Watch YOUR Kids: Die Antwoord . . . Ambassadors of Demonic Anarchy

Watch YOUR Kids: Die Antwoord . . . Ambassadors of Demonic Anarchy

The hit songs of the modern day music industry are filled with lyrics on a third grade reading level according to technical data analyst Andrew Powell-Morse. He dedicated over a few weeks to analyzing the genres of: Pop, Rock, Country, and Hip Hop and concluded lyrics are on a second to third grade reading level. Music has regressed to such a low level to get it as close to the format of nursery rhymes as possible. The nursery rhyme format cannot be forgotten and is embedded into long term memory.



Do not believe me? “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of ____.” We can all recall nursery rhymes into old age because our subconscious never forgets them. The Luciferian agenda needed to recall this formula for the average talent of music artist today. We can all agree music was way better when “ugly” people recorded music…before video killed the radio star. Today’s music is visually driven and its aim is to corrupt the spirit of the people.



Plato said, “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of society, show me their music.” Looking at the music of today we all appear to be elementary school readers and spiritually bankrupt…that is what Plato would deduce! An underground sensation building a cult following is the male/female musical duo known as “Die Antwoord.”  A South African act who tried many costumes until they matched up demonic anarchy with photographer Roger Ballen.  Here they merged his backdrops with spiritually driven motifs and mockeries to The Most High.

They consistently included “black face” mocking what I believe to be the clowning of the Chosen People. There are upside down crosses and demon faces peppered in their videos as well. As “Die Antwoord” matured on the scene Luciferian members have thrown their support into their music videos. Established movie star Jack Black who is “comically” pledged his allegiance to Satan, was in their “Ugly Boy” video. Jack Black, played a ONE EYED bigwig in the video carrying on the tradition of Hollywood’s worship of the ONE EYED god. Rising starlet Cara Delevingne also led her modeling and acting career image to the “Ugly Boy” video.


Notice Jack Black with ONE EYE representing guess who?


Not surprisingly self admitted Satanist, Marilyn Manson, also appeared in the “Ugly Boy” video. Lyrically, “Die Antwoord” bites off many former hip hop acts and incorporates their stolen lyrical riffs into their music. Most of their music videos are a mockery to the Most High and His Natural Order. They lead their listening audience away from Christ and mock the crucifixion; as well as angels. The female, Yolandi, frequently wears contacts that make her eyes appear demonic. This is known as conditioning the masses. Her musical partner, Ninja, does the same. Did I mention their DJs name is “God?”

They also fill their videos with men that show you if the line between civilization and totally anarchy is ever erased…you better get your butt to the gym. Blood and violence is a staple in their videos because that is what the future holds for the world. They have essentially trained the subconscious of the viewer to accept this outcome. Why do they consistently mock the Most High? That should be self evident with the inclusion of so many Hollywood Satanist.

The main target, as always, are the children and children will idolize and mimic “Die Antwoord.” We are living in the “Age of Satanism” where there are no lounger barriers nor boundaries. Now the “Ugly Boy” video is from three years ago. Just imagine how they evolved into full blown Satanism they are now. Their latest video, “Fat Fade F%#$ Face” is emboldened now to the point they include the Baphomet in their video. “Die Antword” was so desperate to make it they sold their souls. In this video they painted an upside cross on the panties of the dancer. Message received loud and clear!



If you look at the beginning of their careers they were clean cut and now they represent demonic beings. Notice how there is no public outcry for mocking Christ? This is a celebration for the love of Satanism and a visceral disrespect for the Kingship of Christ. Haters gonna hate! If this is not proof positive we are in the throes of a spiritual war I encourage you to scrutinize these videos; including the celebrities who lend their name to this group…and remember what Plato said!

We are in the early stages of the “Age of Satanism” and eventually Children of the Most High will be in a much smaller minority. As Christians celebrate their egos in Christ and peddle their soap box mentality we are being over run by an ever firing media of Satanic propaganda. Pure spiritual power emanates from the heart through Christ and many Christian soldiers are hypocrites. This hypocritical nature actually plays into the Satanic field of power and many are actually powerless. This weakens our collective ability to fight back in the spirit realm.


6 He replied, “Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written:

“‘These people honor me with their lips,
    but their hearts are far from me.

Mark 7:6


The Satanist are all in and are following their doctrine with excellence and gusto. Our prayer warriors need to operate with purified hearts and when they are filled with: jealousy, envy, vanity, hypocrisy, or just an inability to understand and operate using the principles in the Bible, we are no more valuable than a wooden nickel. It seems many Christian soldiers today are driven by flattery from spiritually atrophied sycophants and their egos become inflated. Not the case with “Die Antwoord” because they follow the teachings of Satanism and have no problem insulting the Most High.


Die Antwoord puts the Baphomet right in your face


Because this is a spiritual war the right-understanding prayer warriors need to pray against these attacks through music videos. Angels need to be directed in this war and we have the power to command them IF our hearts our aligned with His teachings. “Die Antwoord” consistently incorporates angel motifs into their videos for a reason. They appeal to the “fallen” angels and direct them to envelop the Earth in bloody violence, sexual debauchery, Satanic worship, and demonic activity. 

“Die Antwoord” was even given a movie deal for the under performing movie “Chappie.” There is a marketing machine behind them for a reason and Hollwood stars are there for a reason. Check your egos and submit to His will because through it is access to great spiritual power. There will be more groups like “Die Antwoord” in the future and we must arm ourselves with His will.

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