Gender Reassignment Surgery will Spiritually NEVER Make a Man a Woman!

Gender Reassignment Surgery will Spiritually NEVER Make a Man a Woman!

Get ready for more controversy from Revelation Now because when it comes to truth these days nobody wants to hear it and if they do people are normally offended. If they are not offended then cognitive dissonance kicks in and the fingers go into the ears and all you hear is, “La la la la la.” Bruce Jenner, has now removed his frank and beans where he discusses his sausage destruction with Dianne Sawyer. This is nothing more than confusion reloaded and you witness the psychosis of dissociative disorder. In the interview Bruce Jenner says, “I was not less of a woman the day before I had my surgery.” I have news for you Bruce Jenner…you were never a woman and now you are a man masquerading as a woman with a mutilated penis. Just because I put on Superman’s costume does not mean I can fly!



Growing your hair out and plying your body with estrogen is not natural and in the end will only lead to health problems. People like Bruce Jenner are conditioning the public to tolerate people with dissociative disorder and to accept it as the new norm. True, there is chemical evidence of food and water feminizing people today, but Bruce Jenner is not in this category. What we are witnessing is the perversion of nature and the Creator’s plans for the human race.


Dissociative disorders are characterized by an involuntary escape from reality characterized by a disconnection between thoughts, identity, consciousness and memory. People from all age groups and racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds can experience a dissociative disorder.


There is a spiritual element here as well rarely discussed in the media; including public forums. What is the invisible difference between man and woman? What is that element which can never be replicated by science? Women recognize this around the world as women’s intuition. What is the source of this intuition woman have and why don’t we hear of men’s intuition? The Most High created women different from man not only to partner with man, but to be set aside.

The physical absolute of this truth is women are vessels of the life creation process. Their bodies have the ability to house one or more souls for nine months. This means their energy fields have a greater capacity than mans. Religions across cultures even recognize this difference where Judaism views woman as more spiritual than man. The Tao of Life recognize that women’s etheric bodies oscillate at a faster rate than mans. This should be proof positive that a man can never be a woman and a woman can never be a man. You can adorn yourself with all the pageantries of being a woman or man, but all things begin and end in spirit.


"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." - Jeremiah 1:5


Bruce Jenner, can enhance his male pectoral muscles with breast and inject himself with chemicals to soften his skin, but that will never change the fact there is a man underneath the spiritual hood.  Women’s ability to reveal facts through intuition is uncanny and there is no procedure to pass this on to a man. It is apparent the masses have been trained to think physically and this is part of delusion to deny your wholeness. We are actual soul beings and the Bible makes this clear where the Most High knows us before we are in the womb.



How doe these people like Bruce Jenner address this? They will not because it proves they are suffering a psychosis like Dissociative disorder.  Bruce Jenner, will never know what it is like to feel like a woman because he was not designed to be a woman. He will never have woman’s intuition nor will he intuit spiritually as a woman. These are the intangibles never discussed in these interviews.  We see this same psychosis with the street “super hero” movement where people now create costumes from comic books and then christen themselves “super heroes.” These very people walk on the street literally looking for trouble to satisfy the energy need of their psychosis.



Bruce Jenner, then attempts to censor anyone broaching the subject of gender reassignment surgery by stating, “This is a topic only a transgender person can bring up.” It is clear Bruce Jenner is conditioning the public with “don’t ask don’t tell.” In translation he is saying he only wants people suffering with Dissociative disorder to have the option of discussing it IF they bring it up. Part of the Dissociative disorder order is obviously contradiction because Bruce Jenner addresses the medical mutilation of his genitals in his new book.

Strangely enough the media should not ask him about it. If this is not confusion then I do not know what confusion is! Bruce Jenner, will never psychicly connect with his children the way mother does thousands of miles away because these gifts were imbued into the spirit of women by the Most High. Please note how these interviewers never address spiritual reality because they are instructed not to. Bruce Jenner has been appointed spokes person for the transgender movement and if you do not step back and think spiritually you will tolerate Dissociative disorder.  

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