Men of Renown: Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Men of Renown: Thor Ragnarok Trailer

So it has begun. One of the most anticipated movies in the Marvel Universe released the first trailer and frankly it made me tear up. What a time to be alive! You see I had to suffer through Marvel and DC Comics television productions where Spider Man skeeted white ropes out of his web shooters and Batman wore a grey leotard. CGI has matured to such a point that the Hulk looks real down to razor stubble on his face. It is clear the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack success has trickled down to other Marvel productions and this movie will be a slam dunk. Is it possible for Marvel to have 3 billion dollar movies in one year? It certainly appears so.


All of these movies need to thank the Bible for supplying original character motifs because you have to remember Jesus did it first. None of these Marvel superheroes can hold a candle to Christ and His unlimited power source. Hollywood is just too material minded to make a blockbuster movie about Christ and His powers. Nonetheless, I am super stoked to see this trailer and Kate Blanchard as Hela is a perfect fit. The other characters will play the backdrop to her Hera. Marvel has got its act together and I truly look forward to watching this blockbuster in the Imax with my three sons. 

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