John Oliver says, “Alex Jones is the QVC of Conspiracy”

John Oliver says, “Alex Jones is the QVC of Conspiracy”

I am proudly writing this post because I took a moral stand against the hucksters, frauds, con men, and slime of the alternative media years before John Oliver masterfully exposed Alex Jones. I did it at a time when I had to stand alone while trolls attacked me and other Christian blogs observed from the safety of the sidelines. I endured having my reputation tarnished because I said everything John Oliver presented on Alex Jones and company.

My spiral into the alternative media toilet began as a result of calling out Alex Jones before many others took a stand. I recognized the danger Alex Jones represented especially after Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann began to promote him as a Christian. In turn Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann dedicated a portion of their spiritual baloney radio show to slander my name and investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann. They did this to discredit and keep their fear mongering enterprise afloat.



As a result a cadre of shills peppered my website with hateful comments all the while their idols were fleecing retirement accounts of the elderly. I still throw up in my mouth every time  I think about presenting my occult Super Bowl research on their spiritual wooden nickel radio hour. Now John Oliver, has validated everything I said about Alex Jones and his cabal of less successful minions. John Oliver caught on to the exact same sales approach Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, and Doug Hagmann use to line their pockets…fear mongering.



It is a sales approach of fear-mongering with a solution for sale at the end of the tale. The only difference between Alex Jones and Steve Quayle/Doug Hagmann is the latter use the Bible to turn a coin. In addition, their guest have false resumes and they promote them as authentic. Oliver also noted that Jones’s “medical expert” Dr. Edward Group III, who Jones insisted that he “got his degree from MIT,” actually got a degree from Texas Chiropractic College, and MIT told Last Week Tonight that “it is not accurate to say [Group] has a degree from MIT.”



This reminds me of Viji Varghuese who Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann promoted as “V  the Guerrilla Economist.” Varghuese, claimed to be a top broker at the Royal Bank of Scotland when in reality he had no broker license and peddled rudimentary financial advice for $500 an hour. Even the claim of Varghese, as the first to predict the down fall of the yen was ripped off from the late David Wilkerson of Time Square; a church Varghese was a member. As of late, the “many faces” of Varghese, has reinvented himself as a “political scientist” on his fraudulently driven website, where he still speaks on financial issues as if he is qualified.

What these men do is illegal, fraudulent, misleading, and breaks many laws in the United States at the Federal and State level. In my opinion, the ones who do it while piggy-backing on the name of Christ are even worst. These individuals use Biblical prophecy and blather Scripture to their brainwashed audience. They promote theories that really cannot be authenticated like sleeping giants in Antarctica or giants eating babies.  They appeal to the imaginations of the listening audience and I believe if their was a statistical analysis of the audience there would not be too much education.



Now that John Oliver has grabbed the bull by the horns and made burgers of Alex Jones, more people will realize this is nothing, but a show about making money. Christ is being pimped by these men and sadly the audience lacks the mental prowess to detect the sham. John Oliver, dedicated a show to comically illustrating what I have said for years now.  Men like Jones, Quayle, Hagmann, and Varghese are nothing more than con men who prey on the weak minded and those who lack spiritual discernment. 

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