Lady Gaga Brings Witchcraft to Netflix

Lady Gaga Brings Witchcraft to Netflix

Lady Gaga, was the black magic occult priestess for Super Bowl 51 and again I was able to successfully predict the goddess that would be channeled. I successfully predicted the colors Lady Gaga would wear to resonate with the goddess Hecate before she even fell to the stage. Lady Gaga, is a vessel for the conscious ancient entity known as Hecate and what you are witnessing is more than just “performance art.” If you investigate Hecate’s known associations you will see the same ones illustrated in Lady Gaga’s “performance art.” She is more than just putting on a show she is embodying the motif’s of Hecate. Why would anyone artist bite the style of an ancient goddess and recreate things from the ancient times?



I believe there was a ritual where Lady Gaga invited the spirit of Hecate to dwell inside her. It is this way Hecate can share in the sensuality of the physical world and reward her host with gifts she is known to offer. This also means a human vessel offers Hecate the ability to absorb the human energies from the adoring fans during concerts. Lady Gaga, is hardly coy about her associations to Hecate and regularly channels Hecate in her “performance art.” You can clearly see Hecate resonated in the Netflix trailer, “GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO.”





There is a scene in the trailer where Lady Gaga is in the dark of the night with a headdress of antlers. These antlers represent the phase of the Moon when deer shed antlers. Lady Gaga, makes sure to illustrate in her performances many callbacks to Hecate. In another scene in the trailer, Lady Gaga, emerges from water. Hecate is also associated with the element of water: her first love affairs were with sea gods including Triton.



In my opinion Lady Gaga, not only worships Hecate she is possessed by the spirit of Hecate. I predicted Lady Gaga would channel Hecate in Super Bowl 51 and her performance yielded a treasure trove of Hecate evidence. Hecate was frequently captured in ancient art with two torches and the stage for Lady Gaga’s performance was illuminated by two giant torches. Silver and white are the sacred colors of Hecate and I predicted Lady Gaga would wear them because in the realm of spirit colors have applications.



Spirit is science! There is a spiritual algorithm to apply to these performances and unfortunately this goes over the heads of most people. The question is what exactly is happening during these performances? As humans what we cannot detect or measure the properties of our collective worship. Why did so many gods and goddesses compete for freely given human worship? Why were there so many temples dedicated to different gods for humans to pray into?


LISTEN! Zeus says, “Without prayer we gods lose our power.”


We can apply this very premise to the new bootleg way for ancient gods and goddesses to receive worship. Concerts are the perfect venue where masses of humans worship their idols. Once a human like Lady Gaga allowed herself to be possessed by Hecate this whole dynamic of concerts changed. Now we must ask the question what happens when stadium energies are harvested by a spiritual being? Where does this energy go and how is it directed? Einstein, postulated energy can never dies so what is Hecate doing with it? Is Hecate feeding off it?



There is also the aspect of goddess influence upon the land. Hecate, is the, “Queen of the Witches” and also the goddess of change. We all know the Most High condemns witchcraft and pagan gods and goddess. Interestingly enough a Queen of the Heavens was one of the biggest contenders for pagan worship during ancient times. Lady Gaga, has parlayed her Super Bowl performance to Netflix as a documentary highlighting her steps to the Super Bowl. This is a crown achievement for witches because the Super Bowl is the venue for the largest mega spell on the Earth.


This is the only accurate analysis of the Super Bowl 51 mega ritual.


The Most High in His omnipotence forbid us from worshiping the gods because He knew the harm it would cause. Everything the Most High does is for the protection of His children. Just like today when I reiterated to my son the importance of turning the frying pan handle over the stove and never let it hang over the edge. Every parent does this to protect their children from an unseen event which could end in their harm. Worship must given to these gods and goddesses and they must have power to harm us otherwise the Most High would have said worship them until your knees bleed.


For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king. - 1 Samuel 15:23 (KJV)


In my opinion, this Netflix documentary for Lady Gaga and Hecate is a means to further condition the sleeping masses witchcraft is normal and part of “performance art.” When in reality an ancient spiritual science is being deployed on people freely worshiping Lady Gaga and unknowingly Hecate. What should make everybody uncomfortable is a spirit is sharing the body of Lady Gaga and she has been alive since ancient times!

None of this information is freely shared which can only mean something is hidden that is not in the best interest of humanity. I am sure the Netflix documentary, “”GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO” will reveal even more about Hecate. Make no mistake, what you are seeing is witchcraft. Many witches around the world are familiar with the symbols and motifs of Hecate.

Some will tell you it is not bad, but the Most High has spoken against it for a reason. Stay woke…

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