Election Fraud Much??

Election Fraud Much??

Here it is, September 2016 and we find ourselves 2 months from the next presidential election with the ante raised higher than ever been before while the players at the table are the poorest to ever sit down to the game. The case could easily be made that neither of the candidates in this (s)election have any intention of or ability to solve any of the problems we face as people or nation. This (s)election is the biggest political three ring circus America has ever witnessed. What’s worse than the lack luster candidates is the very real probability that the election will be stolen.

I have stayed wholly disengaged from media coverage of this election until Sunday when the video coverage of Hillary Clinton collapsing was released. I made light of it on Facebook a little bit, but honestly I found it very disturbing for a number of reasons. I won’t speculate on them here because the blogosphere is already so full of speculation. Regardless, there are some very serious issues that have plagued US elections for at least the last 16 years, but most likely for much longer than that.

These election issues have largely been suppressed by the media which suggests media complicity. No shocker there. I have written a couple of posts where I discuss my feelings about politics, but in short, I don’t believe in the political process for spiritual and pragmatic reasons. I personally believe that no matter who is (s)elected, there is an agenda that is being implemented and the president is simply the spokesperson for the implementation. Elections are held to make the citizens feel like they have a voice in the process but …. they really don’t.

Elections are nothing more than a tool to elicit and harvest large quantities of emotional energy. Emotional energy is the fuel of the spirit realm. That is why scripture says, above all else to guard your heart (Prov 4:23 paraphrased). Presidential campaigns are a rouse… a magic show designed at emotional manipulation that peek with citizens making an highly charged emotional decision for an unqualified individual to run the country with the expectation that there will be a major shift in moral policy. This culminates in even greater frustration when the expectations are not met creating a vicious cycle. It is in the nations best interest that we be not moved by the wranglings of politicians, they are playing the people.

Now, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the last several elections starting with the 2004 Bush v. Kerry race. You might be familiar with the name Karl Rove. He still appears on FOX News from time-to-time. He seems so smart…a political engineering genius!! Karl Rove did some very unseemly things during Bush v. Kerry race and most of it is buried, never to be resurrected. You see the mastermind behind the misdeeds of the 2004 election was killed in a mysterious plane crash in 2008 one day after a revealing deposition about his role in the 2004 election fraud.

In case, you thought the Clinton’s were the only political family leaving dead bodies in the wake of their illegal activities, they aren’t. You can lay those misgivings to rest. Sorry for any of you who hold a high opinion of the Bush family.

“After Connell’s death, a redacted government document arrived by mail at the Free Press office addressed to Arnebeck stating that Connell’s death was authorized since he was a “NST” – National Security Threat.” Source

So, what was the fraud? The short story is this, Karl Rove employed Michael Connell to set up a “man in the middle” hack between the Ohio Secretary of State office to the SmartTech offices in Chattanooga, TN. What is a, “a man-in-the-middle,” attack you might be asking? Essentially, there is a computer setup to intercept the data transfer between two sites where an individual can alter the data being transferred.

That my friends is exactly what happened to the Ohio election data in 2004 when, in spite exit polls that had Kerry winning, suddenly and mysteriously John Kerry dropped from a 3% lead over Bush to trailing Bush by 3% in Ohio at 9:00 on election night. The election data was intercepted during transfer to between the Ohio Secretary of State offices and the SmarTech offices in Chatanooga, TN, altered to the desired result, then sent to its destination. You know what they say about Ohio, “as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

“Spoonamore also swore that “…the architecture further confirms how this election was stolen. The computer system and SmarTech had the correct placement, connectivity, and computer experts necessary to change the election in any manner desired by the controllers of the SmarTech computers.” Source

I worked as a server systems administrator for 10+ years, so I know a little bit about what we’re talking about here. A “man in the middle attack” is viewed by everyone with any IT sense to be a malicious attack. It is something that any entity connected to the internet actively defends against to protect their company’s information. The fact that this happened to presidential election data does not suggest fraud, it proves blatant fraud. This one incident exposes how vulnerable the election processes and equipment in the United States are to breech and manipulation.

Generally speaking, most Americans are under the impression that the election process is solid and impenetrable in the United States. It would be nice if that were true, but unfortunately it is not. Enter the electronic voting machine. Electronic voting machines scream electoral fraud. Please hear me well when I say this…there is a not a computer on earth that is impenetrable and electronic voting machines are criminally vulnerable. I might be stepping out on limb with this statement but the electronic voting machine is designed to be hacked. In fact, these machines have been exposed for their severe lack of security many times and they are still be used without question.

