Abracadabra: “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” (Viji Varghese) Vanishes Resume Credentials!

Abracadabra: “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” (Viji Varghese) Vanishes Resume Credentials!

When light hits roaches most scurry away while some fly away and this is exactly what you are SEEING if you are watching these alternative (fake) news crooked Internet personalities react to being outed. Recently Viji Varghese, (who is known in Internet circles as “V” the “Guerrilla Economist) has been outed as a fraud who created a fake banking history and defrauded countless listeners on many alternative radio stations for years; including fraudulent precious metal scams on senior citizens! Viji Varghese is now taking measures to cover up his crooked and highly deceptive past.


Viji Varghese (“V”) parlayed his radio appearance driven by fake banking credentials (because there is NO RECORD of Viji Varghese in FINRA’s Broker Check) into a YouTube channel where he peddles financial services and interviews unwitting guest. People believe they are listening to a man who actually worked in high level banking and contributed to economic think tanks. In essence, they are listening to a person who was once an “assistant branch manager” at Citizen’s Bank and sold television sets for Best Buy. He also used his false banking credentials to procure “precious metal” (which turned out to be coins) sales where senior citizens were bilked out of thousands.


On November 20, 2016, this site published Unmasking “V” the Guerrilla Economist. In this post we outlined the fraudulent creation of “V” the Guerrilla Economist by Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Joe Hagmann. These men promoted “V” as a “financial insider” who was once “Head Trader” at the Royal Bank of Scotland and none of it is factual. Our post also screen-captured the “About Us” section on Viji’s fraud driven site RogueMoney.net (on November 20, 2016), the “About Us” section stated his “credentials” as: “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” has worked for some of the top commodity trading firms and investment banks in the world. He has also contributed to a variety of private think tanks which help create investment policies. His track record is uncanny and well documented on his appearances with Steve Quayle and Doug Hagman.”

Please allow this to marinate for a minute! Now ask yourself this question: If your resume and achievements are true why would you change them? Let’s take a look at his self created professional accolades. He claimed he worked for “top commodity” trading firms and “investment banks.” Why would he omit them from his resume? Because they were never true and he deceived people with this lie around the world. Even stimulating “precious metal” sales as a result of his deception. Personally, I have worked for: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Bunge, UBS, Credit Suisse, and The Royal Bank of Scotland. They will always be a part of my professional experience. Only a fraud would remove them from their resume out of fear of consequences.



Next, Viji Varghese (“V” the “Guerrilla Economist”) claimed he “contributed to a variety of private think tanks which help create investment polices.” You would figure with such a “variety” of prestigious think tanks on his resume they would never leave his resume. Yet, again he removes these “achievements” from his resume. Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann touted this very resume of “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” on “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” so much that other radio shows like CoasttoCoastAM.com with George Nory spewed this lie over satellite radio to millions of listeners. Inevitably, these actors promoted “V” the fraud and many listeners were converted into precious metal sales.


Viji Varghese changes his resume credentials…again

-click to enlarge-


I am sure Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Viji Varghese, and George Nory are aware it is a Federal crime to promote frauds over the radio which lead to precious metal sales. Yet, according to Viji Varghese he procured over $6,000,000 in fraudulent precious metal sales! Here is the kicker, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese used Biblical Scripture as part of their scam! What kind of men who claim to love the Lord would scam the flock? Night after night, this fraudulent trio would speak from the pages of the Bible all the while promoting a false “financial insider” where senior citizens were targeted to be fleeced. The end game was to promote fear and turn the flock’s fear into money. They were practicing alchemy laws and guess what? They worked!


Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed. (Proverbs 12:19 )


Let’s take a look at the recent changes Viji Varguese made to his “About Us” and his fraud driven site RogueMoney.net. Viji changing his “About Us” is the smoking gun he is a liar, a cheat, and most of all fraud. Only a lying guilty man would do this! Viji radically changed his “About Us” qualifications to something totally new while omitting ALL of his previous credentials! Now Viji is stating the following qualifications: “”V” the “Guerrilla Economist” has a proven multi year long track record. He has worked for some of the top commodity kingpins in the industry. He is intimate with the far Eastern Markets and global strategic and precious metals industry.”



