Is This the BEST Probiotic On the Market?

Is This the BEST Probiotic On the Market?

If you are looking for the best living probiotic on the market then according to owner Thomas J. Corbett, Zana Juice is it.  While my lady was battling the last stages of inflammatory breast cancer a friend recommended Zana Juice. I was desperate to try anything so I immediately order a jug. It was wrapped up in bubble wrap about 4 inches because it is a thick glass bottle.


I have taken great care to produce a product that is superior to any other probiotic. Almost all probiotics are not organic and were “freeze dried,” killing and changing the bacteria permanently. The white powder you see in almost all probiotics is the milk or soy products they were grown on. Trying to grow these probiotics in an unhealthy digestive tract is like trying to grow a tomato plant in February in New York City. It’s impossible! I am growing my probiotic outside of the body on organic vegetables. The bacteria in Zana juice are LIVING. They are ALIVE not “freeze dried” and/or dead. My promise to you is to make the best product possible and if you feel I have fallen short of my goal then I will return your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


The juice had a purple hue and I immediately opened it. Honestly, it smelled like an old dog’s fart, but that was because it was all vegetables! I decided to be the guinea pig and I followed the directions and filled 1/3 of a cup. It tasted like pickle juice and that was fine with me. I immediately began to feel a sensation in my stomach as if it was calming it down.

Occasionally, I suffer with acid reflux and when it happened I ran to the refrigerator and downed a dose. Within seconds the acid reflux was neutralized by the Zana Juice. I started to research the vital importance of balanced gut bacteria and I realized mine had to be unbalanced. You see if you take antibiotics and do not re-culture the good bacteria you will have imbalanced gut bacteria. The more I researched the more I realized the importance of good gut bacteria. This bacteria controls appetite, food selection, mood, and the immune system. 

Mr. Corbett, also mineralizes his vegetables with a powdered granite which makes them organically mineral rich. I remember feeling more energy and eating less on the Zana Juice Bio recipe. They also sell Turmeric and Ginger versions as well. I am skeptical about the bio-availability of the Turmeric because it is not infused with Bioperine which drastically increases the bio-availability. Personally, I have been a regular customer of Zana Juice ever since. You can actually see the probiotic at the bottom of the bottle!

Remember good health begins in the gut! If you want the best then Zana Juice is the only way to go!

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