Proof We Are Living in the End Times?

Proof We Are Living in the End Times?

The average person is oblivious to Biblical prophecy, some church goers are lukewarm on prophecy, and the atheist does not believe in Biblical prophecy at all. Some people suggest men in power use the Bible as a play book and do things like damn the Euphrates River. The bottom line is prophecy was written 3,000 years ago and much of it has come true. The question is what remains and are we in fact living in the last stages of the end time prophecy?



Because if we are the whole world is in trouble and no Kingdom will be exempt. What the average person does not understand is Christ is not returning for love, but for war. I recently had a conversation with a person pursuing his doctorate and the statement was made tangible things are more important than spiritual things. I took this as an ode to materialism and the fact that spiritual acumen is lower on the totem pole.

Unbeknownst, to most people’s is Christ manifested (in addition to a grander plan) on Earth to demonstrate the power we all can access from the spiritual realm. A power where Universal knowledge can be downloaded like Neo in the Matrix or supernatural abilities can protect men from a burning furnace and finally spiritual power allows us to transcend death.  Yet, tangible things clearly have more value than the spiritual teachings of Christ.

The reason being in 2,000 years we have not seen one other person demonstrate these teachings. Not in the church or the synagogue. The teachings of Christ appear to be more fantastical than obtainable skills to the masses. The unfortunate side to this is if we are in the end times many people are going to be found lukewarm or atheist and worst of all value material power over spiritual power.

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Michael Erevna

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