Now he no longer worked for “top commodity” trading firms and “investment banks.” What happened Viji? Where is the beef? What a radical omission to make after deceiving millions on the radio this was a factual part of his professional experience. This omission proves he lied and is a compulsive liar. This new “About Us” is surely a radical departure from his previous credentials, do you not agree? So, I guess he will never claim to be the “Head Trader” at the Royal Bank of Scotland again? Well, sort of…keep reading. And what about the “variety” (meaning more than one) of think tanks “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” claimed he contributed?


A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right.


Let’s look at the psychology Viji Varghese deployed to deceive listeners. To understand this let’s briefly review authentic economic and investment think tanks. Public policy experts nominated 1,647 think tanks. The top of the rankings include 90 market-oriented, non-profit think tanks. Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and the Fraser Institute (Canada), lead in votes for North American free-market think tanks. If we combine their budgets, these four represent over $100 million in income, over one million supporters, and approximately 500 staff members and scholars. All these institutes were ranked among the best in 10 or more categories. The Hoover Institution, at Stanford University, was ranked in first place among university-based centers. Brookings was first in the overall ranking. -source-

It was “V” the “Guerrilla Economist’s” intentions to brainwash listeners he was the “bees knees” regarding global economies. Mind you “V” never held a position at an investment bank nor a wealth management bank in his natural life. Do you now see this man will borrow from others intellectual property while taking the credit? Professionals who work in think tanks are academically qualified coupled with professional experience to provide valuable intellectual property to think tanks. Not someone like Viji Varghese who carries a degree in Nutrition and peddled televisions for Best Buy.



Next he claims in his modified “About Us” he has “a proven multi year long track record.” What exactly does this mean and where is the documentation to prove this? Sounds like more lip service to me! How about you? It is most likely he borrows from his favorite site ZeroHedge.com, among others. Many folks I know stopped following him after hearing him for years on “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” where he claimed the American dollar would crash and we were all going to have to perform sexual favors for food. Now instead of working as a “trader” and “investment” banker he now claims to have worked for “some” top commodity “kingpins” in the industry.



At this point it does not matter what he claims because once a liar . . . always a liar! I can tell you after 10 years of working in global investment institutions I never heard anyone referred to as a “kingpin.” Finally, he claims he is “intimate” with far Eastern Markets and global strategic and precious metals industry. The only thing we can truly verify as true is his “precious metals” experience with Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals. We also know he was actually unloading “precious metal” coins on senior citizens and when the trio of Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and Viji Varghese (“V” the “Guerrilla Economist) were done with them some senior citizens (more are coming forward) were bilked out of thousands of dollars.



“V” the “Guerrilla Economist (Viji Varghese) changing his “About Us” proves he is not only dishonest, but deceptively adroit. He believes his followers are idiots and will not catch the fact he changed his professional qualifications. I am sure at this point he realizes the FBI might be paying him a visit in the near future. One senior citizen he deceived lived in house that was paid for. After her interaction with Renaissance Precious Metals she had to take out a second mortgage on her home. In addition, orders were shorted and the theft was distributed among the fraudsters.


The shocker is “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” continues to operate a fraudulent operation where he still targets retirement funds! On August 20, 2016, Viji Varghese (“V” the “Guerrilla Economist”) changed his name to “Vincent” Varghese and peddled his false credentials to the City of Fresno’s Retirement Systems! Let’s take a look at his credentials because liars have trouble keeping track of their lies. Here is the “WHO AM I” credentials he populated with additional fraudulent claims:


Viji Varghese Submits More False Credentials to the City of Fresno’s Retirement Systems


1. Former Commodities Trader in Strategic Metals @Ameropa Ag Zurich Switzerland, Subsidiary Earth Metals SA.

2. Protege Of One Of The Top Commodity Traders In The World And Former Head Of Glencore Trading Desk/ Current Head BTG Pactual.

3. Consultant/ Junior Analyst Royal Bank of Scotland plc City Of London

4. Contributed To A Major Think Tank (Classified via NDA) Specialized in understanding Strategic opportunities and threats.

5. Uncanny ability to trends forecast utilizing advanced computational models that take into account Geo Strategic and Geo Economic trends.

