A Journey Into Ancient Sonic and Solar Spiritual Cultivation

A Journey Into Ancient Sonic and Solar Spiritual Cultivation

Ancient artifacts have left modern mankind with: clues, blueprints, definitions, properties, and methods for communing with the Creation of the Most High. Over the years I have seen YouTube Christian producers totally misrepresent ancient things and vilify what they do not understand. Most of them are shameless and peddle false prophecy after prophecy and yet they keep going. They are so sure of their own self proclaimed “anointing” they continue to become experts on doom and gloom, while the tools for spiritual cultivation are all around us in the Heavens.


33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. -
Matthew 6:33 (KJV)


Meanwhile there are ancient mysteries right under our noses which bridge the gap between the “As above so below.” The Most High created us with the abilities to connect with the Heavens, yet over time this knowledge was lost, omitted, ignored, and currently misunderstood. We have been given clues by men like Tesla who said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” This is the scientific perspective on the frequency constructs of the Universe; while there is an ancient understanding and visceral practice of this very truth.



The most famous account of sonics in the Bible is the story of the walls of Jericho. In Joshua 6:20, it says, “20 So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.” Here the Bible reflects on the ancient practice of using sonics in warfare.

Many spiritually inept and pigeon holded Christians will immediately dismiss sonics without understanding the first act in the beginning was vibration, sound, or universally recognized as the Word. The entire Creation is in a state of frequency and people who experienced near death, hear the Universe when they crossed over. Any celestial object emits radio waves that can be converted to sound waves. As I progressively mature in research, I see new things in ancient art and paintings reflecting the formulas for acoustic alchemy.



Sound is the great mover of human emotions and we have all experienced music, we feel talks to our soul. There is truth nested in all things and it is up to us to ferret it out. Some of it is vilified so we never look at it and never have the opportunity to process it. As we progressively mature as a culture we are learning things like sun-gazing has benefits. Yet, we live in a society where the fast pace of life and survival keeps us out of the Sun as much as possible.

We spend more time indoors than outdoors basking in the life-giving solar rays. Just the act of basking in the Sun causes the human body to create vitamin D. This is what science understands, but what else happens to our bodies within the limits of safe solar exposure? Beautifully created frescoes and paintings illustrate the Sun with Jesus, prophets, and other “illuminated” beings in our past. 

Now we have two pieces of Creation we can mimic to begin within His Creation. Sound and light, frequency and illumination, or in layman terms the Sun and tones. We have been disconnected from Creation and no longer practice what is clearly illustrated in ancient artifacts, frescoes, and paintings. The human being has the ability to commune with the Heavens, through a conditioning process involving the Sun and song…just like a bird.

Why do you think John the Baptist and Jesus chose the desert to meditate and seek solitude? Why would anyone choose to be exposed to so much sunlight? Did they also climb desert mountains to be closer to the Heavens? If so what was the point? We can deduce they were both exposed to an unobstructed view of the Sun. The formula seems to include the Sun + Tones + Breath = Communion with the Heavens. In essence a bridge is created with a variation on the Hermetic phrase, “As below to above.”

Now the question is what happens after long term conditioning using this formula? We can reference different cultures to glean an insight into the results. There is a spiritual moral aspect for soul conformance with creation and there are celestial governed integrations necessary for a connection with all there is. There is evidence of tones creating spontaneous geometric structures of light around megalithic stone structures in modern times.

Julie Ryder, is a Montana Megaliths Researcher and author of galacticfacets.com and montanamegaliths.com. She is blazing trails capturing real world evidence of a direct relationship between sound and light manifesting in ancient stone structures. She has named this area, “Montana Megaliths” and experimented with “singing bowls” when vibrated caused the immediate appearance of geometric light shapes. She is rediscovering what the ancients practiced and modern mankind has been cut off from.

Popular culture has re-branded tone healing in hit television shows like, “Star Trek”, where tones are used to heal people immediately by re calibrating the tone of an injury.  Ancient Egyptian god, Sehkmet, was known to heal people in this manner. The Most High can also be defined as the God of Sound/Light and this was how Creation began. We must revisit the ancients in order to understand the true path toward manifesting the abilities of our design.

I am beginning to understand the pictorial conventions of the ancients in categorizing the gods with animals and tones. If we practice these tones while meditating on Scripture what will happen? The ancient Hindu goddess Vac is associated with a cow. The cow can be associated with a specific tone and a note. I believe they used animals to transcend time and the capability to associate the exact note. Is it not ironic after 2,000 years we have not witnessed no church leader replicate one act of Christ?

