Unmasking “V” the Guerrilla Economist

Unmasking “V” the Guerrilla Economist

Many years ago I regretfully appeared on “The Hagmann Report” with Steve Quayle and subsequently “V” the Guerilla Economist. I say regretfully because at the time I believed these men were students and practitioners of the teachings in the Bible. As I painfully learned these men only used the Word like a light used to attract moths. The true intention of these men was to gain people’s confidence as “anointed” men of God and financially capitalize on the gullible listeners through survival gear and precious metal sales. Perhaps at one time these men like “V” the Guerilla Economist had noble intentions, but their lust for money corrupted their hearts and minds.



I have trouble calling “V” the Guerrilla Economist this pseudonym because his real name is Viji Varghese. It always troubled me Doug Hagmann introduced him as a “high level” banker and the Head Trader at the Royal Bank of Scotland’s North American headquarters. The reason is none of it is true! Viji never worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s North American Headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut; and his “high level” banking resume is false. My wife and I met Viji in 2008, as he worked the floor in the Electronics Department at Best Buy. He was a really good sales man because I was intent on purchasing a LED TV and when Viji was done with me I walked out with 55 inch Plasma screen TV!


Read Viji Varghese’s (a.k.a. “V” the Guerrilla Economist) true resume here


Viji has a magnetic personality and at the Best Buy register I told him about my website dedicated to spreading the Word. He told me of similar interest and we hit it off. We stayed in touch and even collaborated on my first web venture. Eventually, I considered him a close friend and I even helped him move on two occasions. I always made an effort to support him on whatever he was doing. I remember him calling me to switch over to an alternative electric company and I said yes, because at the time Viji exuded nothing, but goodness.



Years went by as Viji searched for the right career fit. He has an excellent mind and received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Mont Claire State University, in New Jersey. Viji could tell you what herbs to take to deal with any ailment. As the years progressed we stayed in touch and my wife and I even attended his wedding to his beautiful wife. My wife (RIP) and I even invited them on a free trip to Atlantic City and we had a great time.

Like I said I considered Viji a good friend and never thought he would betray me. After he hitched his wagon to Hagmann and Quayle he began to change and substituted Biblical values for his own monetary gain. In the beginning our relationship was based on spreading the Word and to wake people up to the fact Christ is real and His prophecy is coming true right before our eyes. At a certain point Viji was at a cross road. He was presented with opportunities to work at the Nyack College Theology School or a job at Citizen’s Bank (a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland) in New York, as an assistant Branch Manager.



Viji accepted the job as “Assistant Branch Manager” with Citizen’s Bank and this was the extent of Viji’s banking experience to my knowledge. Viji was subsequently fired from Citizen’s Bank for failing to file a Suspicious Activity Report for one of his accounts. I worked on the trading floor at the Royal Bank of Scotland and I can assure you Viji was never employed there nor does he have any trader experience there. His entire over the air “high level” banking resume is a falsehood used to qualify him in the minds of listeners, in order to take the money from gullible and trusting people. Viji was clearly in cahoots with Hagmann and Quayle. Who used Viji to increase precious metal sales.

This is why he never shows his face nor did he use his real name because he knew his lies would be discovered. Where he went wrong was sacrificing me to Hagmann and Quayle in order to stay in favor with them. Viji turned into an opportunist much like the fish in the sea who appear when they smell food. I began to smell a rat after a conversation with Quayle on the phone. On this day Quayle called me searching for Viji. Quayle was very frustrated Viji had stopped posting alerts on his website.


The fraud behind “V” the Guerrilla Economist – Viji Varghese


Quayle made a comment to me, “He needs to call me. I made him a lot of money.” I found this odd because I thought the mission was about fighting the good fight in this spiritual war. Later, even Viji smacked of opportunistic talk regarding “The Intelligence Insider W” whose real name is Wayne Willott. Another individual parading around the alternative radio circuit with a false resume. I made a comment to Viji to get rid of him and Viji replied to me, “Hey, he is friends with Pete Carrol.” This showed me Viji had placed value on W because of a relationship Viji might be able benefit from.

I told Viji to stop lying to the people with his false resume and by the end of the conversation Viji defensively said, “I have a family to feed.” Clearly, this was no longer about Christ and His directives, but Viji’s need to feed his family at any cost. Instead of attempting to live righteously he chose to serve money and hitch his wagon to Internet radio charlatans. In essence, I witnessed Viji selling his soul for money. Satan, got him and he never saw it coming. He began to justify lying and deception which reminded me of woe to those who call good evil and evil good.


Coast to Coast AM promoting Viji Varghese’s false resume


In the beginning Viji had righteous intentions and I partnered with him for his website RogueMoney.net. After I began to expose Quayle and Hagmann, Viji began to distance himself from me. Then my wife’s Stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer got worse and we talked even less. I would still call him from time to time (not realizing) he no longer cared and shared many tearful conversations with him. I thought I was talking to a brother, but his heart became poisoned with greed.

