Inside of Joel Osteen’s Church Flooded?

Inside of Joel Osteen’s Church Flooded?

We have a responsibility to promote Truth at all cost. Regardless, of our differences we cannot succumb to misrepresentation or censorship…this is known as bearing false witness. It is important we lay out all of the facts before rushing to judgement. What is most important right now in Houston, Texas, is giving aid to the thousands of misplaced people in Houston, Texas. Honestly, the way the news was released regarding Lakewood Church was quite confusing. The wording that was used initially stated Joel Osteen, said the Church was “inaccessible.”  Initially he did not say there was massive flooding in the basement or garage, and we are not sure if it is safe. You know…paint a clear picture!



From the way it was presented the roads and paths to the Church were obstructed by the flood waters.  I believe this initial statement is what caused the maelstrom of social media backlash, because video clearly showed this is not the case. Joel Osteen, was immediately lambasted and I too was disappointed to hear this. There is a video circulating through Facebook where a Houston resident walked three miles outside of the Lakewood Church and you could clearly see the roads were clear and the Lakewood Church was quite accessible. There were no cars underwater like many other areas in Houston.

Of course the person filming the video was quite incensed because he heard that Joel Osteen, said his Church was inaccessible. A staff member at Lakewood Church posted a picture of the flooding inside the Church. If the basement level was in fact flooded could it have been easily closed off? Additionally, is it still flooded now, yet the doors are being opened after the social media backlash? What Joel Osteen, did do was post resource solutions and contact numbers for people on the church’s Facebook page. USA Today, posted pictures of the Church flooded inside and excessive water damage.



Ironically, 24 hours before any of this jumped off I recently penned a post discussing prosperity preacher Joel Osteen, and how he does not empower people with sound doctrine; there are consequences for this. I believe he is providing a disservice to millions of people spiritually. In the early years of this website Joel Osteen, was a topic of discussion because he was not representing clear cut Scripture when confronted with controversial issues during televised interviews. If you are going to represent the Most High don’t beat around His burning bush.



In closing, if you are a true students of the teachings in the Bible you will know Joel Osteen does not teach sound doctrine. For my two cents, I will tell you I do not think he even understands the Laws and Principles the Most High teaches. He is more of motivational speaker who glorifies Biblical optimism. What he does not deserve is to be persecuted or misrepresented by people who are promoting Truth, if he does not deserve it. We do not know if his Church was safe to open the doors and he just fumbled his opening statement.

True, I do not understand how the Lakewood pictures show flooding inside the building, but not outside the building. Frankly, I am not familiar with the lay of the land nor the architecture. The question is are there other levels in the stadium which were completely dry? That would be a step up for many flood victims in Houston. Another picture from Lakewood Church was released on social media showing purple mattresses being laid out for flood victims.  Why did this not happen before the social media backlash?



These prosperity preachers will ALL be held accountable some way and we will most likely see it. The Most High has a way of putting bumps in the road for them too. Look at what happened to Pastor Eddie Long. It was sad to see him dying of whatever made him loose a considerable amount of weight; he was a shell of his former self. Bennie Hinn and Paula White were caught in an alleged affair. Creflo Dollar was humiliated and arrested after a fight with his 15 year old daughter.

Remember, Robert Tilton? He would talk to you through the television and speak in “tongues” like, “Soba dogga tega logga. Someone out there needs to send $1,500 dollars. The Lord is waiting to work miracles in your life. Dahunga berunka chaka tooty bonta shella ronta.” Dang, can I buy a vowel please?  I don’t think even C3PO could translate that! Tilton’s fundraising practices were eventually investigated and his program was taken off the air. The Most High has way of holding these prosperity pastors accountable in a very public way.

If Joel Osteen was procrastinating to preserve his prosperity pulpit then the Most High was watching. Trust me when I say this…he better hope he was on the right side of the Most High when it comes to this. All that matters now is the people in Houston can find refuge in Lakewood Church and all will be better.

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