Obama Stumps to Blacks: Insults Every Black and Christian in America

Obama Stumps to Blacks: Insults Every Black and Christian in America

Recently, President Obama pandered to the Congressional Black Caucus to vote for Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 elections. The hypocrisy of his moment was a double edge sword which should cut Black people deep as well as Christians. Remember how adamantly President Obama stated, “I am not President of Black America, but all America.”  Yet, there is no tangible evidence his legacy improved a condition of his own decaying Black race. There is a national epidemic for the Black race as a result of over 52% black males dropping out of high school.



That appalling number is the kiss of death for Black males because it is the road to poverty, crime, and even death. The patriarch of the Black family will never be the bread winner nor able to evolve into a stable middle class. This shocking statistic should be a red flag to the Obama administration, yet President Obama chose to champion other causes. President Obama attempted to Jedi mind trick Congressional Black Caucus attendees by playing the race card when it suited him. Furthermore, this is a card he should have played his second term for an endangered species. It is shameful bald eagles have a higher priority in the Obama administration.





Education is the road to a better life for anyone and Black males are woefully neglected by the Obama administration. In essence, his lack of action has cosigned his legacy as a failure in this sense. The psychological wound as the only race to never receive reparations is further proof President Obama is out of touch with equality for a criminally damaged race. President Obama claimed if Black people do not vote for Hillary Clinton is an insult to his legacy. What legacy is he referring too here? A legacy of ignoring the high school drop out rate for Black males which is 53% nationwide?


Runs on Biblical marriage and then when flips once elected


I am sure President Obama has done many things right in his Presidency, but his true legacy with be the destruction of Biblical values in this country. President Obama had no problem insulting the legacy of Christianity in America. President Obama had no problem tearing up proverbial pages from the Bible. As President Obama stumps for Hillary Clinton it is apparent President Obama has no Biblical conscious. If anything his “faith” is nothing more than lip service from a bad lip syncing video. If you do not feel insulted by President Obama’s feign his legacy will be insulted if Black people do not vote for Hillary you are in denial.

I will admit President Obama in extremely affable, but he is nothing more than a “say anything” politician. It is obvious he cares no more for Black people than he does to staying true to the laws in the Bible. His entire Presidency ignored a National education epidemic for the legacy of his own race! He totally flip flopped on traditional Biblical marriage and as a result little girls have to share public bathrooms with grown men. President Obama’s true legacy is one of perversion and total corruption of Biblical marriage. Now he expects to use his “blackness” as a bargaining chip to elect a woman who refers to some Blacks as “super predators.


Ice Cube addresses Hillary’s “Super Predators” comments


In closing, any Black that takes the bait President Obama has dangled is woefully ignorant to the condition of their race. Any Christian who rallies behind President Obama’s request to support Hillary Clinton would be supporting another “flip flopper” and a total deviation from Biblical values. This is a Presidential candidate who used to support Biblical marriage who now supports any type of marriage. This is why America will be judged and destroyed by the Most High. Well, not me! I am not going to fall for no banana in the tail pipe!



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