My dying wife requested to see him three times before she died. Each time Viji would make excuses why he could not come. Even once claiming his cousin had died and he had to go to the hospital. He never did see her before she died and that was okay with his newly corrupted heart. I sensed a change with him as I was struggling through this time financially. I inquired about membership revenue with him and he replied with, “I have been more than generous with you…” I realized he was lost then.

Now on his website RogueMoney.net he has surrounded himself with more people who use cartoons as pictures and possibly more false resumes. Viji’s whole premise for hiding his identity was because he did not want to jeopardize all of his “high level” banking contacts. The fact is Viji never worked at a high level banking position in his life. This is why he borrowed pieces of my resume to validate himself. I was what he strives to be and instead of earning it he lied and continue to lies.


Viji promotes his fraudulent resume on RogueMoney.net


I tried to protect him from himself because of the legalities from using false credentials to incite sales and in essence he is a con man. Viji is a good student and studies other market leader analysis and builds upon their work. For Viji to claim he is part of economic think tanks and has head trading experience is a farce. Most likely like the rest of the individuals he has surrounded himself. I just recently realized the extent of his betrayal and what he put my wife and I through, as she was dying. It was his guilt that kept him from saying good bye to her before she died. I never had an unkind word to him and I had nothing but love in my heart for him.


Doug Hagmann promoting Viji’s false resume for years!


The shameless liar Doug Hagmann was pumped with confidential information about me from Viji himself! Viji’s mistake was thinking I would never catch him and his ignorance of Internet technology. Hagmann listed a service I was going to start in his lying piece about me and investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann. I missed it in the beginning due to the fact my wife was in the last stages of cancer. One day I called Viji and I shared with him about “Spark Webber” a digital media company I wanted to launch. I designed the website showed him, but never launched it. I never added it to the SEO or to the Google webmaster.

Meaning it was unsearchable on the Internet. The only way you could find this site is if you knew the domain name. The only other person who knew the domain named “Spark Webber” was Viji. So Viji sacrificed years of friendship to gain favor of Internet radio liars Hagmann and Quayle. Viji knew my wife was dying from cancer, but decided to add stress to her death process so he could feed his family. He never expected I would figure out it was him who sold me out. It was Viji who provided my picture to Hagmann and his cowardly and deceptive nature kept it hidden from me.

At one point I thought he was going to redeem himself when one of his elderly female clients who was defrauded and financially wrecked (who invested $50,000 based on trusting Viji’s false credentials) after his precious metals investment advice. I later learned she had to take out a second mortgage on her house to survive. Viji claimed he was going to financially repair her, but she never heard from him again. Once when I was over his house his wife said something very profound. She said when Satan gets you, you will never know it is happening. Ironically, this is exactly what happened to him. Sadly, not even his wife said good bye to my wife. You would think after all the church and public praying from the both of them they could have said goodbye to my wife or even attended the funeral.



This is the most cathartic piece I have written on this site after writing over 650 post. I have been working to better myself since the death of my wife. I paid all my bills up, made the tax man happy, and I have been working on my health…emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I never felt right about cosigning onto to blatant lies and now I am free. I hope if Viji ever reads this post he comes clean and fixes this before he is forever trapped in his lies and burns in Hell. Nobody should be lied to or deceived so a person can profit. There are other honorable ways to feed your family without relying on deception.


Greg Hunter: USA Watchdog promotes Viji Varghese as a “high level” banker


I believe Viji could have been a respected doctor if he stayed on that path, but now is an Internet lying charlatan who dupes people with a falsified resume. This also speaks to a lack of vetting process in the alternative media. Websites like USAWatchdog.com and CoasttoCoastam.com (and the entire Team RogueMoney.net) took the bait and promoted the lies Viji shared with them. The Internet has created an atmosphere where anyone can become anything and the people are none the wiser. Viji took advantage of this and was clearly duplicitous in never correcting Hagmann on introducing him as some high level banking insider. The reason is many of the “guest” on The Hagmann Report use falsified credentials and you would think since Doug Hagmann claims he is an ace investigator he would know these things. The fact is Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle were in on it from the beginning.



In closing, there are many lessons here to learn from and the first is to not lie to people. It will always eventually come out. Viji had so much potential to be good and to actually be an agent for the light, but he chose materialism and darkness. Lying gave Viji the car of his dreams and a better quality of life. It also allowed him to use the name of Jesus to profit while lying and deceiving people. Viji never worked as “head trader” a day in his life and if you ask him for his banking licenses he will not produce one. You see to be able to attain these licenses you must be sponsored by a bank.

Anyone who uses these Internet charlatans for financial advice need to have their head examined. I am the one who truthfully and verifiablly worked in high level banking and I can tell you high level bankers do not rely on gold karat-bar ponzi schemes to make money . . . nor do they start out with college degrees in Nutrition. I worked for: Bunge, UBS, Credit Suisse, and the Royal Bank of Scotland; and this is what Viji really wanted to be…me. This is a cautionary tale about the love of money is the root of all evil. Especially when you never made any real money in your life. You will do anything . . . even sacrificing a brother to keep it.

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