The “Seed of the Serpent” Celebrity Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

The “Seed of the Serpent” Celebrity Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

It is amazing to see the video production skills of some YouTube producers as they mature over the years. Some of these individuals had zero video production experience and soon are splicing video together with the skill of a news production studio. If you have not seen one of “The Black Child’s” video productions you should. I have even seen some of my graphical work pop up in his videos so I know he has good taste! 

In this particular video he spliced together high definition uploads of the celebrity organized “Hand and Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief.” This is where celebrities worth millions and billions pandered to the middle and lower class to raise private funds for the relief efforts in Houston. I am curious to know how much these celebrities threw into the kitty. I know Kevin Hart kicked off an effort and challenged other celebrities to match his $25,000 donation.



It does not seem like a lot, but we really do not know how these celebrities have their money tied up. I know millionaires that have their money tied up in diversified investment portfolios and live on a monthly budget. The smart ones do this so I do not want to take liberties with anyone’s financial sacrifice. With that being said there were A LOT of filthy rich people standing in that room. What was surprising and came out of left field was when “The Black Child” captured the pupils of some of them and they are clearly slits.



If one of them suffered with the medical condition known as coloboma, not be confused with “Obama!” It is a medical condition  (from the Greek koloboma, meaning defect) where there is a hole in one of the structures of the eye, such as the iris, retina, choroid, or optic disc, I am sure that would be public knowledge, otherwise what is the deal?. “The Black Child” captured what I have captured in the past with my, “You Just Got Slits” video series on YouTube. One of the most prominent cases I illustrated was “Queen Elizabeth II” and you can clearly see her pupil looks very comparable to the one “The Black Child” captured of Beyonce with his painstaking work.



People do not understand 23 minute videos like the one here takes hours to produce. I am waiting on an explanation for the slit pupils from someone in the industry. Like is it a trick of light? Does it depend on the flecks of color in the pupil? No one has ever set me straight on what this could be so my best definition are “reptilian pupils” some humans present. Stay woke.

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