Got Dissociative Identity Disorder? Woman On Testosterone Gives Birth

Got Dissociative Identity Disorder? Woman On Testosterone Gives Birth

I am going to be frank and transparent as I can be in this post. Seeing a picture of a baby breast feeding on a man’s hairy knockers on is disturbing. I imagine tens of thousands years ago this is how women appeared feeding their young and it only reinforced the belief (please see the movie Splice) man will have sex with anything. The thing is this is not ancient times and this story illustrates the height of confusion.  Here is another case of dissociative identity disorder where a female associates with being a male, yet naturally seeks the female purpose.



She has treatments and takes testosterone to appear as a man, but has all the components and plumbing of a woman. She gets pregnant and carries a child full term and now we have to see her hairy knockers breast feeding a new born. Is there not a pill to correct this condition? Society has turned into a Nation of enablers who play along with this psychosis with no long tern study of the effects. History has shown us once great empires who opened their borders to foreign nationals and became a hodgepodge of religions is the precursor to the death of that empire.

Additionally, when the natural order of the pairing of males and females is corrupted it also leads to the decline of the empire. As a result of the people being short sighted they have no inclination to protect their children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren. The laws of Creation are being turned upside down and we have no one else to thank, but ourselves. We stood on the sidelines and held no one accountable starting with the psychology industry.


Transgender Thomas Beatie gives birth to a baby boy after surprise pregnancy.


We allowed their pre-1972 diagnosis to be politicized and turned into: What’s wrong if two people love each other? When the true question is: What is wrong if two people love each other and suffer with dissociative identity disorder? The answer is they need a psychological intervention. It does not getting anymore confusing than this story. A woman wants to be man and takes all the drugs and surgeries to appear as man; and then wants to have a baby.

I can tell you from being a man, I have never had any yearnings, fantasies, plans, desires, or hopes of ever giving birth to a baby. I am not wired that way and normal men are not either. American is being satanized to a level never before seen and we can thank President Obama for this. His real legacy will be remembered as pushing the LGBT agenda to legalizing same sex unions and making it normal. Sadly, people do not understand the social cancer this presents until it metastasizes and changes the organism known as America.

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