The Most High Claps Back: Judgement is Unfolding!

The Most High Claps Back: Judgement is Unfolding!

Every Christian empath can feel it in their gut. The Most High is making Himself known what he thinks about the shenanigans of the pagan elite’s influence over the world; directed by the god of this world. As mankind worships its own intellect and rationalizes away how outdated the Bible is, the Most High has stayed true to His Laws and Principles. Earthquakes will begin to manifest in populated areas in the United States. He has already showed you the wrath of His hurricane and that will not be the worst one.


4 Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God. 2 Corinthians 4:4 New Living Translation (NLT)


The worse has yet to come. Ironically, even the Pope has attributed extreme weather to the moral decay in the world. The thing is America is the ring leader in leading the world astray. Other countries boost the style of the United Stated from entertainers, fashion, and to Hip Hop, etc. America is also home of the world’s largest mega occult ritual at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. All of this inverse to Natural Law energy is being collected in the Earth’s biosphere.

The consequences of this is a chain reaction of “Acts of God” experienced by the denizens of the Earth. The Most High programmed the invisible laws like this and this is why he taught us how to live in harmony. What is plaguing the United States now is the new mentality of “Tolerism” and it causes one to accept and turn a blind eye to sin. As a result you are getting the spiritual bill with all the spiritual taxes included.



We are not magnetized enough yet to receive Wormwood, but He is sending warning signs. Asteroids are flying close and closer to the Earth. The last one was three miles wide and when Wormwood hits it will make the cyclical threats of Kim Jon Um more like Lil’ Kim. President Obama, set the table for the destruction of America by legalizing gay marriage and allowing same sex couples to stand on the alter in the House of the Lord. 



That tainted spiritual energies and poured this toxic energy into the spirit realm. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, a critical mass had to be achieved before judgment was incurred. America is on the precipice of this judgment. The thing is there is no mass media chatter about this being connected with judgment from the Most High. People are now so disconnected from spirit they are dunces. They think we live in a Universe devoid of intelligent design.



The world mocks Jesus Christ and even Israel mocks Christ!. They call the fact He incarnated on Earth, laid down His life and overcame Death…a fairy tale. Those of us who not only know the Truth, but can sense it know different. The weather patterns are growing increasingly furious because we are no longer living in harmony with His Word. The Luciferian elite has won the battle of programming the minds in America away from the Bible; and America sets trends around the world

Prosperity preachers make Christians look like mindless victims who have not the intellect or the strength to divorce themselves from hucksters. The Hip Hop social movement has devolved to a lyrical mentality devoid of the social platform for positive change. Ignorance is now celebrated and most of the culture is spiritually bankrupt. All of this is a result of the free will we were afforded and now it is working against us.



People are not going to get it until the earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean close to New York City and then the tsunami with a subsequent flood. It is then true spiritual leaders will have a voice to influence change in the hearts of people. More extreme weather is coming and next year’s tornado season is going to break records. You will see tornadoes three miles wide and hail storms the size of croquet balls wreaking havoc.



Being disconnected from the Most High is showing us the fruit and it is dangerous. If we can only return to spiritual values we will have a chance. The LGBT movement will fight tooth and nail to negate this. I had an experience with a LGBT promoter cherry pick a Scripture about eunuchs to declare LGBT folks are included in Heaven. That is not what Scripture teaches! You either follow the Laws and Principles or you do not. There is no grey area.

In closing, you will see what I am presenting is true and time is the pressure value on “Acts of God” bring people back to Scripture. Not out of fear, but making a choice to live in harmony with the Creator. This is actually tough love and all of us need to understand there is no escaping it. Stay centered in His teachings because this will provide you and your family protection.

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Michael Erevna

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