Beyonce’s Binding Spell: What was RUNE with the 2016 VMA Awards?

Beyonce’s Binding Spell: What was RUNE with the 2016 VMA Awards?

The flames are out and the smoke has cleared since the 2016 Video Music Awards (VMA) curtain’s have closed. I did not jump into analyzing the 2016 VMAs because I wanted to see how the blog-sphere would play it out. I know I am going to step on a lot of toes here, but it needs to be done. We have gotten to the point where bloggers and video bloggers are not displaying spiritual acumen. I commend them all for their passion and drive, but evolution is necessary for all things. More importantly I am showing you the rabbit hole to go down and it is being ignored by most. WE ARE FIGHTING A SPIRITUAL WAR AND WE CAN ONLY FIGHT BACK IN SPIRIT!

I hear reoccurring themes and sound bites from all of them. When analyzing performances for occult motifs they all use the same phrases like, “This is what they want you to see or this represents the mark of the beast” while never telling you what is under the hood. What these folks are really telling you is they do not really know what is happening on a rudimentary occult level, but can observe as a child does. There are bits and pieces of truth clustered with Biblical quotes but no real method of insight into the machinations of the dark occult. The goal should be to inform the public so they will be conscious of what is trying to be subconsciously delivered to them.

I am telling you in your face RUNE MAGIC is being used by Beyonce in her last two global performances. This magic is not being used for a positive outcome because it is hidden in the performance and only those with eyes to see will be able to catch it. For those that can see it is no longer a subconscious observation, but a conscious observation. Watch the movie, “FOCUS” where Will Smith’s character explains how he tricks people by using ONLY their subconscious observations in order to con them. This is very real folks and there is an ancient method to this madness. Anyone not focusing on this is wasting your time.



It is here the magician calls upon spiritual entities and elements to shape the outcome of events on the physical plane. Think of it as the human actors laying the bricks with spiritual and elemental mortar. This ensures the rune spell will eventually manifest in our world and the people who subconsciously view the spell are the batteries, if you will. This is why we are seeing these ancient symbols incorporated into the live performance and hidden under the umbrella of art. This ensures the majority of the observers will not question it or ever feel threatened.



Again, we have Beyonce incorporating runes into her performance and if you cannot accept this fact you are under a spell. This time the runes were displayed on concrete block to the right of Beyonce. They looked as if they were etched into the concrete and were shown long enough for the observing subconscious to absorb them. Why is it so important for us to see these runes? Magic is normally the term for spiritual powers manifesting in a physical way for the uninitiated. I believe Beyonce was following up with her spell from her last Super Bowl performance.

During Beyonce’s latest VMA performance she is adorned in a white robe and a large hat that acted as a screen for fire. Which means the spell incorporated the element fire into the spell. To her right was a small column inscribed with runes in a magic window format. The very first rune at the top looks like the letter “M” but it is not the letter M you are seeing. This is the rune called Ehwaz and I believe this was called upon to ask the spirit world to speed up what is not yet completed from Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. We will circle back to her divisive Super Bowl performance later on.



These runes are chosen for their qualities which call upon spiritual energies in order to “curse” the people. Remember their goal is to further separate the hearts and minds of the people away from the Most High. These energies are directed by the demons dwelling inside Beyonce and they influence all who are consciously unaware. I have seen a similar magic format in the windows of Independence Hall on the latest $100 bill. These runes are used together to create a spell fueled by millions of minds. We are at a time when legal action needs to be taken against all involved of forcing their magic on the public. There actions are akin to spiritual rape of the people.



Some of the runes on the column are blurry so I will do my best with the interpretation. The next rune in the spell is “Othala” and it I believe it is used in its “merkstave” form. Merstave means calling upon the negative influences of a rune. In this case it would be defined as: Lack of customary order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, homelessness. Bad karma, prejudice, clannishness, provincialism. What a man is bound to. I believe this builds on the latest Super Bowl calling upon division, upheaval, and racism. This particular rune will keep the country divided and targets all those with low IQs.



The next rune I see is called “Hagalaz” and I find this one quite disturbing because it harnesses energy to cause a natural disaster. Here is the definition of the rune Hagalaz: Wrath of nature, destructive, uncontrolled forces, especially the weather, or within the unconscious. Tempering, testing, trial. Controlled crisis, leading to completion, inner harmony. Hagalaz Merkstave (Hagalaz cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): Natural disaster, catastrophe. Stagnation, loss of power. Pain, loss, suffering, hardship, sickness, crisis. If seeing this rune on the stage does not disturb you and you believe Beyonce’s performance was harmless, I am selling a real beige-brown unicorn named “Bennie” for $500,000. Please email me if you are interested.


Scene from movie “The Last Witch Hunter” explaining weather runes


Now remember the runes look blurry when enlarged so I believe the next rune is “Gebo.” This rune was used in Beyonce’s latest Super Bowl performance and formed by her dance troupe. What a shocker to see it again. Let’s revisit the definition of this rune: Gifts, both in the sense of sacrifice and of generosity, indicating balance. All matters in relation to exchanges, including contracts, personal relationships and partnerships. Gebo Merkstave (Gebo cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): Greed, loneliness, dependence, over-sacrifice. Obligation, toll, privation, bribery. I certainly find the word sacrifice interesting.

The next rune appears to be “Uruz” and it is merstave or reversed. Again, this calls upon the negative aspects of the rune. Let’s take a look at the meaning: Weakness, obsession, misdirected force, domination by others. Sickness, inconsistency, ignorance. Lust, brutality, rashness, callousness, violence. I believe this rune was called upon to energize those rogue police officers who are murdering some people during the arrest process. It appears this spell is building upon what is not yet complete from the other spell. I also believe the fallen angels are behind schedule and this 2016 VMA performance by Beyonce was a shot in the arm.