6. Founder Of RogueMoney.net, Rogue Media. Host Of Rogue Money Radio with 1.25 Million listeners.

7. Strong Network Connections With Top Financial Contacts in Wall Street, The City Of London, BRICS, China, New Silk Road, ASEAN, SCO, Global South

8. As Well As Political Strategists and Intelligence Agency Insiders and Retired Spy Masters.



Now he is a “trader” again, but out of Switzerland! Please note this is not included in his “About Us.” Now he is the “protege” of a “top” commodity trader and he name drops “Glencore” and “BTG Pactual.” Here is the big one folks…now the “think tanks” are back in his bio, BUT they are “classified!” Now he is back at the Royal Bank of Scotland, but this time he is not the “Head Trader” as Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle promoted, but a “Junior Analyst” located in London! I am not even going to touch “utilizing advanced computational models” because I am sure that is “classified” as well. We know he does use RogueMoney.net to defraud readers and listeners with his pseudo intellectual economic commentary strengthened by his fraudulent banking credentials. If 1.25 listeners are truly tuning into this fraud (which I doubt) then I pray they do not pay the $500 for a one hour consultation with this charlatan.


False Acievements “V” (Viji Varghese) Submits in Presentation to City of Fresno’s Retirement Board


His next slide is titled, “Verified List of Accurate Forecasting” and in it Viji Varghese post more fraudulent claims and credentials. This time he presents himself as a global economic soothsayer with the “mutant” ability to see the global economic future. On the third bullet point he made a mistake which traps him in yet another lie. Viji Varghese states, “Accurately predicted the bear and bull markets in precious metals multiple times since 2008.” The reality is by his own resume admission in 2008 he was employed by Best Buy in the position of “Senior Sales Man/Assistant Supervisor.” Viji Varghese was selling televisions from 2008 to 2009! How is it he “predicted the bear and bull markets in precious metals multiple times since 2008” while at Best Buy?



Bullet point number 7 claims he has contacts with top financial contacts, but how is this possible when he never worked in high level banking? I feel these are more sensationalized claims constructed to lead to the audience’s wallets. I am surprised he didn’t mention Justice League or The Avengers…I am sure they need precious coins too! Look how he closes, with mystery. He not only claims to know political strategist, but intelligence agency insiders and retired spy masters! Most likely referring to fellow fraud “W” (a.k.a., Wayne Willott.) Viji Varghese is a fraud who has no moral boundaries and is clearly unqualified to manage retirement funds.


The “trusted” radio host lying on their radio broadcast about Viji’s fraudulent credentials


I have come to the conclusion many of these alternative media personalities are men/women who could not make it in the real world. Look at Viji Varghese who was once an “assistant branch manager” at Citizen’s Bank. He was fired for failing to file a Suspicious Activity Report and to my knowledge never returned to banking. Next he emerges on “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” as the “Head Trader” for the Royal Bank of Scotland in London! He went from an “assistant branch manager” at Citizen’s Bank to “Head Trader” at the Royal Bank of Scotland and he blatantly lied. Viji Varghese worked in collusion with Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann to defraud millions of listeners and the end game was to penetrate the retirement accounts of the elderly.


While social media can provide many benefits for investors, it also presents opportunities for fraudsters. Through social media, fraudsters can spread false or misleading information about a stock to large numbers of people with minimum effort and at a relatively low cost. They can also conceal their true identities by acting anonymously or even impersonating credible sources of market information.


The City of Fresno shows he is still actively pursuing retirement accounts and he is a man without shame. Viji Varghese once claimed he would financially repair one of his victims, but it ended up being one of his many lies. There is a network of “Christian” frauds working together to line their pockets with silver and gold. Christianity is nothing more to them than a trap and a psychological path into the hearts of their victims. Christianity is a veneer which allows them to infiltrate other fake “Christian” radio shows. You will know their associates by how they shower these frauds with accolades on the air.




