Nothing New Under the Sun: X-Men Sentinels Ripped Off from Olmecs

Nothing New Under the Sun: X-Men Sentinels Ripped Off from Olmecs

Almost four years ago I made the connection between the Olmec’s head gear and its ability to thwart psionic attacks. This post was titled, “OLMEC HELMETS, MICROWAVES, AND HEAD GAMES” and I submitted the theory their head gear was insulated from microwave attacks on their minds. The Sentinels, in the X-Men, were mutant hunters and they are an obvious rip off from the Olmecs as well. These so called successful visionaries in the movie business are hardly that all. 


What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9


They are just men who fail to source their ideas and how exactly they were influenced. This includes George Lucas, and I covered this fact in a post back in 2011, titled, “STARS WARS SIMILAR TO ANCIENT EARTH HISTORY?” Here I shared the fact a land speeder from Star Wars can be seen at the entrance of  the Seti Temple, in Abydos, Egypt, over 3,000 years ago. These movie directors stay mum on these fact to elevate the mystique of their vision, but all it does is prove what the Most High says, “There is nothing new under the sun.”


Ancient Egyptian origin of the “Land Speeder”


What we are able to glean is what these ancient characters were doing in ancient times. I believe we can deduce the Olmecs were soldiers and they also hunted recessive gene mutations. This is exactly what they do in the X-Men. It looks like Revelation Now, set the trend for an interest in mapping connections between super heroes and ancient characters; and premises from this site are often borrowed and rarely acknowledged! 


Is that not African hair?


I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact the Olmec statues clearly have African features. Without the head gear there is no doubt the Olmecs were of African origin. Why the suppression of African history and then the theft of it, perpetuated by exploitation by “visionaries” like Stan Lee and George Lucas? There is a public and academic conspiracy to the paint the picture of Africans as savages running around the jungle with a bone through the nose. 


African gods connection to the X-Men. Were these fallen angels?


Meanwhile, many of the most ground breaking and successful Hollywood movies are a ripped off from Africa. When is the last time you heard Stan Lee or George Lucas thank Africa publicly for the obvious influence. There is a secret being suppressed about ancient history and the most suppressed element is the role of Africa itself. Even when it comes to the Bible this is true. Enoch is from the geographic location where Ethiopia is now. That is very telling especially if you follow his lineage.

This would make every major character in the Bible a son of Africa. People rarely make the connection Egypt is in Africa and the current inhabitants are not the original stewards. Anymore than the current culture leasing America. I said this before the explosion of comic book analysis to the ancient past. There is a story being told in them resonating characters and events from the ancient past. I am glad I was once a nerd who collected comics because I can see clearly the connections to the ancient past. Stay woke. 

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