The next rune is very blurry and I cannot make it out. It looks like “Othala” but I am not sure. The last symbol is not a rune. It is an upright triangle which calls upon fire. This is why Beyonce had fire projected on to her big church lady hat. This also calls upon male energies. When the triangle is upside down it is feminine and calls upon water elements. So there it is. That is the spiritually energized spell that was on the column. These rune symbols are a formula and should not be used in a performance on a national stage. What you experienced was witchcraft at its best.

The rate of information bombarding the human consciousness from television to content from the Internet gives people the attention span of a goldfish. How quickly the collective conscious forgot what was seared into the subconscious from Super Bowl 50. If we revisit the occult ritual from the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show we can now see the fruit of the spell. Rune magic was used by Beyonce and her dance troupe during her Super Bowl performance. They formed runes in order to activate the symbols and call upon their energy in order to manifest into the physical realm.


Rune Definitions with Merstave (Reversed) Definition



Beyonce Forms the Rune (Reversed) Tiwaz



Beyonce Forms the Rune Gebo



Beyonce Forms Down Turned Triangle for Feminine Energy Fusion


I believe the occultist know not only how to hijack human energy and direct it, they know how to store it and activate it at a later date. I submit to you when the elite needed to redirect the consciousness of the American people this Super Bowl 50 spell was released. The spirit of the runes formed during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show exactly the state America is in now . . . including the blood sacrifice! Remember how Beyonce chose to emulate the Black Panther Party with her wardrobe choice? Of all the Black activist to choose, Beyonce chose the one group who used violence as a tool for change.

She performed an aptly titled song called, “Formation” where her and her dancers cleverly formed rune symbols in front of over 100 million viewers. These runes are consciously energized and provide influence to the masses in our realm. We are now seeing the fruit of the spell and it is spot on with the definitions of the negative aspects of the runes. Just like the Super Bowl 48 Halftime Show which was the birth of ISIS on the international stage which highlights the elements illustrated in the Super Bowl 48 Halftime Show. We are seeing the rune themes drummed into and energized by the subconscious of the viewers. These rune symbols are part of an ancient occult science where the uninitiated refer to them as magic. Runes were also used in the Super Bowl 46 performance and Madonna directed the human consciousness toward them. Do you not see the pattern?

Although rune magic can be used to yield positive results, I believe because it is used in a hidden manner on an international stage proves where negative influences are being called upon. This should be quite apparent to you based on the state of affairs in America right now. Let’s revisit the runes Beyonce and her dance troupe formed and the cameras made sure to capture each specific “formation.” Once we do this you will be able to better understand how this works. Especially, the ordering effect the rune symbols have on human consciousness. You should also accept the fact occult magic is fused with the entertainment and covered up under the umbrella of “art” so the conscious mind never questions it.


Stand fast in your enchantments and your many sorceries, with which you have labored from your youth; perhaps you may be able to succeed; perhaps you may inspire terror. You are wearied with your many counsels; let them stand forth and save you, those who divide the heavens, who gaze at the stars, who at the new moons make known what shall come upon you. Behold, they are like stubble; the fire consumes them; they cannot deliver themselves from the power of the flame. No coal for warming oneself is this, no fire to sit before! - (Isaiah 47:12-14)


The ensuing controversy of Beyonce and troupe parading around as Black Panthers will be forever ingrained in the consciousness of the observer. Fusing this “Black Panther” consciousness with the runes formed a spell which is acting out in the present. Because of this we must understand, America is the subject of Isaiah 47. America is that very country which is using an ancient magic to run the world and influence other kingdoms.



I have shown you the very runes which by definition imbued the racial division you witness on the news weekly. Now to be clear this is an occult science I am trying to deconstruct and reverse engineer . . . for all you folks out there who like to tell me when I made a left when I should have made a right. My hope is through peer review we as a people can piece together the mechanics of this occult operation and respond in the right manner.

This is an occult science which is passed down through secret society . . . they completely know what they are doing. I do not, but I was able to establish a pattern of ancient magic hidden and masked as “art” in modern live entertainment. Do you understand what you just read? It is actually ancient magic being performed right in your face and your subconscious tells you its “art!”



Do you know how effective hypnotism is when the hypnotist speaks directly into your subconsciousness? Do you remember what Jimi Hendrix said? Hendrix said after while music allows me to speak directly to your subconscious. I am submitting to you we all have some type of shared genetic memory or spiritual memory our subconscious taps into . . . and the occultist KNOW this! Remember famous line in “Jerry MacGuire?” It was “You had me at Hello.” Well, Super Bowl 50 was, You had you with runes!”



In closing, there is no debating the fact runes are being used in the performances by Beyonce. This proves magic is a part of the show that yields results. Because this rune magic is hidden I can only assume it has negative purpose. The Most High gave us all free will and these rune masked performances takes free will away. This means the population is being controlled by dark magic which is utilized to further separate the people from the Most High. We are seeing the after effects from Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 performance where runes were formed in order to cause racial division. I believe the fallen angels are desperate because change has not happened fast enough for them. The goal of the Super Bowl 50 performance was to cause a race war, but thankfully the masses did not take the bait. Wake up and spread the word so people will consciously identify these runes. Also, pray for Beyonce because it appears there is a powerful demon sharing her body. Only the Most High can free her from the demonic bondage she is suffering.

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