The Invisible Universe of Spirits

The Invisible Universe of Spirits

Although many of us make the claim we are “spiritual” beings many of us lose sight of operating in spirit first. We become fixated on physical things and our focus becomes our reality. We are forgetting the Bible although replete with authentic historical and archaeological narratives it is really a guidebook about spiritual laws and principals. It also introduces us to spiritual beings who can intercede, possess, and curse our lives through the law of manifestation. Nothing in the physical realm happens without spirit and there is a catalogue of spiritual entities.



There is one spirit that is dedicated to molding us into the spiritual product necessary to attain eternal life, while the remainder take on a parasitic role in the lives of the human race. For example the “seven deadly sins” all have specific spirits attached to them and they possess their victims to gain a foothold in the physical realm. The goal of all the spirits is a symbiotic relationship with a human host where the spirit can experience the physical sensations of the human host. Spirits do it to “feel” and they feed off the energetic sensation of the sinful vibes emanating from the human host.

Witchcraft is infamous for targeting an individual and directing spirits to attack the human with an occult agenda. Spirits are all around us right now as you read this post! Most homes are no longer protected because they have not invited the Holy Spirit inside. I read a Chaldean occult book from the 17th century and it states ALL spiritual beings bend the knee to Christ. The video above is a good introduction to how the human body operates in the physical and spiritual realm simultaneously. 

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Michael Erevna

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