World’s First All-Electric Flying Car

World’s First All-Electric Flying Car

I have been fascinated with flying cars ever since I was a toddler. I was first introduced to flying cars watching the Jetsons and after witnessing Star Trek communicators morph into ubiquitous cell phones of today, I knew flying cars would be a reality. The movie Bladerunner hit flying cars home with great ease and who could forget Bruce Willis’ air taxi in the “Fifth Element?” The first prototype I witnessed was from Moller Industries and frankly it looked more like a mini Learjet. Next, the Terrafugia made waves with a sleek design that certainly looked somewhat like a car and can fly. Now Munich-based Lilium, has shaken up the scene with a Tesla like proven concept of an electric powered flying car which take off vertically.



Federal regulators have their work cut out for them because strict automated management and controls will be a necessity in the age of capricious terrorism. Once these issues are addressed we are truly on the edge of a new era in transportation where rush hour will be a thing of the past. Public transportation will also evolve to the air with industry leaders like Airbus positioning themselves for the future. It makes since especially since we witnessed what happened to Blockbuster video stores who clearly missed jumping in head first into the digital age.  

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