Are YOU HEARING High Frequencies?

Are YOU HEARING High Frequencies?

I recently started a thread titled, “More high pitched frequencies are being dropped…big change is coming.” I was surprised at the number of people who jumped in and shared similar experiences hearing frequencies. The perceptions ranged from tinnitus, demons, Earth, Heaven, or man made. I guarantee you one thing the frequency phenomena is one of the above. Years ago I wrote a post titled, OLMEC HELMETS, MICROWAVES, AND HEAD GAMES, in it I discussed the possibilities the Olmec helmet was very similar to the helmet of Magneto in the X-Men.

Magneto’s helmet prohibited his mind from being taken over by a telepathy. I introduced the fact ancient civilization utilized naturally occurring energy sources. Greek Temple construction incorporated the cella which at the top was the inner chamber of a temple in classical architecture. The design and layout is uncannily similar to the modern day electronic circuit. In my opinion the only difference was the energy being conducted between the two.

The modern day electronic circuit directs electro-magnetic energy while the ancient cella released collected cosmic energy…right out of the air. I later shared in the 1973 patent of Dr. Joseph Sharp, who invented an application for microwave beaming conversations directly into the human brain. My theory was and is cell phone towers (which use microwaves) are deploying frequencies directly into the minds of the population. There is also scientific evidence frequency alters DNA. 


More research and opinion on the high frequency here


With all that I have submitted being said there is always a natural creation for what is technologically created by man. The Earth being spherical and constantly in motion creates energy and frequency. The Earth’s radio waves were converted to sound and interestingly enough, it sounds like, “Ohm” we have all heard the sound when some people meditate. My point is it is plausible we are are hearing frequencies emanating from the Earth. 

Space is also known to be filled with an array of cosmic energies from: radio waves, x-rays, and gamma rays. I would be remiss if I did not mention the very Throne of the Most High where “trumpets” (frequency) are sounded to signal major events to the people of Earth. Now that I have set the proverbial table let’s discuss what people are experiencing. My own personal with high frequency has been capricious at best. I have gone months with hearing nothing and over the years I might hear a few transmissions in a week. 



Normally, the frequency is in 13 Mhz range and sometimes higher. The last week I started hearing three a day twice a day. This time they last longer…maybe fifteen seconds before tapering off. We all live near cell phone towers and it is possible Dr. Joseph Sharp’s technology is being deployed on us. Personally, I believe this is a natural occurrence and it is between the Earth or the Throne. Which is quite comforting because both of them are controlled by the Most High.

There is also a frequency harmonic know as sympathetic harmonics. For example if two pianos were in a concert hall on opposite sides of the room and you began to bang on C# on one piano…the piano not being touched C# string would begin to vibrate. Are we being vibrated based on our key in our spiritual development? It is no secret the more righteous we become the higher we begin to vibrate. Our frequency is raised the higher we love.

And this does means actually living the principles the Holy Spirit teaches us and not just “talking” it to feel good about yourself. Some people are just higher than others. We all have that elderly person in our life that is so righteous you just feel the energy when they walk into the room. Perhaps, we are being upgraded to be equipped to deal with the change that is coming. The Age of Satanism is upon us and the Most High has his own ways of preparing His people. Can you hear it?

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