UFO Flies INTO Sun Over Atlanta

UFO Flies INTO Sun Over Atlanta

In 2012 a Mayan artifact surfaced depicting UFO piloted by men straight into the Sun! Later the next year NASA released SOHO images of a black triangle shape emanating out of the Sun. This very triangle is depicted on the Sun on the Mayan artifact. Today, filming the Atlanta skies with an infrared lens a UFO was captured streaking out of cloud into the Sun.


*Do NOT focus on the LENS FLARE! The object shoots OUT of the CLOUD!*


To our knowledge YouTube producer, MagnetFlipper, was the first to share daylight video of UFO flying into the Sun. He used a technique known as “sunlight ablation” using a Remington spotting scope. Soon after he released these videos he suddenly shutdown his channel and has not been heard from since.



After reviewing this video I have come to several conclusions. First, these UFO cannot be seen in the human eye spectrum. An infrared lens was required to see these UFO. Second, they move at tremendous speeds and if you blink you will miss them. Third, there is an ancient record of the Sun being used as a gateway. Where does it lead? It appears there is a cosmic counterpart to the phrase, “It is ONLY through the SON to Kingdom of the Most High.” It appears the ancients traveled through the Sun as well. Whatever the case there is truly nothing new under the Sun. Watch the video and you will see the UFO blast out of cloud heading toward the Sun.

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Michael Erevna

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