Anyone supporting these frauds is part of the problem. Listen very carefully, Jesus Christ has NOTHING to do with these men. We are learning men like Steve Quayle can be directly linked to Enochian Magic and the Bible is clear not to do these things. Viji Varghese used to be a good person, but has clearly been seduced by his interaction with these men. Now he is one of them and operates by his own laws and not the laws of the land nor the laws of The Most High. You can see from the fact he changed his bio in the “About Us” section of RogueMoney.net that he is a liar and deceiver.


Viji Varghese fraudulently declares he is an investment banker for the Royal Bank of Scotland


Viji Varghese started his fraudulent Internet career by emailing Steve Quayle he is an “European Investment Banker” employed by the Royal Bank of Scotland! Steve Quayle could have easily performed a background check, but began to read his emails on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report as from a factual source. Steve Quayle essentially created the “V” persona and Viji Varguese kept the email lies flowing. Eventually, Viji was allowed as a regular guest on “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” and then began to share his illicit lies to millions. As a result of Steve Quayle and The Hagmann & Hagmann Report endorsing “V” he was able to direct precious metal sales to Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals.


This will prove Viji Varghese never worked in investment banking a day in his life!


If Viji Varghese was truthfully a “trader” as Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, and himself claimed he would hold a Series 7 license required by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. A simple broker check will reveal Viji Varghese has never held a Series 7 license. Meaning he was never a trader, let alone an investment banker. This negates all of his other false “financial insider” malarkey Steve Quayle and The Hagmann & Hagmann Report promoted for years.

“V” the “Guerrilla Economist” (Viji Varghese) operates his wire fraud operation out of New Windsor, New York (located in Orange County, New York) although he claims on his YouTube Channel he is based in “The Big Apple.” What you are witnessing is the outing of how fake news and bona fides are created by “trusted” alternative media personalities. Joseph Goebbels, said, “If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth.” This is exactly what we are seeing in the case of “V” the “Guerrilla Economist” created by Viji Varghese, Steve Quayle, and The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.


Absolute proof Viji Varghese NEVER worked as a “trader” or an “investment banker.” Broker Check goes back 10 years!


* The irony is Doug Hagmann claims he is some type of “super sleuth” who has been “contracted” by the FBI because of his investigation skills and it took me 10 seconds to run a background check on “V” the Guerrilla E”con”nomist and you can easily do it too. Steve Quayle, was required to background check Viji Varghese, yet did you listen to how smoothly he spewed lies over the Internet airwaves? Now you know why Viji Varghese did not use his real name. He claimed it was to protect his job at the “largest” bank in the world. When in truth it was to hide the fact he is a fraud. At the time he was literally broadcasting out of his one bedroom apartment in upstate New York. I submit to you these men worked in collusion from the beginning to illicit precious metal sales. All the while quoting Biblical Scripture and pretending to be servants of the Lord.


Viji Varghese learned the art of fear baiting from Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann where the goal is to turn fear into money. This is why night after night the reoccurring theme on The Hagmann & Hagmann report is a “secret” source who shares dire consequences. These dire consequences could be in the form of taking your: life, freedom, food, water, or money. These men always have solutions for sale based on the “secret” source knowledge. Viji Varghese does the exact same thing except he uses global markets which are always driven by fear based outcomes. This way he can play upon the emotions of the victims to purchase large volumes of gold. The irony is Viji Varghese is not qualified or does he possess global banking experience based on the fact he has never been employed by any financial institution regulated by FINRA.



Although Viji Varghese left a wake of financially devastated senior citizens after his fraudulent influence he still targets them. This is illustrated by his recent attempt to defraud the City of Fresno’s Retirement Board. His vile nature drives him to profit by any means necessary and he continues to created false resume achievements. Apparent by his year 2008 claim he predicted market conditions for precious metals while actually selling television sets for Best Buy in 2008. The only way to stop this never ending scam artist is for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to intervene, as well as other legal regulating bodies . This is the man people are tuning into at RogueMoney.net, a liar and fraud . . . enjoy his show.


Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers? (Psalm 94:16)


If you would like to get off the bench and stop these frauds (who falsely used the name of Jesus to prosper and) from victimizing the unwitting then please contact one or all of the below mentioned agencies:


File complaint with Orange County District Attorney

File complaint with U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

File complaint with FBI

Bureau of Internet and Technology (BIT) Online Tip Form

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