The LIZARD BEINGS of the Ubaid Period

The LIZARD BEINGS of the Ubaid Period

If you go far enough back in time you will find at one point every continent on the Earth worshiped serpentine deities. From a Biblical perspective Satan was described as a serpent that had the ability to reason and communicate. Did Satan produce a race in his image? The Ubaid Period certainly gives credence to this theory. Here you will learn the Ubaid Period predates the Sumerian civilization and there is archeological evidence of serpentine worship.

Archeological digs unearthed in the Dhi Qar Province, Iraq, placed this Ubaid location in Mesopotamia. This area is given credit for the birthplace of the human civilization. What is fascinating is Sumerian artifacts also show serpentine beings which prove these beings are real. The Ubaid Period produced statues of humanoid serpentine beings from male to female. These serpentine beings must have characteristics of modern day reptiles from camouflage to shape shifting.



Is it possible we no longer see this beings not because they are extinct, but they have blended in with human societies? In my opinion, there are far too many accounts of serpentine beings being so advanced they can only be a choir of what we call angels. The Sumerians clearly illustrate them as having wings with reptilian and bird features. I believe there was a mix of human looking and reptilian angels that rebelled against the Most High.  



I must reiterate, at one point in time, every continent on Earth worshiped a reptilian being with advanced intelligence. The further back you go in ancient testimony you will find the reptilian footprint. Prior to ancient Egypt the Emerald Tablets of Thoth addresses the fact lizard beings lived inside the Earth in another dimension. This tells us these beings have the ability to oscillate between worlds. Thoth is said to have banished them, but he warned they would one day return and infiltrate governments of the world.

The Ubaid Period makes it apparent serpentine beings were embodied in stone in order to pay homage or worship them. There are great mysteries which the Most High will unveil and this will cause the hearts of men to fail. We should prepare are minds for the potentiality of such a day. The ancient evidence is here for our review and it strengthens the facts in Biblical Scripture. There is another race living among us and it is not human.

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