Astrotheology CONFIRMS Birth of Christ On September 11, 3 BC

Astrotheology CONFIRMS Birth of Christ On September 11, 3 BC

Let’s face it when it comes to the actual birthday of Jesus Christ the sleeping masses believe He was born on December 25, 3 BC.  While independent researchers and scholars know this false birthday was nothing more than Emperor Constantine merging the pagan celebration of Saturnalia, the Winter Solstice, and the “birth” of Jesus Christ for social harmony. I remember watching the YouTube video, “Zeitgest”, and the erroneous presentation Horus and Christ share the same December 25 birthdate. I have learned there is another way to verify significant spiritual events and this is by cosmic confirmation.



This is know as “Astrotheology” and it provides a cosmic narrative confirming the literal account of an event. Astrotheology is the study of the astronomical origins of religion; how gods, goddesses, and demons are personifications of astronomical phenomena such as lunar eclipses, planetary alignments, and apparent interactions of planetary bodies with stars. With that being said there must be a cosmic configuration that confirms the events unfolding on the Earth. In line with the Gnostic phrase, “As above, so below.”

We know to jettison the December 25 Christ birthday with impunity not just because of the manipulation by Emperor Constantine, but because the Biblical narrative states Christ was born around the Feast of the Tabernacles. Which is a biblical Jewish holiday “Sukkot” celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (varies from late September to late October.) We can use astrotheology as a methodology to narrow down the event and in doing so there is one month that meets the criteria.

What is this criteria you ask? Well, the cosmic counterparts for the Jesus and Mary are the Sun and the Virgin constellation. There is a correlation between the “Son” and the “Sun” as well as the “Virgin” and “Virgo.”  On September 11, 3 BC, the Sun is in the Virgin (Virgo) and the Sun is parallel to the womb. Also on this day there was an alignment of Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Venus. This alignment would have looked tremendously bright and thick to the observer and it could have appeared as a “changed” star. 



There are two other cosmic actors in direct approximation of this celestial event and they are the Lion (Leo) and the Serpens constellation. Remember Christ is known as “the Lion of Judah” and well we all know the role of the serpent. All of the necessary cosmic actors are present for this celestial event. This September 11, 3 BC, date changes everything because now we must reevaluate when Christ died and rose again. Most truth seeks know Easter is another day to celebrate the Mother of Harlots, Ishtar…pronounced Easter. This day is nothing than another merging of pagan worship for the sleeping masses. 


19 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

– Psalm 19

All of these events of spiritual significance must have a cosmic match to be valid. I believe the Most High did this so truth seekers could validate events. There is no way for the Luciferian Order to manipulate the Heavens because they have no power over the Celestial realm. They can change history, change the identities of people, and usurp the natural order, but if you can read the stars and planetary alignments truth will always reveal itself. 

So let’s recap the cosmic narrative supporting September 11, 3 BC is the birth of the Son of God. On the day of the Lord’s birth four planets aligned making an incredible looking new star for that day. It must have stood out from all the stars in the sky including “The King of the Stars” known as Regulus. The “Sun” was in the “Virgin” and parallel to the womb of the “Virgin.” Mercury and Venus were also present in or in direct approximation to the Virgin constellation and interestingly enough I came across  the “Uniform Mercury Calendar.” 



The Uniform Mercury Calendar testifies of important religious dates, especially of the prophets and Jesus Christ. What are the chances there would be a calendar based on the celestial movements of 4 of the planets in the closest approximation of the Virgin….Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn at the top? The Mercury Calendar is very similar to the Mayan Calendar in the sense they both use the planets and their cycles to count time. This is a fool proof way to accurately track time without the intervention of man’s errors and in my opinion the only way to accurately track time.


"The Uniform Mercury Calendar is introduced and discussed. It has a fixed cycle length of 117 days which has been dubbed the "merc" in former articles. The cycle is divided into the same 9 phases as the Venus Calendars, but in this case all are of equal length of 13 days. Holy days are the first and last days of each phase, the same as the Venus Calendars. The correlation to the other calendars was chosen such that the date of the Beginning of Mortality fell on 1 Creation, the first day of the cycle. Then the correlation of the Uniform Venus Calendar was changed to be likewise so that all four Mercury and Venus Calendars begin on 1 Creation at that time. It was discussed that the interval of 103 mercs from the Savior's birth to resurrection is exactly the period that best realigns the Mercury and Uniform Mercury Calendars. John the Baptist's life and the annunciation and birth of Isaac were given as other examples of when those two calendars aligned. The purpose of the Uniform Mercury Calendar apparently is to be a second witness to the Mercury and Venus Calendars. Together they all provide compelling multiple witnesses of the Creator and of his detailed foreknowledge of key religious events."


According to the Biblical narrative the Magi saw a “sign” in the night sky which indicated the birth of Christ. The “King Star” makes sense out of all of the Celestial players involved as a sign. What would make any star stand out of its ordinary state? It would take other celestial objects to shine light on the already existing light to stand out. With Saturn,Mercury, and Venus aligned with Regulus it most have looked pregnant with illumination. The “King Star” in the Lion constellation was growing with light until it culminated with a four planet alignment. The meridian of “The King Star” had a specific time-frame to fully illuminate and provide an azimuth for tracking purposes.



If the Magi were and they probably were pre-tracking this Celestial event they had a head-start to approximate the location of the Holy birth. There was an exact time of the perfect alignment with “The King Star” and from their the Magi had to pinpoint the location. This was an example of Celestial GPS! There is way too much cosmic evidence September 11,
3 BC, is the cosmic counterpart surrounding the earthly events of the birth of Christ. None of the other proposed dates of the birth of Christ are this ripe with cosmic evidence.


The late Rik Clay discusses Christ being born on September 11


I would be remiss if I did not mention September 11, 2001, the notorious day the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed. Why would the Luciferian Order choose this day to launch one of the most heinous acts on American soil?Is it not obvious? Something was birthed on this day and we all know Lucifer is the “King of Bootleg” actions to mimic the Creator. The Luciferian Order was not just mocking the birth of the Son of God on this day, but this day also has a cosmic significance. How come the other proposed dates were not chosen to destroy the World Trade Center? Why not December 25 or June 17?


And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

– Genesis 1:14

The Luciferian Order selected the exact day the cosmic narrative supports the birth of the King. This means something and truth seekers must admit I have provided an array of strong evidence of the cosmic significance and match of the Gnostic phrase, “As Above So Below.” It is in the best interest of all truth seekers to supplement the authenticity of their research with a cosmic narrative. The stars and the planets are exempt from the corruption of mankind and if you know how match the signs truth will set you a free. You will no longer be bound by false dates or signs because the cosmic testimony never lies and only shines light on the Spirit of Truth.

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