“Cyber security experts and “white hat” hackers, who have gained access to the machines over the years, report that every component of these electronic voting systems are ridiculously vulnerable to fraud:
• Machines are not safeguarded and sit vulnerable for weeks leading up to an election
• The shoddy locks and keys on the machines are easily opened and replaced
• Machines can be breached without breaking official security seals
• The secret software can be rigged with malicious, self-deleting code to steal elections
• The rigged code will not be detected by standard security tests
• Vote-rigging viruses can be spread from one computer through an entire network
• The administrative passwords are often easily hacked or missing entirely
• One person can access voting systems and others can enter behind them
• Last minute “patches” to (supposedly) update software can harbor malicious code
• Wireless connections are insecure and aren’t always evident
• Vulnerable hacking points include voter registration lists, any machines that are linked to the internet, any digital vote results that are transferred wirelessly to central tabulators, and all final vote tallies transferred to the websites of secretaries of states
Dozens of technical reports and studies, books, films and videos, articles, investigations and even congressional whistleblower testimony have exposed the depth of this crisis.”

Yep, you guessed it. Touchscreen voting machines were used in the 2004 Ohio presidential election.


“Former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Blackwell’s successor, confirmed: “This office had a backup system, election night reporting system, with Smartech.” On December 14, 2007, she released her evaluation and validation of election-related equipment, standards and testing, the Everest study, which found that touchscreen voting machines were vulnerable to hacking with relative ease.” Source


There are a number of states that don’t use electronic voting machines or they are offered as an alternative option to paper ballots. Some people find comfort in that, but it only took one state in the 2004 election to alter the result of the entire election and shape history for the following 4 years. I hope this is helping to bring the picture into view that US elections have been delegitimized. Unfortunately, there is much, much more to the story.

The mastermind, Karl Rove, can be seen at work again in the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Only this time he had help, and not from a likely source, the Clinton’s:


“In my July 14, 2016 letter to Attorney General Lynch I report my discovery of the incredible fact that Karl Rove’s covert ops team has been collaborating with the Clinton covert ops team since at least as far back as the 2000 Presidential election, and that the same guy who installed live-stream listening and viewing devices within Al Gore’s Tennessee home in 2000 created the advanced technology electronic election rigging system being used for the first time in this 2016 election:

“Since writing you last week I have been reliably informed that persons acting on behalf of the Clintons collaborated with Karl Rove before the finalization of the 2000 Presidential election to illegally pressure Al Gore to terminate his challenge to the 2000 election result. And further, that the results of this collaboration were again used to illegally pressure Al Gore to not seek the office of President in the 2008 election.” Source

Unreal!! The Clinton’s and Karl Rove collaborating.

Let us not forget the infamous hanging chad, recount debacle of the 2000 Bush v. Gore race. I don’t think we need to detail that one here. Seeing how infamous it is.

There are also smaller, seemingly less impactful, instances like In Arizona where new electronic ballot counting machines were installed to help verify election results, but one county did end run around the helpful aspects of these machines:

“Last fall, new voting machines were introduced to a number of Arizona counties, including Pima.
These machines are called ES&S DS850’s and they have a very helpful auditing technology using graphical scans of the ballots counted. A graphical scan is made of each ballot that is run through the machine. The resulting ballot image is what the machine actually uses to count with, so it becomes an integral part of the ballot chain-of-custody. Graphic scans created by these machines are very useful for assisting the public, parties and candidates in verifying elections. It is the practice of Pima County Elections to destroy these ballot images. It has deleted ballot images in the last two elections, including the Arizona Primary, which is a Federal election. There is no practical reason for Pima County Elections to remove this data, except to preserve the opportunity to cheat and prevent further scrutiny of past elections…” Source


Let’s move along then to 2016. You may be aware that there has been election rigging in the presidential primary elections this year. There have been rumblings here and there that the primary election results fell outside the margin of error for differences with exit poll results. I’m guessing that is why we now have Ronald McDonald Trump and Clarissa the Clown Clinton as presidential candidates in the general election. You might think that exit polls aren’t terribly accurate or important, but they are, and they have been tampered with.



“Here’s a link to a handbook,( https://yali.state.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2016/01/Assessing-and-Verifying-Election-Results-Summary-Document.pdf) published by USAID, on detecting election fraud in other countries and they seem to be under the impression that exit poll discrepancies are a pretty good indicator of fraud.” Source


“Exit polls are the international gold standard for measuring the integrity of election results. However, in the United States such exit poll shave to be adjusted not once, but twice – before and after being taken – to compensate for the fraudulent manipulation of votes that regularly takes place. In your election in the 2016 Democratic primary in Ohio, the end of day exit poll result showed you winning 10% more than the result recorded on our vulnerable voting machines. However, one must add back the 6% of your vote that was deducted in anticipation of fraud before the poll was taken. Thus, our experts will testify that you won, not only 10% more delegates than recorded, but the majority of the actual votes of Ohioans. And, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.””Source


