War and Peace: Future US Weapons Changes Conventional Warfare

War and Peace: Future US Weapons Changes Conventional Warfare

US war technology is always in a state of innovation because once you build a weapon, counter measures are soon created. This new anti tank and anti aircraft technology is a major innovation because it allows the US to deploy fire support equal to battalions. This is unmanned technology once deployed from C130 size aircraft. I wonder if Star Wars prequels inspired this technology? The automated soldiers in Star Wars were deployed in a similar manner.



This a major advantage for the US because they can deploy more than one thousand percent fire power per drop. They re-purposed standard size shipping containers and outfitted them with hydraulic mechanics to strategically deploy rapid fire missiles and high caliber automatic self reloading fire power. It is truly an amazing and ground breaking technology which is a game changer in conventional warfare.

The only successful counter measure will be never letting these aircraft off the ground or superior anti-aircraft technology. The way it is going Generals will be using a cell phone app to direct the war.

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