The Bible says my people suffer for a lack of knowledge. Is being disconnected from Creation not suffering? Are we not birds that cannot sing nor fly? We have dormant capabilities which are only recently being rediscovered with sun gazers and people like Julie Ryder. What frees, Julie Ryder, is she is not bound by dogma and let’s curiosity coupled with ancient research coalesce into rediscovery of what the ancients universally understood. The real question is why was this knowledge hidden from mankind?

 In the video at the top of the post titled, “SOUND ALCHEMY Documentary – Hermetic Sound Science – Egyptian Roots of Modern Sound Healing”, the host Ani Williams, mentions a woman who had a gift to hear the frequency emanating from a person’s body. When she mimicked the tone back to the person, it caused great emotions to bubble up. During my years of research I recall this same affect with Jimi Hendrix. In my post titled, JIMI HENDRIX, MADONNA, BEYONCE AND STAR-GATES, Jimi Hendrix performed his “Rainbow Bridge” concert in Hawaii.

It was here Jimi Hendrix, grouped concert goers by astrological signs and he would play the sound bars of their birth constellations. This caused the listeners to morph into a state of ecstasy. Clearly, there is a relationship between our planetary birth lock frequency and our human body. We are seeing a cosmic sympathetic resonance at play and the ancients practiced this while also embodying it in their art. The same artwork and pictographs certain YouTube producers vilify and claim Satan is behind, like the “Church Lady” on Saturday Night Live.



The Bible tells us the importance of meditating when it says, “I will meditate on all your activity and ponder over your dealings.”—Psalm 77:12. Yet, meditating is called by some “demonic” and it is an evil thing to do. It is time to revisit the ancients with a detective’s mind, as long as it does not hinder the Laws and Principles from our Heavenly Father. Right now we are spiritually unable to connect with Creation as a result of abandoning ancient understanding. 

Is it not interesting the Book of Enoch calls the planets “wandering stars?” When in essence the entire Universe is in a state of movement! This means movement creates energy and energy creates sound. If we can match the tones in Heaven we can resonate with them! Science has now learned how to convert the radio waves into sound waves and sound of some stars remind me of Tibetan singing bowls.


Scientists can record the sound of Stars The technique, called “stellar seismology”, is becoming increasingly popular among astronomers because the sounds give an indication of what is going on in the stars’ interior.


The beauty of our existence is we were design by the Most High to connect with the Heavens. Right now most of the inhabitants of the Earth are disconnected from it. We crave and create addictions with the material world while hidden world of spirit is magnificent. This why we have been divided as a race to create conflict while never realizing our true design.The celestial world is alive and signing down to a tone deaf Earth, but the ancients clearly embraced sonics in their science, architecture, and spiritual practices.

Our Sun has a bigger role in our lives other than tanning and sun-gazers have figured this out. The next step is to incorporate the right sounds into our own spiritual practices. Jesus, incarnated on Earth, also to show us our own amazing potential if we follow His ways. Yes, it is true many books of the Bible were removed and I guarantee you they covered the Sun and sonics. Even the “Dead Sea Scrolls” instruct us on the importance of praying into certain planetary alignments. I believe once we commune with the Heavenly Kingdom all barriers will dissolve.



I have learned my research is on the right path for discovery based on synchronicity appearing soon after I embark on a mission of discovery. For instance after I completed a post titled, THE MOST HIGH, 11:11, AND THE HUMAN MIND, within 24 hours I took my son to have his cast removed at the doctor’s office. We were escorted to examination room 11:11. Next, while working on this post I noticed in the video, “SOUND ALCHEMY Documentary – Hermetic Sound Science – Egyptian Roots of Modern Sound Healing”, at 19:56, the 11:11 again! This time on an ancient Egyptian artifact.



At this point in my life 11:11 takes on a whole new meaning because science has now deduced the multiverse has 11 dimensions and the human brain can create structures in up to 11 dimensions. Now we know we can plug into every dimension of the multiverse and the ancients are showing us sound and light is the key. This is why Christ and John the Baptist spent so much time in a rich sunlight environment. Christ conditioned the cellular structure of His human body and meditated. King David showed us the importance of the harp in creating the tones that “pleased” the Most High.



We are at the revolving door which returns to an ancient practice of spiritual cultivation developed in harmony with Creation and the human body. The modern church system has lost this knowledge and although beneficial to the community in many ways, Celestial communion is not one of them. It is time to return to our ancient roots and discover the code the painters left us for posterity. Stay woke.

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of RevelationNow.net fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on Amazon.com. He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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