Is an 8+ Earthquake Looming?

Is an 8+ Earthquake Looming?

Prior to the Fukushima, Japan earthquake in 2011 many occurrences of deep sea fish and sea monsters were reported to have washed ashore on Japanese beaches. It is well documented that earth changes have strange effects on animals and sea creatures. The reason being that the earth is experiencing magnetic changes prior to and during an earthquake.


Proponents of the idea – known as the VAN method after the initials of the Greek researchers who developed it, Panayiotis Varotsos, Kessar Alexopoulos and Konstantine Nomicos, all of the University of Athens – maintain that electrical and magnetic activity in the ground can predict the location, time and magnitude of some earthquakes.


Humans, animals, and sea life alike all have a magnetic “sixth sense,” if you will. Animals and sea life unlike humans survive by magnetic driven instinct. These instincts can become scrambled when the magnetic field of the earth is changing or being influenced by other planetary bodies or the sun prior to an earthquake.

Eric Hand writes in two extensive News articles on the subject in the latest issue of the journal Science, one is called the Magnetite Model, and is based on the idea that magnetite existing in the bodies of living organisms may be tugged by the Earth’s magnetic field, controlling neural circuitry. The other is called the Cryptochrome Model and is based on the idea that chryptochromes in the retina are turned into radical pair molecules by sunlight and are flipped between states when impacted by Earth’s magnetic field.



There have been recent reports of sea monsters washing up on the beaches of Philippines. An oar fish on February 15 and a previously unknown “hairy blob” on February 24th.


Harry Blob


Philippine Oar fish
Philippine Oar fish


Ben Davidson of the Suspicious0bservers youtube channel regularly predicts earthquakes with a high degree of accuracy and has even developed a disaster prediction app that details the general area and the expected magnitude of probable quakes. In the video below Mr. Davidson discusses an expected quake uptick following a 2 month lull that will likely produce a magnitude 8+ quake before April 10th.



The location of an expected large magnitude earth quake is not yet known, but if the foretelling signs of previous quakes are any indication, perhaps we should pray for the people of the Philippines and any other location that may suffer such a disaster. I will go on record and say disastrous forecasts aren’t my thing, but with the accurate track record of the sea creatures washing ashore and the folks at suspicious0berservers, it can’t hurt to ask the Most High ahead of this likelihood for some grace in the coming weeks for quake prone areas.

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