Biblical Level “Acts of God” Around the World

Biblical Level “Acts of God” Around the World

The media is domestically centered when it comes to reporting on events. You assume floods are only happening in the United States when the world is dealing with flooding. There are other events plaguing the world and each year “Acts of God” ratchet up the destructive power. Global warming is the scapegoat for all things extreme weather related. When Biblical prophecy is history written before it happens and it describes events on the whole Earth.



YouTube producer, Jason A, is a video aggregator of global extreme weather events.  Global aggregation of these events is the only way to present a clear picture. It is here you will learn the magnitude of “Acts of God” and how diversely located they are around the world. The mainstream media in America fails to present a global perspective regarding “Acts of God” and as a result the viewers do not understand the magnitude. After watching a “Jason A” video you certainly will.

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Michael Erevna

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