Did Angels Materialize in a Church Service?

Did Angels Materialize in a Church Service?

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG), and there is a video circulating angles appeared at his church service. His church is located in Lilongwe, Malawi. I am not sure who named him a prophet, but I steer clear of these titles. I could say I am a “prophet” as well because many of my predictions have come true. I know that is not the case though. Prophets in the Bible were visited by angels and I cannot say I had that experience. 



I watched the video and all I can cay is, “CGI, much?” After watching the crowd reactions from the front row to the back row, I must say these are not authentic human reactions according to the Bible. At first site of angels, people in the Bible people were struck with great fear. I am not seeing this reaction in the crowd. Furthermore, I truly doubt when the Holy Spirit possesses you, that you will begin to pop, lock, and krunk dance. That is my two cents…what are your thoughts? 

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Michael Erevna

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