Israel 2017: The BIGGEST Gay Parade in the Middle East

Israel 2017: The BIGGEST Gay Parade in the Middle East

I consistently see people promoting support Israel as if this Nation is blessed and ordained by the Most High. First, for all of you so called Christians that jumped on the Israel choo choo train you should know Israel is a spiritual nation scattered throughout the 1o kingdoms. Also, as a result of the Balfour Treaty the Israel you see today is land ripped away from the Palestinian people. This current creation of Israel is a secular nation and is not driven by Biblical laws.



If so Tel Aviv would not be annually hosting the Tel Aviv Gay parade every year. As usual it is a vision of extremes and totally oppositive of the behavior of heterosexuals. Where heterosexuals do not strip their clothes off wear things and dry hump each other in front of crowds including children. This is nothing more than a display of lewd and lascivious behavior by same sex actors. If Israel is so pro Most High why would they allow this to happen? Muslim neighbors certainly do not tolerate this ideology or behavior.

Also, notice how the American media does not cover the largest gay parade in the Middle East? Why is that? Is it so Israel will have the support of Christians in America so  billions of their tax dollars are siphoned to pay for things like their gay parade? You do not get any closer to Holy sites than Israel and homosexuality is clearly outlawed in the first five books of the Bible.  Do you really believe Israel is serving the Most High or it is the Synagogue of Satan mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Funny how the Book of Revelation uses the word “synagogue” instead of “church.” Hmmmm.

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Michael Erevna

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