Men of Renown: Inhumans Trailer Released

Men of Renown: Inhumans Trailer Released

You have to stay aware of television programming because it is designed to influence your beliefs and opinions…even when it comes down to fantasy.  All of these “stories” have an ancient origin that have influenced the writers of the chraracters like the Inhumans. Remember, there is nothing new under the Sun. The King, of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, has vocal sonic capability and if he spoke his voice would cause great destructive power. We saw this same power in the movie Dune with Paul Atreides and his ability to use his vocal chords to kill his enemies.



The Bible also speaks of this ability when the people used sonics to bring down the walls of Jericho. If we go further back in time Plato spoke of the lost continents of Mu and Lemuria. Mu, was known for advanced sonic technology and used it to build advanced construction and monuments. These teachings were passed along through secret societies and the Mu-sons eventually morphed into the Masons. Comic books recreated many ancient gods/goddesses into humanized versions so the audience could relate.



These ancient gods/goddesses have never stopped being venerated or worshiped. So what is the purpose of movies like the Inhumans? Obviously, it is money, but the ancient gods always glorify and replace the majesty and omnipotent power of The Most High. How many children want to be Jesus for costume parties? For all the power these gods/goddesses represent they are nothing compared to the Son of God. As a former comic book collector I will always appreciate the transition to the silver screen these movies offer.

Now that I am aware of the past, the present nor the future can never influence me again. I know The Most High is more powerful and exciting than anything Stan Lee can offer me. There is also an aspect of the “fallen” angels associated with these heroes. The offspring of the “fallen” angels were know as the Nephilim and they were imbued with incredible abilities. They were the super beings of the ancient times and we are seeing them recreated in modern times. This builds an acceptance that hybrid genetic code is what to hope for.

Who would not want to fly, teleport, create spontaneous matter, super heal themselves, and travel inter-dimensionally? What they do not want you to know is all of this is attainable through the teachings in the Bible. The prophets demonstrated this ability as did Christ, all the way up to laying down his life and cheating death. These movies build an abyss in the hope of being like Christ versus other paths to gaining super human abilities. Of course I will watch the Inhumans, but my soul’s eyes are watching more than my mind. 

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