“Unlike public opinion polls or pre-election polls — exit polls are done after a person has already voted. Remember that — it’s an important point. Other polls are more prone to being way off the mark because humans are often confused & they tend to change their minds in ways that no one can predict — but exit polls tend to be more accurate because they ask about something that’s already happened. Because of this crucial difference, a well-conducted exit poll should have a margin of error of ±2% — and that’s pretty accurate!” Source


“ 1. Exit polls are a basic way to detect election fraud. They are not proof of fraud, all by themselves — but significant differences between the exit polls & the reported results are a fairly strong indicator that something is wrong.
2. Both Edison, the exit poll company, & the corporate-media consortium that pays them refuse to release the raw exit poll data to the public.
3. As soon as a few organizations began raising questions about the exit polls, they cancelled all remaining exit polls (from Oregon & Kentucky onward they haven’t done exit polling).
4. Apparently, it is common practice in the US to “adjust” exit polls without telling you & without disclosing the data or why they “adjusted” them.
Your elected officials, the Democratic Party, & the Lame-Stream Media are all perfectly OK with this and here’s the funniest part: they expect you to be okay with this, too. But I’m guessing that you’re not. Source

Stanford University published a study that brings into question the results of the Democratic primaries this year also.

“Given the stakes in the outcome of the American presidential elections, ensuring the
integrity of the electoral process is of the utmost importance. Are the results we are witnessing
in the 2016 primary elections trustworthy? While Donald Trump enjoyed a clear and early edge
over his Republican rivals, the Democratic contest between former Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton and Senator Bernard Sanders has been far more competitive. At present, Secretary
Clinton enjoys an apparent advantage over Sanders. Is this claimed advantage legitimate? We
contend that it is not, and suggest an explanation for the advantage: States that are at risk for
election fraud in 2016 systematically and overwhelmingly favor Secretary Clinton. We provide
converging evidence for this claim.

First, we show that it is possible to detect irregularities in the 2016 Democratic Primaries
by comparing the states that have hard paper evidence of all the placed votes to states that do
not have this hard paper evidence. Second, we compare the final results in 2016 to the
discrepant exit polls. Furthermore, we show that no such irregularities occurred in the 2008
competitive election cycle involving Secretary Clinton against President Obama. As such, we
find that in states wherein voting fraud has the highest potential to occur, systematic efforts may
have taken place to provide Secretary Clinton with an exaggerated margin of support.”

You can read the full study here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mLpCEIGEYGYl9RZWFRcmpsZk0/view?pref=2&pli=1.

The 2016 election is still playing out and the truth will be revealed unless death comes to the voices of the fraud first, but as with the legal system in the country, the damage will be done by then. My purpose in exposing this issue is not to make you angry or stir you emotionally, although if you are new to this information it is understandable, but rather to prepare you heart and mind for the real eventuality that the November election will be rigged. When you wake up the morning after the election, remember it wasn’t really an election but a selection.

There are many conspiracy theories about politics, elections, and the left\right paradigm in the US. I find many of them to be plausible, and some not so much, but being so close to an election that will have an unpleasant outcome with either candidate it seemed appropriate to add some perspective that is founded in investigative research. Based on some of the information presented here, I think it safe to say that the two party system to which so many pledge allegiance to one side or the the other is more of a fiction than a reality.

I also believe we should be more thoughtful of laying the blame of the American decline on a single president. Right now it is Obama, but 8 years ago it wash Bush, and before that it was Clinton. The decline that we are witnessing did not happen over night or over the last 8 years. The current state of nation has occurred over many years and many administrations. Rather than blaming the current president try praying for him and sending him some good thoughts and vibes. You may not like or agree with him but that doesn’t matter. You’d be surprised how much it helps.

Recently, I was sitting in a Bible study when a gentleman piped up with anger and disgust about how America would not be what it has become if Christians had gone out and voted in the last election as is their Christian duty. While that is a sentiment shared in many religious circles, it just isn’t true. First of all this post disproves that notion, and secondly as believers our duty is not to any political process or party but to faith in the father that he knows what he is doing or allowing as some might put it. If we as believers seek to halt the moral decline of what was once believed to be a Christian nation (another debatable notion) then our only course of action is to quit judging sinners for sinning and start loving our neighbor as Christ commanded. It is only in loving our neighbor that we will lead him/her to the love of the father.

If you feel it is your duty to vote, then by all means go cast your ballot, but don’t lay the blame for moral decline of the country on those who chose not to participate politically. In addition to exercising your political rights, please examine how you might reach out in love to those who so desperately need the benefits of the relational reparations afforded to us by the life of Christ. The moral decline will not be abated by any politician, political process, or president.

I hope this post is helpful to those starring into the face of the uncertain days ahead. It is imperative now that you find hope in something other than the political process. It has failed for far too long. If it were going to help it would have started to help a very long time ago. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. It is time to try something else.

God Bless and peace be with you.

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For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39
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