Reaction to The Black Panther Trailer and CONNECTION to The Book of Deuteronomy

Reaction to The Black Panther Trailer and CONNECTION to The Book of Deuteronomy

The recently released Black Panther trailer caused a maelstrom of racially motivated tirades from racist on the Internet. It is the true indicator racism is not only alive and well but timeless as a cancer stem cell. None of the other Marvel trailers caused a litany of racially motivated hate directed at the characters. Out of all of the best known Black Marvel characters, The Black Panther, is the only one without a criminal past!



The Black Falcon, started out as petty thief and Power Man got his powers in prison! The Black Panther’s alter ego is T’Challa and he is King of Wakanda, located in Africa. As a child growing up as a military brat, comic books were my escape from reality based on a life of constant change. Black Panther, was a fascination because he is richer than Tony Stark and his powers are more supernatural than technical. As I got older and became an independent researcher I often wondered what the original Black ancient cultures would look like; this movie will give us a glimpse.



Although many people like to debate about the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians there really should be none. The Greeks named Egypt and it means the “land of the Black” and Hollywood would have you believe otherwise by whitewashing the characters. Herodotus, the Greek Father of History, also stated he could not tell the difference between an Egyptian, Ethiopian, or Hebrew Israelite. With that being said, Black Panther is the first movie to give us an insight into what was plausible in ancient times regarding Black culture.



Could this be a reason the movie is getting attacked by racist left and right? Is this a fear based response to hinder the psychological empowerment of a sleeping Black people?  Does the hate filled response to the Black Panther speak to the curse in Deuteronomy 28? No matter what Black people do in America (and how wealthy they are) they are always devalued and disrespected; ask Lebron James. Can this be anymore evident than what is stated in Deuteronomy 28:37? Even fictional African Kings are under this curse who fight beside The Avengers.


You will become a thing of horror, a byword and an object of ridicule among all the peoples where the LORD will drive you.

- Deuteronomy 28:37


I believe this movie will be panned by the critics for whatever reason they can find. One of the lead characters might find himself in a controversy that causes a backlash. Rotten Tomatoes will give it a 27% or there will be some other attack to kill the spark of imagination in the mind of the observer. The Black Panther is threat to all those that despise Black people because it reflects an ancient time when Black Kings ruled the world. Before the Hebrew Israelite people broke their covenant with The Most High they were very much like Wakanda.



At one point there were more Blacks on the Earth than any other race and it is guesstimated the Trans-Atlantic slave trade killed over 100 million of their lives! They were advanced in all ways and their melinated skin clearly was suited for the African region over any other race. The more science advances they are learning melanin and technology are the perfect blend. Melanin is now being touted as the perfect superconductor for electromagnetic routing on circuit boards. Deuteronomy 28:37, makes it clear the only racial group that fits the bill will be ridiculed and despised wherever they were scattered.


Rarely seen video of beautiful cities in Africa today…


Black Panther is a King who does not need any support from outside vendors to build his technology. Black Falcon, in the Marvel movie universe, received his tech from the Department of Defense. While Luke Cage was a prison inmate who volunteered for an experiment. Black Panther’s poster was compared to the literal “Black Panther” party, Huey Newton. In this picture Newton is seated in a wicker chair holding weapons. This is the comparison that fueled racial epithets and indignation. Some individuals referred to The Black Panther as Ni**er Cat and other Ni**er related words. Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor, Hulk, Daredevil, and Iron Fist were all exempt from hate filled racial profiling because White actors play them.



If this move is not a clear indication there is a curse over Black people you must be smoking All Temperature Cheer. What other Marvel characters were ridiculed for their race when their characters transitioned to the silver screen?

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