Beyonce Channeling the African goddess Oshun?

Beyonce Channeling the African goddess Oshun?

Grammy award winning artist Beyonce performed in the 2017 Grammy’s Awards as the goddess Oshun. Ironically, we received a comment today addressing this very topic on our YouTube channel from, “Black Girl Magic Production.” This young lady showed up to “set us straight” on what’s happening in Beyonce’s inner circle. This lady openly admitted that Beyonce is “channeling” the goddess Oshun. Remember, hearing Beyonce is a “Christian” well that no longer appears to be the case. 

If true, Beyonce is now on the train where Biblical Scripture has been vilified as the “White Man’s” religion. This is a common trap for African Americans and perhaps the reason why the naming conventions for them has been transformed over time. Once they were designated as: Colored, Negroes, Blacks, and now “African” Americans. The establishment wants Blacks to believe they are all from Africa, but there is a tribe in Africa who state they fled from Israel when Roman General Titus conquered the city of Jerusalem, 70 AD.



They are the Lemba Tribe and practice all the Jewish customs in the Bible and they speak Hebrew. Their story was so captivating a genealogist from Duke University stated that 10% of the world carry the Jewish marker and 50% of that marker resides in the priest cast of the Lemba! There is also evidence of the Olmec civilization in South and North America before the Native Americans. Enoch lived in the land which now known as Ethiopia. If you interested in seeing ancient pictures of Christ and His color then this is a good page, here. A good source on Facebook to learn about Black history in the Bible as well as other unknown gems check this page out.


Sorry but you need to do more research I personally know some one who is apart of Beyonce camp and she is very much awoke and aware of her black history which orgins is from west African religious beliefs. She woke up a few years ago on her spiritual journey and with this new visual album lemonade she is trying to convey out the "information" through entertainment this black Sista is doing the work of Good not evil she works in a toxic industry and is trying to bring people who follow her towards the true light why in america they teach us that African religion is evil wake up ppl that's spoketale there are many energies that woke along side with us not just 1 but many that God has given us. Lately BEYONCÉ has been in channeling the goodness Oahun not no illuminati spoketale devil they throw that own her to further push you away from receiving and see the truth. Research please beyond what america and YouTube teches you.


As you can see from a few examples Christianity is hardly a “White Man’s” religion and has grown to be a religion of all hues of people. Why not worship the Creator who puts Breath in all things including the gods and goddesses? This is why it is important to educate yourself and prove all things. It is easy to get caught in traps as you seek the Truth. The further back you go even with the off the beaten road “Emerald Tablets of Thoth” which some say are 40,000 years old; Thoth speaks of ONE Creator. The truth is the truth and Beyonce channeling Oshun is not from the Spirit of Truth.

I did find it hilarious the young lady told me, “Research please beyond what america and YouTube teches you.” Is that right? Is that what I need to do, honey?

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