Wonders in the Heavens: Return of the Annunaki?

Wonders in the Heavens: Return of the Annunaki?

It appears UFO activity is increasing and more qualified witnesses are coming forward to share their eye witness testimony. Before we continue let’s remember the Bible referenced these times in Acts 2:19, “And I will cause wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below–blood and fire and clouds of smoke.” These unidentified flying objects cause much wonder, but also controversy because people debate if these are really “flying” objects in space or nothing more than floating space junk



On December 13, 2016, A Boeing 747 cargo plane’s captain and co-pilot witnessed a strange green object that shot straight up and them streaked below to the earth.  According to the pilots at first they thought they were witnessing a parachute or flares, but realized the object was to high up. The object then shot even higher up and then streaked toward the Earth. In my opinion, these are two credible witnesses that only commented because they saw something out of the ordinary.


At first it was thought the object was a green parachute flare, but this was ruled out because the flares "cannot reach that height".



Now this was not the only anomaly that day. There is footage from ISS with UFO clearly in view from the ISS camera. I found these objects striking because although a bit blurred they resemble Sumerian art of men navigating flying machines. You clearly make out the shape of the craft and there appears to be a linear match of the UFO. I would be remiss if I did not add the Mayan prophecy from their jaguar priest predicted the return of the “gods” after 2012.



The Sumerian tablets called the beings who navigated these ships the Annunaki and according to translation their names mean, “those who descended from the Heavens.” The question is are these truly UFO are space debris? Next, if they are UFO are they the product of human ingenuity? Finally, if these ships are the Annunaki then what is their purpose? I do not believe you can build a Biblical narrative around these UFO because when Christ returns it will be with great power and glory.

I believe these UFO must be one of the above. The most daunting of these scenarios is the Annunaki because they exhibited great cruelty to human beings. To the point they sound like the “fallen” angels discussed in the Book of Enoch. They were known to take women and also destroy men with their advanced technology. The Book of Enoch spoke of these very “fallen” angels teaching Universal secrets to mankind.

I cannot escape the fact these UFO captured on the ISS camera clearly resemble these Annunaki ships. Is it possible they have returned and these are scout ships observing the current condition of mankind? The Mayan prophecy has certainly been on point thus far since December 21, 2012. Mankind is certainly distracted by wars, finance, conspiracies, and plain ole vanilla entertainment. Meanwhile, the Bible is correct because these sightings certainly make you wonder.

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