Why Do Ancient Occult Orders Target Saturn for Spells?

Why Do Ancient Occult Orders Target Saturn for Spells?

The Bible is an instructional spiritual book replete with laws and principles for the human mind to understand the unseen. Scripture in the Bible can be juxtaposed against other ancient text and their truths not only harmonize, but lead to a deeper understanding of the: actors, cosmology, and invisible applications. I received insights this weekend in an email which caused decades of dormant research to coalesce into an amazing epiphany.

It explains not just the spiritual mechanics, but the cosmological and mathematical constructs of a spell cast over the entire Earth. Corinthians 4:4, clearly states there is a God of this world and it does not state the how or the why this has been achieved. To understand this is like knitting a patchwork quilt where many different patterns are integrated into a blanket. These different pieces come together to form completeness that are not only beautiful to see, but it provides utility.



In order to even begin to understand the spell placed on the souls of the Earth requires decades of research and a progressive maturation of understanding into multiple ancient research discoveries. The Bible is the litmus test that provides not only authentication, but a comfort zone of staying steeped in the Spirit of Truth. It is a slippery slope and very easy to fall into traps which could cause spiritual entropy. Once you truly realize how to seek and identify truth is the beginning of an amazing discovery into the invisible realm known as spirit.


You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”? - Isaiah 29:16


Ancient Egypt is a dynasty which lasted thousands of years and it is debatable in academic circles as to how many thousand years it lasted. What we can deduce from our own experience is original things are later adopted and eventually co-opted. Music like: rock and roll, jazz, and blues were all birthed by Black culture, but now enjoy a multicultural interpretation by all races. This is exactly what happened to ancient Egypt because in 5 BC according to Herodotus (the Greek father of history) Egypt was a Negroid culture and he could not tell the difference between a Jew or the Egyptian!



I am highlighting this because hidden within a Black culture that left spells embedded in stone were the Chosen People who were eventually liberated by Moses. There are other missing books of Moses known as the 6th and 7th Book of Moses which clearly prove Moses used magic backed by the omnipotence of the Most High. How else do you make a staff turn into a snake? Why did these Black Egyptians cast spells that included the planet Saturn? Why was the planet Saturn emphasized in almost every ancient culture? Some organizations even hypothesize Saturn was once the “Sun” of our Earth; but this cannot be proven.

Saturn is known as the planet of karma and it not ironic the elite occult orders seem to avoid karma based on all of their crimes against humanity. Occult rituals are designed to transmute energy and this is known as alchemy. You see mega preachers and alternative so-called Christians operate in this very manner. They target the emotions of their prey and convert emotional energies into gold. These “fallen” angels command demonic spirits who are called upon by ancient occult orders and they in turn mentally call upon the negative attributes of Saturn.


“Backwards” is a most favourite concept in the Spells: the very name Orion, as ‘father of the gods’ , has that backwards glyph; meaning literally causing to think backwards…which is indeed what so-called modern man does. The spells describe this thinking as “to walk backwards”, hence the line [on the homepage] “backwards speech is beautiful”, as a very useful concept to rule others by.


Duality happens first in the realm of Spirit and it is the by-product of the Most High becoming conscious. Evil was created just by the Most High existing! You see in the absence of the Most High which humanity would define as good is evil. Any deviation away from the immutable laws or principles of the Most High will create variations of evil. This very deviation is now promoted as “tolerance.” The planet Saturn is not evil, but the law of Duality created by the existence of the Most High offers two distinct energies from all of the planets.

The ancient Egyptian relief walls and royal tombs display hieroglyphics speaking of spells that include the symbol for Saturn and wormholes. We must remember the Sons of God witnesses Creation and understand the algorithms of spiritual constructs. They understand electrons and the building blocks of not just trapping souls, but how to keep souls in a state of ignorance. Negative Saturn energies are teleported to the Earth and cages souls to spiritually sleep. This is why man is now making laws that please man, because these laws please the demonic over lords.


“Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I am against your magic bands with which you hunt the souls like birds, and I will tear them from your arms, and I will let the souls whom you hunt go free, the souls like birds." - Ezekiel 13:20


More human bodies are accessible for demonic spirits to possess and they in turn siphon energy through the vessels they possess. This is why entertainers are always groomed to be vessels for the demonic spirits. These artist are rewarded with fame and riches. Mark 8:36, says, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? This very question proves the Disciples understood a person could lose their soul, but how? What do you think happens when you share your body with entities that know the secrets of Creation?

Soon the field of your own soul body becomes weakened and the feeding entity grows stronger. This has been going on since ancient times and the writing is literally on the wall in ancient Egypt. Saturn has been key in keeping souls trapped in a state of sleep since then. Breaking the chains are mental steps that start with awareness and then rebellion against these spiritual kidnappers. Many people are aware of their astrological sign and the attributes therein. Once you are aware of the characteristics of the energy imbued in you from your cosmic birth lock, there is an opportunity to become aware of possible negative attributes; and grow away from them and this is a conscious decision.



You might not be grasping all of the concepts in this post, but it is imperative to understand Saturn is a reoccurring theme in ancient cultures going back thousands of years like the Sumerians to the present. Moses knew how to break the chains of spiritual magic and he had a heck of time breaking the spell over his own people. There is a mystery in why the Chosen People were never eradicated and who subsequently had their memory wiped. Moses was ordered to free an entire race of people who became trapped in an invisible snare and now we are learning a component of this snare is the ringed planet.

The Taurus constellation is another reoccurring symbol nested in the Galactic Plane and this is another key concept to understand. Planes intersect and intersections as in ley lines are known as vortices which become more powerful than just the lines. There are Galactic planes, Orbital planes, Solar planes, and the Soul Plane; and this “magic” science is embedded in stone in ancient Egypt. The question is are the interpretations being properly understood? If you are a regular on my site you know I have covered the Silver Gate for many years now and this very gate includes Taurus.



The ancients said Taurus was the exit to an invisible realm known as the “Heavens” and this is key because there are many levels of the Heavens according to the Book of Enoch. Taurus is part of a cosmic algorithm which also includes Saturn and we know this is where things come out of. We also know energy is mental and responds to not only observation, but expectation. These demonic spirits taught the ancient occult Egyptian agents to ritualize energy request and expect the negative attributes from Saturn. Trapping the souls of the Earth in a state of sleep in effect augmenting the flesh fueled by desire.

In closing, simple awareness is the defense against these spells. We must choose higher thinking to defeat lower spiritual beings. This thinking must be adopted from the laws and principles of the Most High. Jesus Christ demonstrated these laws and principles; especially when He laid down His life. These demonic beings and “fallen” angels have already been defeated, but until the collective consciousness rises up on the soul plane they will continue to keep souls in a state of sleep.

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