish people who are Yazidis which are not Muslim. These are the people that incurred the wrath of Saddam Hussein.

We can assume the Yazidis genetic line is a threat to Islam and this is an ancient schism. In academic circles it is noted there is connection between the Kurdish ancestry based on a Sumerian tablet three thousand years before Christ defined as, “”The land of Karda.” This is a striking assumption because I believe the “gods” of ancient Sumeria are actually the “fallen” angels as described in the Book of Enoch.


There are multiple legends that detail the origins of the Kurds. One details the Kurds as being the descendants of King Solomon’s angelic servants (Djinn). These were sent to Europe to bring him five-hundred beautiful maidens, for the king's harem. However, when these had done so and returned to Israel the king had already died. As such, the Djinn settled in the mountains, married the women themselves, and their offspring came to be known as the Kurds.[38]

Additionally, in the legend of Newroz, an evil Assyrian king named Zahak, who had two snakes growing out of his shoulders, had conquered Iran, and terrorized its subjects; demanding daily sacrifices in the form of young men's brains. Unknowingly to Zahak, the cooks of the palace saved one of the men, and mixed the brains of the other with those of a sheep. The men that were saved were told to flee to the mountains. Hereafter, Kaveh the Blacksmith, who had already lost several of his children to Zahak, trained the men in the mountains, and stormed Zahak’s palace, severing the heads of the snakes and killing the tyrannical king. Kaveh was instilled as the new king, and his followers formed the beginning of the Kurdish people.[39][40]

In the writings of the Ottoman Turkish traveller Evliya Çelebi, there's also a legend concerning the Kurds to be found. He states to have learned of this legend from a certain Mighdisî, an Armenian historian:

According to the chronicler Mighdisî, the first town to be built after Noah's Flood was the town of Judi, followed by the fortresses of Sinjar and Mifariqin. The town of Judi was ruled by Melik Kürdim of the Prophet Noah's community, a man who lived no less than 600 years and who travelled the length and width of Kurdistan. Coming to Mifariqin he liked its climate and settled there, begetting many children and descendants. He invented a language of his own, independent of Hebrew. It is neither Hebrew nor Arabic, Persian, Dari or Pahlavi; they still call it the language of Kürdim. So the Kurdish language, which was invented in Mifariqin and is now used throughout Kurdistan, owes its name to Melik Kürdim of the community of the Prophet Noah. Because Kurdistan is an endless stony stretch of mountains, there are no less than twelve varieties of Kurdish, differing from one another in pronunciation and vocabulary, so that they often have to use interpreters to understand one another's words.[41]


Now here is the Kurdish connection to the Sumerian gods. The Kurdish myth is that the Kurdish people are actually offspring of the “fallen” angels. This would make them direct players in the Last Days through genealogy. Is it possible the Kurds are actually the good guys in the Middle East? I do not presume to be an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, but I understand the US media is a propaganda machine where evil is promoted as good, and good is promoted as evil. I wonder if it is possible the Kurds are actually the offspring of the fallen angels?



Many years ago I remember watching a video with Roger Morneau, a former inner circle Satanist who broke free and gave his life to Christ. After doing so he made a series of interviews and one part never left my mind. As an empath I could feel his truth when he described the first time he saw the fallen angels. Morneau said they were simply and breathtakingly beautiful. I would imagine if a human spliced genes with these beings these too would be beautiful. The beauty of the Kurdish people cannot be debated once you see them. As a people they are exotically beautiful.



The question remains if the Kurds are actually fathered by fallen angels then why are they fighting and what are they fighting for? Christ said a kingdom divided cannot stand. The Kurds legendary history makes them a group of people to keep your eyes on . . . especially the Yazidis. Right now Islam is promoted as a religion of peace while radical Islam is diametrically opposed to peace. Yet, Muslim leaders like Saddam Hussein who were not considered to be radically Islamic still indiscriminately murdered the Yazidis people.


Kurdish music video…


I suppose we will be witnessing more Kurdish people in key battles in the Middle East. As this territory is reshaped by the Super Powers there is a Biblical undercurrent playing out and the Kurds will have a key role in this. As confusing as it is the Kurds just do not fit into traditional roles. If the Kurds are the offspring of the fallen angels why are they not all Islamic? Something does not add up, but if Islam is their enemy then who are they really?

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